Roast Vegetable Fruit & Coconut Curry

This recipe was in part inspired by our good friend Dave, who is a great Thai cook – I love his Thai, he loves my Indian – so we got married in the pan, and the wedding bells didn’t stop ringing with culinary joy !  Honestly speaking, this curry has got to be one of the top best vegan curries ever – the taste is amazing, beyond delicious and very moreish – you’ll want more, and more. Enough said – try it and find out for yourself !


  • 1 large zucchini, cut into 1 inch squares
  • 1 medium sized eggplant, cut into large squares
  • 1 large onion, roughly chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 inch of fresh ginger, grated
  • olive oil
  • 2 cups of mangoes.  If you use fresh ones, they should be juicy and sweet, then cut into halves.  Or if you use tinned, buy them halved.
  • 1 tsp ground cardamon
  • ½ tsp coriander powder
  • ½ tsp cumin powder
  • ¾ tsp cinnamon powder
  • ¾ tsp turmeric powder
  • ½ tsp chilli powder
  • 1 tsp medium or hot curry powder
  • 2 cups coconut cream (try not to compromise on this)
  • the zest of an entire lime
  • ½ tsp lemongrass powder (optional)
  • 1 tbsp agave syrup (optional)
  • salt to taste

Serves 3 to 4


Preheat your oven on high (around 200˚C), and place your cut up zucchini and eggplant in an oven dish.  Drizzle on some oil and salt, and place in the oven for 30 minutes.  Take out and check if a sharp object can go in easily, so that it is cooked from the inside and a little brown on the outside – if you prefer them a little softer, leave them in for a little longer.  At this point switch off the oven, but leave the veggies in the oven until your sauce is ready for them. By roasting them first, they retain their form.

For the sauce, heat up some olive oil and fry the spices for 20 seconds or so, until they sizzle.  Then add in the onion, turning it around for a couple of minutes – followed by the garlic (you don’t want to burn it).  Then add 1 cup of the coconut cream, lower the heat, and allow it to cook for 2 or 3 minutes.  Add the other cup, and allow it to simmer, not boil, for a further 10 minutes.  Switch off, leave for a few minutes uncovered, then add the agave syrup, and blend with an electric hand blender until smooth.

Heat the sauce up again, add the mangoes and lime zest, then add the hot veggies into the sauce, and stir slightly.  Pour into balti dishes and serve straight away – garnish with some nuts of your choice.  I served this sauce with poppadoms, and lightly spiced pilaff rice and chopped bananas.

A masterpiece in the curry experience !

Enjoy !

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  1. Replacing mangoes for another fruit? Any suggestions anyone? Thanks.

  2. Vonney Hi, you can use raisins, apples, even prunes would be great in this dish – go for the prunes (not too many) 1 cup as they are rich. Hope this helps !


  4. I just happen to have an eggplant sitting in my fridge. I will use it and try your wonderful recipe. I will get back on Monday with my comments.

  5. Michelle Hi, now with a comment like that I urge you to try it and comment after because, it is a bit of a OMG kinda curry – one of the best I have ever tasted in many years – I have been making curries for years and some are so memorable – suddenly this one shows it’s face, and it’s right up there you know and waiting to be sampled by YOU – so have a great weekend and get back here with your feedback ! Cheers !

  6. Hi Marie-Josee, I will be very curious to have your comments on this curry because it’s an awesome one that my family enjoyed and that I am proud of – I say this because I am a hard critic on my own cooking and won’t post anything just for the sake of it – it has to be pretty tasty for me to publish it here – so speak after the weekend same place – cheers to you and thanks – your eggplant will be ever so grateful !

  7. Hi Miriam,
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion for vegan food. I can see your love through those pictures. I definitely have my intention set on making this amazing curry creation of yours. Do you have any replacement suggestions for those who are trying to follow a sattvic diet of no onion and garlic?

  8. Ofir, many thanks for your wonderful comment, I am truly dedicated to creating vegan dishes to present to people who love eating vegan and to those who aspire to a vegan or meat-free diet. With regards to adjusting this recipe to a sattvic diet, I must admit, although I have heard of it, I am not familiar enough to advise you about that. If you are looking to omit the garlic and onion in this dish, do so and see what happens – if so let me know. Good luck & keep well.

  9. I live in a small town and can only find coconut milk in a can…is that the same as coconut cream?

  10. Hi there Sara, I understand what you say about the coconut milk. The milk is a little less rich than the cream, but it should still yield great results so go for it and report back (make sure you allow the mixture to thicken by simmering it for a little longer uncovered before you immerse the roasted veggies in the sauce, that way you still get a great consistency. Enjoy !

  11. Hi Miriam, I’m still a freshman in following quality recipes like yours despite being vegan for quite some time now, so please bear with the elementary nature of my questions =)
    Today my question is regarding the measuring cup you usually use not just in this recipe but also in other recipes..
    would you recommend using a cup that holds up to 240ml or 250ml? (or other volume?) and are you using the same volune cup for other recipes? (desserts for example)
    I’m living in Melbourne Australia so our measuring cup here may be different than the one in US

    Thanks! I Love what you’re doing!

  12. Hi Miriam, I love your website. I’m transitioning to vegetarian and I find your recipes to be creative and delicious! I tried the curry dish and was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it tasted. I’ve never had my mangoes curried so this was new for me. I will make it again!

  13. Hi Sosha and welcome to my blog. Thanks for your wonderful comment am very happy to hear that you are enjoying my recipes – I look forward to your future comments too (feel free to try out the other curries too, they are awesome) – enjoy & cheers to you !

  14. Rid Hi there and welcome here, great to have your comment and so glad you are enjoying my recipes – now I am based in Europe and the measuring ‘cup’ I use is the equivalent (as I measured it) to a conventional tea cup – this is equivalent to 210ml ! I do hope this helps. Any further help I am here, meantime cheers to you !

  15. Sounds like the best of both worlds!

  16. Hi there Betsy, glad you think so ! Cheers !

  17. While I was devouring this, I kept mumbling: mmm, good food. Sounded like Yoda :o)

  18. Hilde Hi there, thanks for your wonderful (and funny) comment, sounds like you really enjoyed this – as do we and friends, every time we make it. Good thing about this curry is you can try using different veggies too if you wish for a change, but these ones work so well together. Look forward to your future comments, meantime cheers !

  19. Ofir – the result should be equally heavenly even if you omit the onion and garlic for a Sattvic diet. There are enough other spices in it to make up for it. Fabulous recipe Miriam! Its like a combo of an Indian curry I make in mango sauce, and a Thai curry with coconut milk…..

  20. On my menu for the week. Glad I saw it before building my grocery list! Thanks!

  21. Hi Kamini and thanks for your comment – it is a great combo. Best to you !

  22. Hi Lori, welcome and thanks for your comment – in the meantime, as your list grows, I am hoping you will enjoy this superb curry and look forward to your comments ! Cheers to you.

  23. Not trying to be nit-picky..but two things: You don’t mention an oven temperature needed to roast the veggies. And though it says “add the spices” I TOTALLY forgot to add the ginger, since it is listed in a separate “section” of the recipe (i.e. with the onion and garlic, not the dried spices). I made this tonight and it was delicious (despite not having ginger, which is impressive), but the eggplant and zucchini took about an hour to roast, not half an hour, but I also like my eggplant mushy, so maybe that’s why? Otherwise, I used 1 can of coconut milk (not cream) and it worked out very well. We also LOVED the mango pieces… really made the dish! Bravo!

  24. Hi Erica, glad you enjoyed my curry. As our fingers are all different, so are people, especially when it comes to taste for food, and the texture of it etc. Another thing I meant to mention is that ovens differ in how much they cook things in terms of their texture – it appears you like your eggplant mushy, others may not, I know I don’t – some people have fan assisted ovens and their food cooks faster. We all have the option of checking how long to leave things in the oven for depending again, on our own personal tastes including those of our families. That said, I have added to put the oven on high around 200%, – So far the comments on this recipe appear to be favourable. Now, with the ginger I placed the ginger after the onions and garlic (as I always do with curries) because after the onion and garlic are peeled, the next thing that will need peeling would be the Fresh ginger. The other spices that you mention are the ‘dried’ ones and that is why the ginger has nothing to do with them.

  25. WOW!! That really looks incredible; I love anything with mango in it <3
    Are you by any chance looking to adopt a middle aged woman to taste test all your meals? I'm quiet and won't take up much space, lol.
    Very impressive Miriam, and again you have me practically drooling…

  26. Food Lovers International – thank you for dropping by – thank you for your wonderful compliments always and your sense of humour – always welcome here. I do hope you try this one, it will certainly seduce your taste buds. Cheers and drop by again anytime !

  27. Miriam, you are a star! i finally have made this today and can i say how lovely it was! Awesome! x i didn’t have any coriander powder, so put some fresh in. Wonderful! Many thanks x

  28. Hi there Fiona, thanks for popping by this way and dropping off your awesome comment – I am chuffed it all went down well from the sounds of thing – fresh coriander is also great. Do drop by again soon, best to you !

  29. Very good indeed, full of taste. Really enjoyed it, plus Fiona is a better cook than me, will have this one again!

  30. Hi there Mike and welcome here – thanks for dropping by with your comment. Am delighted that you enjoyed this curry, and hope that you try my other ones too. Look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers to you !

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  32. Hi there (I cannot see your name here) thanks for making this and glad you found it to be amazing – you are right, it tastes better the next day, as is the case with many curries. Cheers to you !

  33. Thanks Miriam, I am off to make it right now, sounds really tasty and I’m hungry. I am flooded in on my property here in Qld and now much variety left in the food dept until I can get out to the shops but I think I have all the ingredients for this curry. thanks again
    ps I will be back to check out your other recipes

  34. Ann-Marie, welcome here and thanks lots for dropping. I do hope that you make this and enjoy it too. I look forward to your feedback as and when – until then Very Best to you !

  35. Oooooh we have been having some hot days over here in Australia even though it’s the beginning of Autumn BUT things are supposed to be cooling down around here from tomorrow onwards (just in time for the Easter break!) and staying cool for a few days. Lucky I have all of these ingredients on hand so guess what I’ll be making over this Easter long weekend? Can’t wait sounds sublime 🙂

  36. I can’t remember how many times I thought that, and how often I have actually said it out loud, but I just got to do it again, even though I am repeating myself.
    These very pictures you shoot for every single one of your fantastic recipes are more than just ‘great.’ They’re taking my breath away, every time I look at your page. They don’t only represent the food in the best way possible way but they’ve also got charm. They’re so intruiging. I wanna thank you for that. I can’t even imagine how many lives you have changed so far ♥

  37. Hi there Anna, – Many thanks for dropping by here with your very complimentary comment, thank you for your thoughts here, I am grateful to you for them. You are welcome and I hope that many other people share your thoughts and sentiments. Very Best Wishes to You !

  38. Barbara Hi there and many thanks for dropping by here with your comment. From what you say it sounds like the ideal recipe for you to be making for the Easter break. Do let me know how it all goes and glad you have the ingredients for it. In the meantime, my very best wishes to you and yours.

  39. Made this fabulous curry tonight, left my husband licking the pan :-). Wouldn’t you know it though, had everything in my pantry and went off to the shop this morning to buy a fresh mango. Now, mangos have been all over the place for ages but today, not a mango to be found. As luck would have it though I had this wonderful super tropically sweet fresh pineapple here (have been using them in my morning juice recently) and figured I would try that in place of the mango – wonderfully superb. Thank you Miriam for another winner ❤

  40. Made this one right away!!! My first curry, actually! Coconut cream from the box was a first as well! My mango wasn’t very ripe but the next time I will certainly use the suugestions posted by others (raisins, dates, or pineapple) Overall I LOVED IT! Thank you for inspiring me with great recipes!!!!!!!

  41. Mary Hi there and welcome here. Am so glad you popped by with your wonderful comment and delighted that you enjoyed it. Pineapple also goes down well with this curry. I look forward to your future comments on my blog and kudos to you for making this a first curry you have made. Cheers !

  42. Barbara Hi there and thanks so much for dropping by with your wonderful feedback here. Pineapple sounds excellent and glad it was enjoyed. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog and Cheers to you !

  43. I have this simmering on my stove right now! Your enthusiastic praises for the recipe had me drooling from the first moment I saw it and I knew it was a must try.

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  45. Hi there Freedom Fro and thanks for dropping by here – thanks for the link from which I can also see the pictures you took of my recipe – great description throughout – feel free to re-visit. Cheers to you ! (P.S. The Red Bomb Curry is equally awesome).

  46. Janine Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you chose this curry as it really is quite a winner in the results that it yields – hope you enjoyed it ! Cheers to you and look forward to your future comments here. Best !

  47. Thanks so much for the suggestion, Miriam. I showed the picture of the Red Bomb Curry to my partner and he almost shouted, “I’m on board, bookmark that!” I very much look forward to trying it. Cheers!

  48. Super thing Janine. I can’t wait for your feedback on the bomb curry. Very best to you and yours !

  49. Hi Miriam,

    I am loving your website!!! The dishes are so easy to make and so immensely tasty!! I am tasked tonight to cook for 3… am choosing this curry….will let you know how I get on!!! Thanks so much, from cold wet windy London…

  50. Mat Hi there and thanks for that – allow me to say that you have chosen well with this curry, truly, so I am hoping it will all go down well with your guests too. Yes, let me know how it all goes and am so pleased and appreciative of your compliments. Very best to you and keep ‘warm’ – Cheers !

  51. this looks really good! I am gong to make it one night this week. But I was wondering if you have the nutritional info on this recipe. I started eating vegan a couple months ago and have not lost any weight. I think I should try and figure out how many calories I am eating.

  52. Kathy Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I do not know what the calorie content of this recipe is. What I do know is that most of the ingredients are healthy – weight loss is not only valid from the calorie point of view alone, but there are many factors such as fibre content, portion size, accompliment and exercise for metabolizing any food. I would start by making sure that what I ingest is healthy, if it’s plant based (as is this recipe) and there is no refined ingredients such as white flour and sugar then that is the first concern. If you eat brown rice with this it is going to be good for you, and a green salad with it. I drink water with my curries (calorie free benefit) as I like to keep and savour the flavours. Hope this helps a little. I also hope you enjoy the flavours that this curry offers, and congratulations for going Vegan !

  53. thanks Miriam…maybe i should give up the flour and sugar!! I love all of your recipes and am confident that they are very healthy…that’s why I cant wait to try more of them 🙂

  54. Hi Kathy thanks for coming back with your comment and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog. Remember, variety is the spice of life – if the majority of what you are eating is healthy, then once in a while a treat can do no harm in the bigger picture (it’s my philosophy I am sharing). Enjoy !

  55. Hi Miriam, sorry to bother you again. I just wanted you to know I tried this tonight and both myself and my husband LOVED it. this will definitely be made again! I am so happy I found your site 🙂

  56. Kathy Hi there and thanks for dropping by with your wonderful comment. I am delighted that both yourself and your husband have enjoyed my curry, and I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Have a great weekend ! Cheers to you !

  57. Must leave another comment.. this recipe, as you know, we love, and i make it all the time, best curry ever!! and… just to tell you, we have converted lots of members of British Telecom to it, where my partner works, as he takes a portion in for his lunch and they love it and i have had meat eaters now asking me for the recipe,, Keep up the great work and love your recipes!

  58. Fiona Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your interesting and complimentary feedback/comment. It’s always wonderful to receive news like this and look forward to your future comments on my blog. All the best wishes to you !

  59. After finding this site this was the first thing I tried and I’m so glad I did. It was fantastic! My boyfriend who is a meateater also really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for your book to come out, will save me taking the laptop to the kitchen. Living on my own I usually can’t be bothered cooking but your site has turned me and I have made 5 dishes in the last week since finding it.x

  60. Hi there Lesley, what a wonderful comment and feedback – a well treasured one for me that’s put a smile on my face. My book is out in 9-10 months time, I shall notify you closer to the time when it’s due out. I am also glad your boyfriend enjoyed this too, being non-vegan and enjoying good delicious meat-free recipes, vegan ones is a great achievement. Kudos to you for getting busy in the kitchen, and I look forward to your future comment here Lesley, and hope you and your boyfriend continue to enjoy my recipes. I am about to post a few more soon, so stay tuned. Best to you !

  61. Mirian de Meneses Costa

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipes, dear Miriam!

  62. It’s my pleasure dear Mirian, hope you enjoy them too ! Best wishes your way !

  63. Is very rare that I found a recipe to look in reality like in their presentation pictures. Let`s say this picture….it looks great. However, I wonder if in reality the result can be the same as in the picture.

  64. Hi Lindsay, as you have not tried the curry yet, it is difficult to imagine I agree. That said, if you follow the recipe it should look the same except for what you serve it in, we don’t all have the same serving dishes. But the curry should be the same. Many other people have tried it and have all come back satisfied, in fact some very happy indeed. Best wishes your way and hope you make and enjoy it too !!

  65. Wow! This recipe was truly amazing 🙂 I adored the flavours in it, and as I have never cooked eggplant before, it has inspired me to try more recipes with eggplant in it, lol! I would also love to be notified when your cookbook comes out Miriam, and thanks once again 🙂

  66. Kristie Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you have made and thoroughly enjoyed the flavours of this curry. Eggplant is very, very versatile. If you like it that much then check out my blog in an hour or two when I have posted up a wonderful new pizza made with it – it’s a Baba Ganoush Pizza with a delicious topping, I have also created eggplant parcels with an indian filling, it too is on my blog – browse the categories when you get the chance. I have added you to my list Kristie for my book, thanks for your interest there and will contact you by e-mail closer to the time. Best wishes your way in the meantime and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  67. Hi,I’m going to try this,sounds yummy

  68. Hi there Jay and welcome here. Do let me know how it goes as and when ! Best wishes your way in the meantime.

  69. Ooh am planning a curry night tomorrow with my folks – this looks perfect to add to the choices 🙂

  70. Can’t wait to try this!!! Looks amazing!!
    Could be On the cards for tonight!!
    Yummo keep up the great work xxx

  71. This looks amazing – I can taste it already! I am going to make this for lunch! Love your work!

  72. Claire Hi there and thanks for that. Let me know how it goes please – thanks for your kind words. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  73. Hi there Rach – I do hope you have made this, or if not that you will make it soon – let me know how it goes if so. Best wishes your way in the meantime.

  74. Yvonne Hi there and welcome here. Do let me know how this goes (a great choice for entertaining) – I look forward to your feedback and comments on my blog. Meantime, best wishes your way !

  75. I opted for the pumkin and eggplant one because I forgot to get the ingredients. But perhaps next weekend 🙂

  76. Let me know how it goes as and when you have tried this curry too Yvonne !

  77. Michael (from Facebook)

    Shared on Facebook! 🙂

    Another international adventure from the pan! 🙂

  78. Many thanks for sharing dear Michael, that’s so kind of you ! 🙂

  79. Ohhh this one sounds so lovely, I wonder if you could post it to Facebook for us to share please?? :^)

  80. I have posted it up many times, but will do so again for you ! Enjoy !

  81. This looks delicious and can’t wait to try it! Thank you Miriam!

  82. Hi there Sapphire and welcome here. I am glad that you will be trying out this curry – let me know how it goes as and when and enjoy ! Cheers to you in the meantime !

  83. wow! when I saw this show up in my facebook newsfeed, i knew i had to make it. there was something about your description of marrying thai and indian in a pan that really got my mouth watering. i tried to go all out, even got the lemongrass, which i forgot to pulverize and add to the recipe. no matter, it was ridiculously good. we literally licked the pan clean. used regular curry powder rather than hot. there are so many spices, the aroma filled the kitchen even before i started frying them. but though the spices were generously used, there was not too much heat for my young daughter. we swapped pineapple for mango because it was easier to find at this time of year. looking forward to making this again soon. thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  84. We had this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I shared it on FB. 🙂

  85. Thank you Miriam, I have made out my shopping list, I tried you fabulous nut roast for Christmas and that was excellent and my daughter in law loved it, so I am going to try more of your lovely recipes and this one I think I would like as I have just had my first introduction to Thai food and I guess could I use green curry paste in place of medium or hot curry powder? I have shared on FB I hope you don’t mind :^) Michelle x

  86. Dear Michelle share my recipes as you wish – do not use green curry paste for this please, use the ordinary curry powder – the coconut milk will infuse it’s taste together with the remaining ingredients. I am all for experimenting, but as the old English saying goes ‘don’t fix it if it’s not broken’ applies here as the taste is a perfect one as it was composed. Trust me. I look forward to your future comments on my blog and very best wishes go your way ! 🙂

  87. Asa Hi there and welcome here – I am delighted that you made this curry and enjoyed it ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  88. Wendy Hi there and many thanks indeed for dropping by here with all your feedback on my site. Really sounds as though you had a lot of fun with this recipe. Next time if you find some mango you will see that it is even better with it, but pineapple sounds as though it hit the mark. The aroma is indeed spectacular and it is a very impressive curry to serve to non-vegans too ! Very best wishes your way Wendy and besides trying my other curries (which also rock) I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers !

  89. Wow. Absolutely fantastic. I had this (now) tonight with my non-vegan husband, he loved it. I think this will become one of our regular favourite meals.

    Also I am so happy I have found your website, it proves vegan food is far from just salad and tofu.

  90. Sally Hi there and thanks for your feedback on this recipe. I am delighted that you and your hubby have enjoyed this curry and glad to think it will be a regular curry for you – it tastes even better the day after believe it or not. I am happy you found my site too dear Sally, and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  91. Thanks for the great recipe. We have vegan soup every day here at our Cafe’ on San Juan Island, WA, so we made it into a soup by using 1/2 C. coco cream, 1 can coconut milk, and 3 C. Mirapoix. We put the ginger in with the sauce (no directions in the recipe), used essential oil of lemongrass (because we had some). We put 2/3 C. uncooked rice in it(could have been 3/4). We doubled the beautiful spice blend, toasted it w/out oil, and did not use sweetener, and put the juice of the lime in as well as the zest. It turned out great! Thanks again and again!

  92. Hi there Mary and welcome here. I am glad to hear that you converted this curry of mine into a soup to serve in your cafe – what fun ! Best wishes your way and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  93. Im still chewing the last bite of this wonderful recipe! Incredible, yummy! I was had just bought coconut milk which i haven’t bought before (baby vegan here) Its plain and quite sour and thick.. but i used anyway after i thought of it as yogurt sour. The sauce thickened up quite nicely and oh gods, the eggplant and the zuchinni were so tender and succulent! One sad note… hubby hates eggplant and my granddaughter who is here wont touch it either.. im the only one… all for me!!! bwahaha

  94. Emma Hi there and thanks for your positive comment – so glad you enjoyed this curry. For your husband and daughter you could try another of my curries – if they like potatoes and mushrooms you could always substitute that for any veggies they may not like in order to have a family curry dinner at some point. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  95. Hi Miriam, I just wanted to let you know I have made this today and it was absolutely gorgeous, although I couldn’t get coconut cream anywhere in Tesco’s or Holland & Barratt’s so I used the full fat Blue Dragon milk instead and cooked the spices in a tablespoon of coconut oil rather than olive oil, which was wonderful. I also made the rosewater and pistachio and lime zest basmati rice again and had that with it and it was out of this world….in fact, I just had seconds! omg! Naughty, or what! Thank you so much for posting it as my request to you last week. Its going to go in my ‘must make this again recipes’ notebook that I jot things down in…Keep them coming hon! Michelle xx

  96. Michelle Hi there and thanks for your very positive feedback. Kudos to you for making this and I am delighted that it is one you will love to repeat and have put in your ‘must make again recipes’ in your note book, what a lovely thought and great idea. It’s also great that you loved the accompanied rice. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes your way !

  97. Oh my goodness… just made this, and it is sensational! So delicious and good – thank you so much for sharing!
    Well done on an incredible website – this will become a firm favourite! 🙂

  98. Angela Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted tat you have made this and enjoyed it so much ! It is my pleasure sharing this and thanks for your very kind words ! Tip:- try my other curries too at some point. Cheers and best wishes your way in the meantime. 😉

  99. Just made this and it was absolutely delicious. Really glad I tried it, thanks for sharing the recipe!

  100. Cathryn Hi – I am delighted that you have made and enjoyed this curry, thanks for letting me know and i look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  101. Hi Miriam – Absolutely lovely and very easy to make. I may try with different types of vegetables or even some chick peas as the sauce seems very versatile. 😀

  102. Hi Sharron, it is a wonderful curry. The reasons why the eggplant/aubergine was used in such a curry is because this sauce was designed and created for the purpose of absorbent vegetables to soak up the sauce, be careful with using non absorbent ones ! Cheers & so glad you enjoyed it ! 🙂

  103. Wow, this recipe looks amazing. I’ll have to try it soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

  104. Hi there Jay and welcome here. It is something of a looker this recipe I agree. Do come back with your feedback as and when you’ve tried it. Best wishes your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  105. I didn’t know what to do with the mango so I just blended it with the rest.

  106. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Hope you enjoy it Nicola – Bon Appetite ! 🙂

  107. My son is highly allergic to nuts. So We do not keep them in the house and I do not cook with them. Many of your dishes include them. ANy substitutes? Sunflower seeds? etc.. Would be nice if you can start including options in your recipes for those who have nut allergies. Like your new book. Thank you.

  108. Mary Hi. Here is what you can use instead of nuts :- Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds. Yes, I do use lots of nuts in my recipes because many people are not allergic to them, and they taste awesome and are healthy too ! That said, you can even buy rice milk or hemp milk if you are trying to avoid nuts in terms of milk, and also soya of course. My favourite seed which in my personal opinion is the closest to any nut taste is sunflower seeds. Toastes and then adding a little sea salt to them for snacks with raisins are great. Also a clump of them (pre roasted) can be semi chopped and dipped in pre-melted chocolate, a great treat for kids. Hope this helps ! 🙂

  109. I saw people asking about substitutes for mangoes? Apricots would be a good Western substitute. prunes would work but have a totally different kind of fruit taste. I am not a vegetarian, I am definitely an omnivore, but plan on trying this recipient, it looks delicious.

  110. John Hi. Thanks for dropping by here. Mangoes have a particular type of texture that works perfectly in this recipe, so I would go all out to get my hands on fresh, failing that much as I rarely use tinned product, but for this recipe tinned is really great. Thanks for your input John and I look forward to your feedback on this recipe. Enjoy ! 🙂

  111. Hi Miriam, this recipe from your Facebook posting is done! Wow! Just wow! What a gorgeous combination of flavours! This is going to become a regular dish in in repertoire. Thanks so much. I’ve taken a couple of photos which I’ll send.

    I teaked it a bit (as one does!) I added a bunch of fresh cilantro simply cos I love the stuff. I used a squirt of lazy lemongrass paste as I didn’t have the powdered version. I also added a little vegetable stock if it got too thick whilst cooking. I’m pretty experienced at cooking so I knew none of these additions would spoil the overall flavor. I would urge those people who want to save the recipes you post on Facebook to press the share button. That way they will be saved forever on the persons timeline for easy reference.

  112. Cherie Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment. I am delighted that you have dearly enjoyed this curry I created and hope you try out my others and let me know how they go during the course of time. Very best wishes your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  113. OMG the name says it all – this was the best curry I have ever tasted, let alone made at home with my own two hands! I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. So delicious, all the flavours worked perfectly together, especially the sweet mango. I’ll definitely make it again.

  114. Also I didn’t have powdered lemongrass so I used fresh and it worked well – just had to pick it out before I served it!

  115. Hi Rebecca, so glad you made and enjoyed this curry – it is a favourite amongst many !!! Hope you make and enjoy my other curries and recipes from here and I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  116. Hi Miriam, I do not eat garlic nor onion and just omitted them from this recipe (I did not know about Sattvic diet) and it was just fabulous! I’m cooking up another batch today for a dinner party. Thank you for the wonderful inspiring recipes.

  117. Lynne Hi, that sounds awesome ! Add a touch of asafotida instead of the onion and garlic and onion about 1/8th of a teaspoon should do the trick ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  118. WOW! This sounds delectable Miriam. I’m going to make it for family dinner tomorrow night. I’ve ordered your cookbook on Amazon and am so disappointed that I won’t receive it until July. As a new vegan until then I will continue to survive through your brilliant Facebook posts. Much appreciated! XOXO

  119. Hi there Kellie, thanks for dropping by here and also for purchasing my book. July is round the corner and you have plenty material to work from from my blog here (see the category section and the months of the year to see the diverse list of recipes created for all to enjoy), so I hope you enjoy the recipes and do let me know how they go as and when. Cheers your way in the meantime. 🙂


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