Pizza Baba Ganoush

I made Baba Ganoush, and felt like having it with some salad and pita – I didn’t have any pita bread at home, so I thought a pizza base would do the trick instead.  And did it just !  I served it with my raw coleslaw salad & mayo, and it was irresistible !!!  I have just seen this dish described as  follows “this sounds like an appetizer, main course and side dish all wrapped into one” – she couldn’t have put it better really as it is exactly like that.  Enjoy !


See Baba Ganoush recipe ( )and follow method.

See my pizza base recipe at


Baba Ganoush on the base

12 mushrooms, sliced

1 onion cut into rings, or 2 spring onions chopped

black olives (as many as take your fancy)

3 tomatoes, sliced medium to thin

a sprinkle of dried oregano

olive oil to drizzle

a little vegan cheese grated (optional – I used very, very little – about ¼ cup)

salt to taste


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 400ºF (200ºC)
  2. Having rolled out the dough, place on a well greased oven-proof base, and then spread as much Baba Ganoush as you wish using the back of a spoon.  (I had a spoon or so left of some sun dried tomato paste. which I mixed with the baba ganoush, so as not to waste it, but that’s not necessary).
  3. Next, add your mushrooms, onions and vegan cheese (optional).
  4. Then layer on your tomatoes, sprinkle with oregano, add the olives and drizzle with oil.
  5. Place in the oven, until the corners of the crust begin to slightly brown.
  6. Remove, and cut into portions – serve and enjoy !

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suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike


  1. Hello,

    Looks yummy! About the dough, here is the official italian recipe (got it from a italian chef):
    – 400g flour
    – 15g baker’s yeast
    – 200ml water (tepid)
    – 1tblspoon salt
    – 5 tblspoons olive oil

    Mix and work the dough, let it in a warm place for 30 minutes, then make the pizzas and add the toppings (cooled down if hot), then let the yeast grow another hour (covered with plastic bag) before cooking.

    Also from the official version, all herbs (basil, oregano) should only be added at the very end (they should not be allowed to cook).

    Great blog. Please continue, you are a good source of inspiration for my vegan family!

  2. Hey! This looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it! A favor to ask: can u add a “pin it” option on your page? :)))))

  3. Hi there Anna, I don’t think it can be done with our set up – also very busy to look into it. Sorry. Hope you are enjoying my recipes ! Let me know how it goes as and when. Cheers !

  4. Hi Sebastien, isn’t it wonderful that there are hundreds of ways that people both in Italy and elsewhere that make pizza doughs make them so differently – their technics for using certain ingredients is also diverse and interesting – but again so many of them are different. We cook our herbs in so many different ways, their fragrance and flavours when baked impart a character of their own on the toppings which is simply wonderful. But as the old saying goes “variety is indeed the spice of life”. I hope your vegan family continue to enjoy my recipes.

  5. Wow, Baba Ganoush and Pizza together! Two of my favorite foods–why didn’t I think of this? I have to try this tonight–thank you!

  6. oh delicious

  7. Hi Melissa and welcome here. Hope you make and enjoy this delightful pizza. Best wishes your way !

  8. Hi there Ann and welcome here. I have to agree with you there – they are a super match. Let me know how it goes and best wishes your way in the meantime !

  9. Miriam, your recipes look delicious. I can’t wait to try a few. I’ve been wanting to eat more veggies and eventually eliminate meat, so I have to take it a little at a time. Thank you for posting these tempting dishes.

  10. Joan Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you have dropped by here with your comment ! Am also glad that you are making a transition, and I am here to help and support that, so any basic questions let me know. The idea behind my recipes is to make them as tempting as possible so that anybody can make that transition. Kudos to you for making this choice and you will find no shortage of what will temp your taste buds here, from sweet to savoury and everything else in between – including a diversity of cultural cuisine to suit every occasion. Best wishes your way and I look forward to your future comments and feedback on my blog !

  11. Just ‘liked’ you on FB and am very excited to try what look like delicious and healthy vegan recipies…only problem is there are so many I want to try and I don’t know where to start. Thank You, big time, for sharing your vegan wisdom and creatvity with us.
    Linda, Israel

  12. Linda Hi there and welcome here. Thanks very much for dropping by here with your comment and for ‘like’ing our page. I am delighted that you have found my page and feel free to share my recipes with friends too. In the meantime I look forward to your future comments and feedback on my blog and best wishes go your way !

  13. I love pizza. I love Baba Ganoush. How have I never thought to combine them before this recipe??

    Thanks for the creative idea and delicious pizza!!

  14. Hi there FF – Glad you like the pizza idea ! Enjoy, and look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Cheers !

  15. FAAAAAAABULOUS! I made this after work today and have some saved for lunch tomorrow. Due to people eating groceries faster than I can cook them, I had no olives or mushrooms, but it didn’t matter. I dotted some tomato puree here and there on the baba ganoush and topped with red onion and fresh tomato.
    The pizza base is also the best ever – this is a definite make again recipe 😀

  16. Hi there Jamila and thanks for that. What you have done sounds great ! I am delighted everything has worked out for the pizza base too and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog, so come back and visit us again !

  17. Michael (from Facebook)

    Shared on Facebook! 🙂

    Ah, tempting Vegan pizza! 🙂

  18. this looks delish, i am wondering about a gluten free option for crust but i guess i can always just buy one and then make the pizza part

  19. Hi there Joanne and thanks for dropping by here. You can indeed buy a gluten free base, or use gluten free flour to make it yourself at some point. Let me know how it goes and best wishes to you !

  20. Hi there Michael and thanks so very much for sharing as you do on FB, that is so kind of you ! Best to you and Cheers !

  21. Love the pizza pix…and all of them. Everywhere you share! Would be curious about everyone’s fav melting cheese and why. There are so many choices now. So many to Daiya for! 😉 Thanks for all your great work, pix and recipes! You’re helping so many!!!

  22. Hi there Ellen and thanks for dropping by here with your comment – with vegan cheese it like a ‘candy all-sorts-mix’ – it appears that people in the States and Canada lean towards Daiya cheese. In Europe it’s mixed so here we can’t tell. I make my own variety of cheese so I have instant access and enjoy the taste of my own. Thanks for your kind words about my work, much appreciated. Best your way !

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  24. Thanks for the pingback.

  25. Made this this week. Scrumptious! I left a leftover piece out that night. The cats liked it too…

  26. Saar Hi there and thanks for dropping by here. How wonderful that you enjoyed this – and funny that the cats liked it too, that’s a 1st probably in the world 🙂 I hope you enjoy my other recipes and that you come back here with your comments ! Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  27. Another great dish I’m cooking today , thank you

  28. Caroline Hi there – Enjoy this pizza and let me know how it goes as and when. Taste if for salt before serving. Best wishes.

  29. Made this tonight and it was yummy! Thanks for the great ideas (-:

  30. Barbara Hi there and thanks for dropping by with your feedback. Am delighted that you enjoyed it and I look forward to your future comments on my blog – best wishes your way in the meantime !

  31. Hi Miriam,

    I NEVER post anything on any site, but I must say this post is warranted. I made this pizza recipe and it was outstanding! It was very easy and the next day when I warmed the leftovers up it was even better! Thank you for then wonderful recipe. It was a treat and I will crave it until I make it again.

  32. Dana Hi – what wonderful words and feedback. Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face. I very, very much look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes your way in the meantime !

  33. today I wanted to cook a Baba Ganoush Pizza and I was wandering if this was a “first time” idea…of course not, but what a wonderful blog I discovered! many thanks Miriam 🙂 🙂

  34. Hi there Luu, thanks for dropping by here with your comment – I am delighted that you have found my blog and look forward to your comments and feedback here. I do hope you very much enjoy my pizza. 🙂

  35. You have come up with an amazing base to replace the usual tomato sauce – I can taste the rich flavours and will be making this soon. You are an inspiration, thank you

  36. Hi Rakshanda, it’s a lovely change from the conventional pizza as we know it and bursts with flavours. Hope you enjoy it as and when !


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