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Super Raw Brain Juice

‘Super Nuclear Brainstorm Booster’ – packed with insanely delicious raw ingredients ! The blueberry has also been referred to as the ‘brain berry’ (great for the memory), the many health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil are legendary (again including memory), and flaxseed is known to reduce the risk of […]


Epic Cauliflower Sunday Roast

I created this a while back.  It was a glorious recipe, a great Sunday roast, especially in the spring, with lashes of squeezed lemon and a little French’s mustard dolloped on top of the potatoes – lemon and mustard really marry well.  Use a carving knife to slice a big […]


‘Sausage’ & Bean Shepherd’s Pie

As Northern Europe enters the last stages of winter (or the last storms before the heat kicks in, in our case here in Malta), it seemed fitting to make another comforting dish for the weekend.  In fact, this is my mouthwateringly vegan variation of the good old English favourite, the […]


‘Chicken’ & Dumplings Special

As a child I grew up with US friends who were in Malta at the time. I learnt so much from them and their families.  The wonderful rituals of sharing each meal ‘banquet style’ – the main dish, with the accompanying veggies in separate serving bowls, really fascinated me.  I […]

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Express Cozy Chowder

This is a fast and easy to make Chowder – I made it because it was a little cold this evening, and I fancied something a little different. This is the best vegetable-based chowder ever, and will be a staple amongst those wishing to serve something very flavourful and comforting […]