Delicious Tomatoed Ciabatta Bread (Stuffed with Giardiniera)

This is a one-step recipe for one of the most delicious spring/summer snacks that we enjoy here in Malta. It is a firm favourite of ours, and we treat ourselves to this delight once a week, as the tomatoes here are like tomato puree – smooth, delicious, full of flavour and deep red in colour, and it only takes a minute or so to make.  All you’ll need is a large fresh ciabatta (ours come round here and a little crustier than other ones I have see in Europe).  I have also made this with baguettes, which also work.  But Italian/ciabatta bread is much better – and this is one time when brown bread really isn’t ideal.


Start by slicing open the ciabatta. Next, get a ripe tomato, and cut it horizontally.  Then smear its contents on the base of the bread as per the picture above.  Do this on both sides, then drizzle some sunflower or olive oil on top of it, and sprinkle on a tiny bit of salt.  Eat as it is, or fill with a salad filling of your choice.  This also goes very well with hummus (see my recipe).  However, the best way in the world to eat it is with my most amazing ‘Giardiniera’ (see my previous post).  If you have this once and like it – it will be a summer life-long love affair, I guarantee you.   It’s all so easy to make. Now, this type of snack is ideal for picnics, and taking with you to the beach (very typical here where I live in the Med).  It is one of the most mouthwatering snacks ever !!!  Try it !!!

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  1. Flavia Hi, yes, I bet your tomatoes will be great for this, just make sure they are ripe, so that they smear well on the bread. Let me know what you think as and when – best to you !

  2. Oh my what a great school lunch! And I am really hungry just thinking about it. If I can find ciabatta bread, it’s a maltese pinic at paluma beach this long weekend

  3. Wow Michelle, that sounds pretty awesome. But I tell you there will be no regrets, as this is just too delicious and flavorsome. I do hope you find some Italian bread, failing that try a crunchy baguette !

  4. It is hard for me to do this because the tomatoes here aren’t good but will try it anyhow!

  5. Melissa Vegan-Keller

    Miriam! Thank you for sharing your incredible vegan recipes. I truly cannot wait to try this one! <3

  6. Pam Hi – tomato puree (as we say in Maltese Kunserva) can be used instead spread on the bread with a knife if you cannot find great ripe tomatoes. Best to you.

  7. Hey Melissa, it is my pleasure sharing my recipes and fun too ! Let me know how this one goes when you get the time to make it. Cheers to you !

  8. This is possibly one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

  9. Thanks so much for that !

  10. Holy smokes. Where has this been all my life?


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