Easy Spinach, Lime & Ginger Soup

This delicious soup is full of nutrition, vitamins and is so very warming and comforting on a cold winter’s day.  A great immuno booster too for that matter, and best of all, easy to make. (A little tip : This tastes better with fresh spinach)

Serves 3


  • ½ kilo of fresh washed spinach or 10 balls of frozen spinach (allowed to thaw)
  • 2 tbsps olive oil
  • 3 cloves or two roots of garlic
  • 1½ tsp minced ginger
  • ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
  • juice of a lime (or more if you desire)
  • a pinch of ground cardamon
  • 1 medium onion finely chopped
  • pepper & salt
  • 900ml vegetable stock or water


Sauté the onion and minced ginger for a minute or so, and then add the garlic, and fry for a further minute.  Then add in the chopped spinach, and fry until the spinach has wilted, or, if using the thawed (from frozen) spinach, just mix it through for a minute or so.

Add water or stock, and simmer for about 20-30 minutes.

Allow to cool slightly, and then transfer to food processor and blend, or use an electric hand blender.  Add pepper, a good grating of nutmeg, the lime juice (to your taste), and blend for a few seconds.  Re-heat and serve hot.

Enjoy !

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  1. I had been feeling rundown in the runup to Xmas and needed something easy to pick me up – thanks for leading me back to tongue-tingling health!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Good to hear from you again and sorry you have been feeling run down – I think many of us feel it at this time of year. This soup is certainly a good tonic when you’re system is under the weather. Glad it was of benefit to you. Will be posting up another therapeutic soup in the next day. Happy New Year !

  3. This is a winner for people living in Scandinavia! I really look forward to the publication of your book!

  4. Let me know what your friends in Scandinavia think of this soup when you serve it. It is such a ‘pick me up fast’ treat. Thanks for your encouragement regarding my book.

  5. Even my two men liked this one! I renamed it Popeye soup for my 8 year old! Must make more next time though – always forget how spinach wilts down, and sadly I had the baby bear bowl this time round!

  6. It’s surprising how for some reason unbeknown to me men love this – I had some guests last week, one of which was a conventional 70 something year old omnivore – to his wife’s dismay he had 3 servings – one after the other. After we had main course, his wife asked me how I made this soup I mentioned Ginger, and at once she exclaimed “but Juzi hates ginger “- “oh dear”, I thought to myself, and changed the subject – “em, anyone for dessert?”

  7. I am a soup lover..but this spinach soup beats the lot…with the tangyness of the lime and the warmth of the ginger it had me eating 3 big portions…. A must try for soup lovers…well done Miriam!!

  8. So very pleased that you loved this soup so much – it’s a favourite in our family, and friends that have tried it are delighted with the result. It’s healthy, tasty and warming, and one to repeat, especially when fresh spinach is in season – a winter treat ! Thanks.

  9. I sneak spinach into everything I can at home, my family have no idea how much of it they eat, but I would like to try it just for itself. Thanks for this receipe

  10. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment – I like your idea of spinach in your many served family dishes – it’s a healthy ingredient and so versatile too. This soup is delicious and if nothing else, you will have enough for a few days if the family decide to decline ! Most people like this soup though and it’s a great way to get a good spinach/iron boost ! Cheers to you !

  11. This soup is lovely and very nourishing. Definitely going to become a staple in our household. Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Hi there Becks, you are welcome, – thanks for your wonderful comment, glad you all enjoyed it. Cheers !

  13. This is an amazingly tasty as well as easy and very healthy recipe! I would encourage everyone to try it! If you don’t have an immersion blender, get one and you can blend the soup up right in the pot!

  14. Hi there Tina, thanks so much for your wonderful comment – it indeed enjoys both wonderful flavours as well as being nutritious at the same time. I look forward to your future comments. Cheers !

  15. I made this soup awhile ago, it was amazing! all of the flavors blended so well together, tangy and smooth, its a great pick me up soup if you need a boost 🙂

  16. Absolutely delicious and easy to make! Thank you!

  17. Many thanks there Heidi and you are welcome ! Cheers !.

  18. Very well put Colette dear, I appreciate your comment as it best describes the texture and taste so well. I look forward to your future comments – hope you manage to try my broccoli and coconut soup too at some point !. Cheers to you !.

  19. Hello Miriam, I have made your broccoli and coconut soup several times (so delicious!) and couldn’t wait to try the Easy Spinach, Lime & Ginger soup. Easy it was and so very good! The lime and ginger compliment the spinach perfectly. We had the soup this afternoon with a fresh organic salad. This soup will definitely be a staple for us during the winter months. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Hi there Audrey, am delighted to hear from you – so glad you loved both soups and I love the way you describe this Spinach Lime and Ginger Soup – it is full of flavour and nutrition and is certainly a staple here with us. Happy Thanksgiving to you too ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers !

  21. Hi Miriam, I love good soups, this looks and sounds right up my street, you know I’m a huge fan of your food and for sure will be making this.

  22. Hi there Phil, thanks for dropping by here with your kind words, and I sure hope you make this soup and enjoy it too ! Best to you as always !

  23. Hi Miriam~I am excited to try your recipes. Will they all be in your new cookbook? When will it be available?

  24. Hi there Mary Pierce and many thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I am delighted that you will be trying out my recipes and regarding my cookbook, yes there will be a selection of my best recipes from my blog as well as many new exciting ones created for the book with wonderful and enticing pictures of the recipes. The book should be available in just over 9 months from now, and I will add you to my list of people who wish to be notified. In the meantime I very much look forward to your comments on my blog, and very best wishes to you !

  25. Hi Miriam…Ohh god what you’ve done to me with these mouthwatering recipes.. Mum impressed herself with such exquisite food and recipes!! Well i’ve tried this soup 2 days ago.. Ohhh it’s so tasty and a very healthy one..This weekend i’m trying a pasta recipe.. Will keep you posted with the outcome..
    A Big Well Done!!!

  26. Gianella Hi there and welcome here dear. How wonderful to have received your comment ! Your mum is a great person ! I am overjoyed that you have made this soup as it’s super healthy really and there are many healthy and delicious recipes here (browse the categories) – there are also some other soups and stews, salads and sauces that may be of interest to you including some of my smoothies etc. Gianella, I have another FB page that I feel may be of interest to you and here is the link, feel free to join the page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vegan-Rejuvenation-Grow-Young/221407704561965?fref=ts I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes your way to you and your loved ones too ! – Let me know in future if you wish to join our new monthly and upcoming newsletter, if so I will be happy to add you.

  27. I had a craving for spinach and ginger soup. Came upon your site…fit the bill and is pleasantly delicious. Thank you!

  28. Maz Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that my soup fit the bill and that you enjoyed it. Is your site a Greek one ? I have some Greek recipes here that are meat free. Best wishes your way and I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  29. This is so perfect for Kapha season not heavy, full of yummy spinach. The ginger heats you up and the lime keeps it clean. I have to share this wonderful recipe, with all the kudos to you. Thanks

  30. Many thanks for your wonderful description of this soup – spot on and thanks for sharing also !

  31. I am loving your recipes, and this one is perfect for an extended winter (like the one we are having now).

  32. Hi Tehmina and welcome here. Am glad you will be making this soup, which is utterly enjoyable. Please note that there are other soups too, so once you make and enjoy this, the repertoire for your cold winter will be nicely enhanced by the choices from this blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime and look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  33. I’ll be trying this, after reading all of the wonderful reviews. I only have about half the spinach noted, so I’m going to sub the rest with kale. Has anyone tried this? I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  34. Hi Jillian and hope you enjoy this. I am making it again today as part of dinner – it’s a very tasty and nutritious soup and hope you enjoy it too ! Cheers. 🙂

  35. This is also terrific if you stir raw grated carrot into the soup just before serving… interesting contrast in textures as well as tasty!

  36. Thanks Pam, and so glad you enjoyed it ! 🙂


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