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Cauliflower Mushroom Mac and Cheese


 This is no ordinary cauliflower cheese, but a delicious dish I created where Cauliflower Cheese meets Mac and Cheese.  They get married and have a baby called ‘more-ish’, which simply grows on you, as the term implies.  The addition of the mushrooms raises its flavour to a level above either of those two dishes by themselves. Make, bake and […]

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Luscious Crème Caramel


  I first came up with a vegan crème caramel that was published in my first book Mouthwatering Vegan several years ago.  Since then I have made many a crème caramel (known as ‘flan’ in the US, but this seems to be the simplest, fastest to make and the most rewarding to serve. Crème caramel is […]