The Ultimate Genius Vegan Eggs

These are genius Vegan ‘Hard-Boiled Eggs’ that taste every bit as good as the real thing, without the cholesterol or the cruelty . . .


1½ cups (375ml) soya milk, or any other creamy non-sweetened vegan milk of your choice
½ tsp kala namak (otherwise known as black salt)
2 tsp agar powder

NOTE about Agar – (if you use the flakes, you’ll need double the amount, which you can whizz in a dry blender to turn into powder)

Put the above in the liquidizer/food blender, and liquidize on high speed until smooth. Transfer to a small pan and heat on a low heat until the mixture thickens, stirring all the time with a wooden spoon (around 2 minutes). Remove from the heat, and pour into egg mould (use hen’s egg moulds, available online). Then leave in the fridge for an hour or so to solidify.

This mixture makes around 6 ‘egg’ halves.



25g (2 Tbsp) vegan dried instant mashed potatoes, dehydrated flakes or powder (Edwards USA, Terrasana UK – also here is a link that will ship to Australia)
3g (1 tsp)  nutritional yeast
1g (¼ tsp) turmeric (use a little less if you prefer)
1g (¼ tsp) kala namak salt
8g (1 tsp) potato starch
100ml  hot water
1 tsp vegan margarine or 1 tsp refined pure coconut oil
1 tsp sunflower or canola oil (not olive oil, as that would alter the taste)

Note:-  The ratio of water/liquid versus the potato flakes or powder that you find may differ (reason being that brands and textures differ in the dried potatoes, some need less water), so you may need to slightly adjust this, i.e. a little more potato flakes/dehydrated potato may need to be added – make a note of how much of these quantities worked for you for your future reference.  It’s a simple detail, but worth noting.



Make up your mashed potato mix, add margarine and other ingredients, and mash until consistency resembles hard-boiled egg yolk, see pic – if you are uncertain, it should be thick in consistency. Mix ‘yolk’ mix really well, then place in freezer for 15-20 minutes, then remove from freezer, and using clean hands, form into yolk sized balls in the palms of your hands.

If you want to make a runnier ‘yolk’, add some hot water to your mix in a very small bowl, and stir all the time until you reach a smooth egg yolk consistency.



Remove your ‘egg white’ halves from the fridge, then, using a spoon, carefully scoop out an oval shape.  Fill this cavity with your ‘egg yolk’ mix, and level with a flat knife.   Then place in the fridge for a few hours until set, before serving.


If you wish to make a whole ‘egg’, take two of your halves (with cavities for the yolk already scooped out). Meanwhile, having formed your yolk into an appropriately sized sphere, place it in your scooped out cavities (see above), making sure that they are levelled as much as possible, before spreading some agar paste on the faces of both white halves, and gently pressing together. The agar paste can be made using ½ tsp agar powder mixed with a bit of vegan milk, heated on the stove until thickened, and allowed to cool down for a minute or so.  Ensure you brush the agar mix onto the ‘egg’ halves before it completely thickens. This is a labour of love – only done to impress guests !  It took me a while to get the ‘eggs’ above as perfect to the eye as possible.  Then refrigerate your ‘egg’ for an hour or so before serving.

Cock-a-doodle-Doo !!



All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell 2010




  1. Amazing, works of art. Have seen others but knew that it was your creation. I made the egg mayo a while back and it was amazing. I really want to try these now but will need to go find myself an egg mould

  2. I have made the egg yolks to put in sandwichs which are great, have never thought of making runny egg yolks but tomorrow morning I’m having toast ‘soldiers’ with runny egg.

    thks Miriam

  3. This is awesome Miriam. They look amazing, and am just wondering do they have the same texture of a soft egg, and do they taste like real eggs? I know it can never taste exactly the same, but am hoping it will be close. I commend you for all your hard work. I am benefiting from your creativity. Thank you so much! 🙂

  4. Hi and THANK YOU!!! I have a question: can one (if ambitious enough!) dehydrate potatoes and use THAT instead of purchasing the same commercially??
    Again, THANK YOU!!!

  5. This is brilliant, thank you for sharing!

    I read a tip to use plastic easter eggs for the mold to make vegan eggs. Right after easter, you can find them really cheap on clearance!

  6. Christine Waters

    do you think this would work to put in potato salad?

  7. These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. you are a genius!!! thanks a million for this recipe

  9. Ale Hi, your most welcome dear ! Enjoy this recipe too and let me know how it all goes as and when

  10. My pleasure dear Sara ! Enjoy and let me know how they go for you. Remember to enjoy these too 🙂

  11. Amazing Miriam! I can just about imagine the time and effort it must have taken to perfect the recipe. Super stuff! 🙂

  12. My eggs became very greenish and the soy milk very flakey when I boiled it. I wonder why?

  13. Hello, I have a question…if you made up the ‘yolks’ first, and had them chilled, then made up the ‘whites’ could you put some of the white’s mix in the molds first, add the ‘yolk’, then cover with the rest of the white, chill and go from there? Would they hold together or fall apart in the process?

    I have some egg molds made by Jello a number of years ago, with a small hole for pouring in the gelatin at the top, and believe these might work for the ‘eggs’. Or perhaps you are using the plastic eggs gotten so easily this time of year? (I got my egg mold second-hand, I’m not a Jello user, thanks)

    Anyway, I wondered if you had tried inserting the yolk this way…Blessings and thanks, my husband misses eggs a lot…I have everything but the salt…will have to get some and try it.

  14. I see what you’re saying Chrissie, I tried it one way, you can try it the way you are expressing here and see if it works. If it does let me know and good luck and enjoy ! 🙂

  15. Lida Hi, the colour of the eggs became greenish – which part, the yolk or the white ? If the soy milk became flakey you might have needed to add a bit more liquid, mix the whole time and don’t over cook – may be the flame or heat was a little too high and mixing has to be constant, soon as it thickens, out it comes. I don’t understand why yours went green though, if it’s the yolk then it’s possible the turmeric was dark, but green, I really can’t say, as that’s never happened to me.

  16. Many thanks Tanya and hope you enjoy these too ! 🙂

  17. It would work wonderfully Christine. Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  18. That’s right Bitter and Murky ! 🙂 Enjoy !

  19. It’s worth a try Susan – let me know how it goes if so ! 🙂

  20. Dee Hi and thanks. Yes, exactly as you say, the taste is close, combined with the very pleasant texture etc – and since I created the egg salad some years back and the feedback has been great, then I feel you will enjoy these too ! 🙂

  21. Hey Wendy, thanks for dropping by. Let me know how your breakfast eggy soldiers go ! 🙂

  22. Yvonne Hi, try ebay, that should help ! They really are a lot of fun, particularly as spring is in the air – picnic and light weight food etc. Thanks for your support, much appreciated by the way !

  23. Sorry that your idea got stolen. That is rotten 🙁

  24. Hello. I thanks so much for this share. You need to know that so many people appreciate your efforts and freely sharing this. You have a gift….your talents will be increased ten fold for you giving this out to people….good things will come to you because of your wonderful attitude. I am looking forward to trying these…new to vegan life. At 68 I have picked up the need to tell the world to start eating this way. Thanks so much!

  25. Thank you so much for posting the recipe without forcing us to pay for it. Something like this can save so many chickens from torture and improve human health!

  26. Christelle Verove

    Nice but I have to say that it seems to convey the fact that indeed, we cannot live without eggs, as we desperately try to re-make them, even though they’re vegan. Vegan food is so much more that just replacing the food we used to eat!
    Anyway, rant’s over, bravo though!

  27. Miriam, this is just amazing you are a genius, you did a great job! You have no idea how many millions of chicken you will be saving, and how many vegetarians around the world will go vegan because off this egg substitute.. Keep up the good work.

    Can you also make a youtube video on how to make these eggs.. step by step?

  28. Satish Hi and thanks for your complimentary words. I hope in the future to do a step by step video. Best your way ! 🙂

  29. It does Christelle, and we are lucky to have these plant based alternatives for ethical vegans or indeed people with allergies or high cholesterol. Cheers ! 🙂

  30. Right you are Jen and thanks for saying as much ! 🙂

  31. Wow Christine, what wonderful words, thank you for dropping by here with your comment, much appreciated. Please let me know how they go and do try my egg salad first, the yolk is based on the same principle, plus you don’t have to go through the trouble of making the white, as that’s just plain cut up tofu. Check it out, others have loved it ! 🙂

  32. Right you are Sri, and thanks for your sentiments.

  33. Hi Miriam
    I really understand how you or anyone else feels when a recipe after a long time sweating and working to perfect it someone else copies it without even acknowledging the source. This happened to me when I published the Helwa tat-Tork. All of a sudden it found its way all over the net. I know for sure cos I added an extra line and when I see it I immediately recognize it.

  34. I’ve always said you’re a genius Miriam!

  35. To be fair to you, indeed you always have dear Wendi, and please know that your support has always been appreciated. 🙂

  36. Thanks for that Joe. What’s the story on the Helwa Tat-Tork Joe ? I’m not understanding. Sorry.

  37. Miriam, these recipes are as amazing as I remember them from the first time you posted them back in the spring of 2013!! Truly genius!

  38. Thanks there Bryanna, very honoured with your feedback. We LOVE your amazing work and contribution to both vegans and non-vegans alike, you are a huge asset in the culinary vegan world. Best your way !

  39. How I remember this time so well as it’s the date of my brothers birthday too. I have been a vegan chef for many many years now, co-running the Treehouse vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Norwich, Norfolk for many years and now at Riverdale in The Highlands and all the years as a vegan and researching veganism I remember you creating the vegan fried egg and boiled egg, I was stunned and remember expressing that YOU were THE visionary vegan chef.
    Do you remember that? I remember telling the multitude of vegans in my life about your vegan eggs and they were elated and couldn’t wait to check out your blog.

  40. Hi
    Time back when the helwa tat-tork was a mystery recipe and over here a great secret I managed after many attempts to perfect. Then I published the recipe (out of spite) in The Times newspaper locally and on the net. From that time onward I saw my recipe all over the net same as in your case. Rotten doings at least mention the source. Similar to your case.

  41. Sorry to hear there Joe. The plant based egg had not existed anywhere in the world before I created it in this way, so in some ways it was worse not to get the credit knowing this. But yes, they were also unfair to you too from your story.

  42. Many thanks there Phil and much appreciated words that I embrace. 🙂

  43. Does amyone know if I could use the deviled egg plate as a mould? I want to make these but don’t want to buy a mold.

    Thank you, I look forward to making “eggs” I have been vegan 4 years.

  44. Just genius! Look and taste just like a real egg.
    Not complicated to make either, but I haven’t found smooth egg moulds yet….

  45. Many thanks Emma ! – hope you manage to get your molds – have you tried ebay ? 🙂

  46. Renee try and get a hen egg mold from ebay. Good luck and in the meantime, try my egg salad recipe. Will post the link for you. 🙂

  47. How to look appetizing!
    Immediately I run to the kitchen.
    Use your recipe!
    Thank you.

  48. Great and hope you enjoy them ! 🙂

  49. I think this is great. I can’t believe that these are not eggs, I honestly thought you had up the picture of real eggs, I was just wondering where this is going. I can’t imagine the research and technique, never mind the talent that went into making these. I would totally try these for a party and see the look on everyone’s face when they hear that they are not actually eggs. Waw

  50. 🙂

  51. I found you and your amazing vegan eggs in an old 2013 issue of Vegan For Life digital magazine. I think you are BRILLIANT…creative, the real deal, andI am so appreciative. I haven’t seen any 2015 issues of the mag. It has to take a lot of love and hard work to produce a digital mag. TY for caring enough to share and for bringing all of us, not quite that talented or able to think out of the box as you do, your thoughts and recipes.

  52. Many thanks Linda, much appreciated words, truly ! 🙂

  53. Lagusta from Lagusta’s Luscious and Maresa Volante who creates vegan macarons posted an almost identical recipe to the egg mold in 2011, so I find it a bit offensive that you would try to claim this as your own… You may not have copied them, but you were certainly not the FIRST person to ever make these. Just saying.

  54. I don’t usually allow offensive comments on my blog Rachel (thankfully they are more than rare, so I don’t need to worry about them), and I don’t understand why YOU of all people (a total stranger to me) would have chosen to take this personal unless you had another agenda going on. I never said that the concept of trying to create a vegan hard boiled egg was never thought of or tried out. I do believe that mine was the first of it’s kind where the yolk was properly conceptualized and tasted remarkably like real hard boiled egg yolk, and with the white being in proportion to a real dairy egg and then NOT made into a ‘devilled egg’ as per the link you sent me – in fact I have to date not posted up any vegan devilled eggs that I have claimed to be the first ever, my aim was to create the first proper vegan hard boiled eggs. You will also note if you look at the person’s recipe you mention, that her yolk (base) is primarily made out of tofu, whist mine is potato based, so no, it’s not ‘almost identical’ but strikingly different. You will also note if you go back to the link you sent me that not only are the yolk ingredients different but that Lagusta’s egg white is the size of an avocado, yup, that large (see her post of the recipe) – she set out to make devilled vegan eggs – not hard boiled eggs. Yes, this is indeed my own, and I don’t need your approval of this, as was my proper vegan fried egg.

  55. Is it possible to make it with potato starch… how?
    Have a beautiful day.
    Peace love unity compassion respect

  56. Hi Javi, it’s the same substance, ie potato, it’s worth a try – if so, let me know how it turned out. 🙂

  57. Hello Miriam! PLease dont mind people like this girl here. Your recipes are amazing. 🙂

    I am in germany… cant find this egg moulds anywhere 🙁 I just find these for sushi ahahha any tipps? In amazon I also did not find. Thank you and have a great day.

  58. I am not sure Renata – I had gotten mine from ebay a long time ago, and I don’t have the link anymore. Hope you find them there too or somewhere else. Cheers your way ! 🙂

  59. The idea and execution is fantastic! In Computer terms this is called ‘Egg Emulation’!

    Since I am a vegetarian by birth (Hindu) I don’t miss eggs and will prefer to try your other vegan recipes!


  60. Hope you enjoy them Surendra – and for those who do miss eggs, at least there is an alternative that they can use.

  61. I was trying to find the creator of the vegan boiled egg and so glad that I found you!
    I’ve seen other people make them, including well known chefs.
    Thank you for your ingenuity. I may try making these for a party!

  62. Sure thing Cristina. Hope you make and enjoy them ! 🙂

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  64. Hi Miriam,

    Sorry if I missed this info elsewhere: I’m wondering what the nutritional content would be of these vegan eggs as opposed to chicken eggs. I don’t care, personally, but it might be an extra selling point for the non-vegans!

    Thanks for your wonderful work and delicious recipes 🙂

  65. Carie Hi there. To be honest I haven’t work the nutrient out. Hope you enjoy my recipes.

  66. Just seeing this rives me to use what I have in my hand.Love it have some molds that will give the shape.Thanks for inspiration and recipes that I can try for fellowship dinnersAnd family

  67. You’re most welcome Milicent – and enjoy ! Cheers ! 🙂

  68. Please make a youtube video showing how to make this!

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  72. Hi Miriam, I gave these a try for the first time today and had a couple little problems. I used almond milk as my milk, and when I heated it up it didn’t thicken, so after heating it for about ten minutes (maybe that was too long?) I went ahead and poured the mixture into my moulds. Three hours later they have only congealed a little bit, not enough to unmould without them falling apart.Has this ever happened to you? Otherwise, absolutely wonderful recipe–my “yolk” turned out fabulous! Thank you so much.

  73. Hi there Camille, I think it’s best to use soya milk and make sure that the agar really cooks well by mixing all the time – once you get over this hurdle, it should be fine and thicken. I cannot really vouch for how the agar would behave with the almond milk you had available. I’m glad you enjoyed the yolk & if you give them a go again, good luck. 🙂

  74. Is there something I can substitute for the instant mash potato? It would make me sick unfortunately.

  75. Hi Bianca, I understand your feeling of apprehension about using instant mash potato, but trust me, it does the job. You may be able to use rinsed through cannellini beans instead – mash them up and you can try it instead of the mashed potatoes – I haven’t tried it with beans, but it may well yield a good texture and taste for it, but I cannot guarantee it. 🙂

  76. Excited to try this… Can they be heated? I’m looking to make a vegan scottish egg… or do they melt?

  77. Megan Hi. It shouldn’t melt, but my advice would be not to overheat it !

  78. I passed this on to some of my Indonesian friends. They knew kala namak, but never knew it could be used like this! Thanks so much.

  79. You’re welcome Sydney.

  80. Hi! It’s a great idea for people who are transitioning or want to cook recipes for others without using animal products and delivering almost the same results 🙂

  81. Hi Isabel. That’s right !

  82. Hello! I followed the recipe perfectly, yet I used coconut milk. The mix has been sitting in the egg mold for hours and it’s not firming. Can this be the coconut milk, or have you heard this before? Thank you for the advice!
    Yours in Compassion,

  83. Hi Katie and sorry for the delay in replying but have not been able to answer before. I don’t think it’s the coconut milk as it’s a liquid like any other plant based milk or even water, I have a feeling it may well be the agar, that it wasn’t heated enough in order to release it’s thickening properties. So, although it might have seemed to have thickened, it needs to get to a ‘shining’ state first, and that may take a few more minutes to reach that. I will also advise you to add a tad more in the event that the spoon-full’s may have been a little less in terms of exact quantity. I find the agar powder works best for this. Good luck with your next attempt. Season’s Greetings !

  84. Made it. It’s exactly what it should be.I later used konjac powder instead of agar. Using konjac sets the white for good. We use it to put hot tomato chutney over it. Deliciooooooooooous.

  85. Hi Ollin, yes, kojac also would help it set. So glad you made and enjoyed it. I’m sure you will continue to do so for years to come. Look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  86. Love the recipe!! Sorry if this question was already asked but do you know if these hold their shape if it’s used in a soup? Thank you!

  87. Sheng Hi there. I have never tried them in a soup, but it you intend to, be sure to add a tiny bit less liquid than suggested, and use them at the very end, in other words, do not cook the yolks in the soup, simply add them gently at the very end – I cannot guarantee they will not begin to fall apart after some moments, like I said, I have never tried them in this way, so, I’m guessing at this point. Let me know what happens if you try them. Cheers !

  88. Katie Lloyd-McMahon

    Tried making these for the first time today, as a test run before Christmas. I found the mixture got really frothy after blending. So after heating, I strained the mixture to remove some froth and then added to the moulds. They’ve been in the fridge for about 2 hours but haven’t really set at all. Not sure where I went wrong. Should the mixture be heated to boiling? I followed the recipe exactly, only adjustment was I doubled everything to make a larger batch.

  89. Hi Katie, sounds like you almost got there with a result, but not quite. I would make only one batch to start with. Blending, blenders and duration of blending together with heating the mixture to thicken – these are factors in the finished product. It is easier to blend a small amount than to double a liquid mix. So start off by blending what’s in the recipe, it shouldn’t really froth, once blended, even with a hand whisk, all you need to do is heat it up and mix it until it thickens and becomes shiny – that is when the agar has been activated. Also use slightly less water than you did, just to give you a head start on thickening. Agar powder works very well, and you should be left with a decent result. Hope your second attempt ‘cracks it !’

  90. Thanks for recipie. I have all ingredients except instant mash . Can I sub for homemade mash or more potato starch ?

  91. Hi Asha, I would recommend as a general rule to use the instant mash because of it’s consistent texture. But by all means go ahead and make your own if you wish to. Hope you enjoy it ! Cheers.

  92. whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your articles.

    Keep up the good work! You recognize, lots of individuals
    are hunting round for this information, you could help them greatly.

  93. Thanks Irving.

  94. Thanks so much for this recipe, the eggs turned out fantastic!! I just have a few questions though, perhaps you can help me: My egg yolk was thick, but not nearly as thick as yours looked on the pictures (it was sort of like mayonnaise in the thickness. So not possible to form into balls). How can I make it thicker?
    When I heated the egg white mix, it got bubbles in it that remained on the surface even in the final eggs, which resulted in a very uneven surface. How would I best prevent that? And on the subject of the egg white mix, I didn’t find it thickening during heating either. Could I have heated it on too low heat?
    Thanks again, keep up the awesome work <3

  95. Cesar Hi. I am only second guessing here since I cannot actually see the result and the methodology in action, but I will do my best all the same.
    1. ‘ My egg yolk was thick, but not nearly as thick as yours looked on the pictures (it was sort of like mayonnaise in the thickness. So not possible to form into balls). How can I make it thicker?’ – you probably need to use more dried potato mix, that should be simple enough to do – then you can get a thicker consistency to roll into a ball, or use less liquid.
    2. ‘When I heated the egg white mix, it got bubbles in it that remained on the surface even in the final eggs, which resulted in a very uneven surface’. Answer to that : you must try and stir it all the time until the mix becomes shiny, then it’s ready to go, you might need a tad less water – one can always add more, but can’t remove a little once it’s mixed in with the agar. Y
    3. ‘And on the subject of the egg white mix, I didn’t find it thickening during heating either. Could I have heated it on too low heat?’
    Answer : I don’t think the heat was too low. You must apply a bit more patience in terms of time until when the mix gets shiny when you stir, it takes some time, and is a little tedious, but then you also get a good result.
    Hope this helps you for next time. Enjoy the recipes !


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