Dips, Sides

Hot Chilli Hummus

This is an exciting and hot variation on my own hummus recipe, which seems fitting for the blinding, hot summer we’re having in Malta at present.  Why not turn up the heat a notch more, I say ! INGREDIENTS 1 tin of chickpeas (washed and drained) 2 cloves fresh garlic […]

Curries, Sides

Spicy Zesty Curried Potatoes

I don’t often use potatoes with a curry, even though they go down so very well.  They are filling and often I have a range of other accompaniments to marry with the main course.  But I just fancied some spicy hot, zesty potatoes – so I created these for you. […]

Sides, Starters & Snacks

Forever Giardiniera !

This recipe is not only 100% Vegan, but it goes back a very long way, and with much nostalgia attached to it – the aroma and taste take me back to my childhood at the beach (Mellieha to be precise, in Malta).  It’s simply delicious, mouthwatering and, I promise, a […]