Hot Spinach, Olive & Artichoke Pie

This pie is simply scrumptious !!!  I am so proud of this creation of mine.  It’s definitely child-friendly, my 7 year old daughter loved it, and had seconds.  I have to say, it’s one of the best vegan pies out there, and you’ll be going back for more.  Full of […]

Festive, Other


Many people have been telling me that they wish they could prepare their Christmas dinner a day ahead, always concerned about having time to enjoy the day itself.  It is for that reason that I have created this dish.  The parsnips and carrots are already integrated into this dish, and […]


Mouthwatering Vegan Falafel

There are so many variations of falafel, and although it is thought to have originated in Egypt, it is now also a national dish in Palestine and Israel, and is popular throughout the Middle East. This recipe really captures the true essence of falafel, and is a staple for us […]