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Eezy Peezy Stuffed Iceberg Parcels


 My mother (of Greek origin) used to stuff vine leaves a few times a year if we were lucky, as she always claimed it was hard work – in those days they weren’t being sold in jars (preserved in brine), so you had to pick them yourself.  I love stuffed […]

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My Hummus


 ABOUT THIS RECIPE Having Greek blood (and tasted just about every hummus around), I have made this hummus for years, always varying it until perfection was reached. I make this hummus throughout the year, serve it with crudites, spead on toast, serve with pita bread and even dip our pizza […]

Curries, Indian

My Potato, Pea & Spinach Curry


 I love making curries, cardamon is a favourite of mine and it never disappoints – I kept this curry simple from the point of view of spice flavours, as I wanted the mingling of the curry powder and the cardamon to marry and produce a satisfying flavour that tastes great […]