3 Layered Breakfast Toast Fit for a KING

Inspired by great hunger for an extra delicious Sunday morning breakfast !  This delectable toast/layered panini is filled with one layer of sliced vegan sausage, baked beans and mustard, and as if that was not enough, another layer of toast covered with grated vegan cheese and spooned-on mushroom scrambled tofu delight, and covered with a final piece of toast.  Oh Mmmmmmmm, just go make it and taste for yourself . . . . . don’t delay your pleasure !!!


  • a cup of grated vegan cheese of your choice
  • mustard for spreading
  • toasted bread spread with vegan butter


First make your scrambled tofu, and keep it warm whilst you place one slice of toast on a warm plate. Spread a layer of mustard on the toast, and place the sausage slices on it leaving half-inch gaps for the baked beans, which you then fit in between.  Then get your next slice of toast, add a layer of your grated cheese, spoon on your scrambled tofu and top with your last layer of toast.  Now don’t delay – munch, munch, munch your way to culinary delight !  Serve with my banana, oat and cinnamon vegan smoothie shake ! http://www.mouthwateringvegan.com/2011/06/12/banana-oat-cinnamon-smoothie-–-shake/

Oh, the flavours are a great marriage !

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  1. i don’t know how to describe this, hmmmm delicious!!!!

  2. Thanks there Suwandi – I think that you have done an excellent and simple job at describing this ! Enjoy and cheers to you !.

  3. God Almighty Miriam ( excuse my French )…my mouth is LITERALY watering!!!!

  4. Hi there Jen – thanks for that, it IS I have to say quite delicious, and we have just had it for dinner instead of breakfast – MMmmmm very satisfied now ! Cheers to you !

  5. I so love Your food and all You make in Your kitchen…


  6. Hi Jelena and welcome – thanks very much for your wonderful comment – it is a pleasure to share my recipes with people like yourself who appreciate them. Very best vegan delights to you too !

  7. I know I have said this before but your website has inspired me beyond words! I was in a vegetarian-vegan-wannabe rut for years before I serendipitously stumbled upon your website! Now I tell everyone who will listen, meat-eater or not, about your site, and am always forwarding your address along. I even got motivated to start a vegetarian meetup.com group featuring your recipes. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you…and yummmmmmy!! 😀

  8. Hi there Sara, thanks for your wonderful complimentary comment, please feel free to repeat saying that you enjoy my site as many times as your dear heart desires. It’s my pleasure to create dishes that are not only mouthwatering, but where one can feast one’s eyes, share with one’s friends and or family, find healthy recipes in the main and have fun eating and sharing them. Thanks for sending people to my site, that is kind of you and I hope that your friends and others also enjoy them !!! Welcome, enjoy and welcome again. Cheers & Best to you !

  9. Yum must try this!
    Anyone got a gorgeous vegan muffin recipe that includes the yummy icing on top? 🙂

  10. Hope you like it when you do Trina and welcome to my site. Here is a recipe of mine for blackberry muffins dusted with icing sugar (you can add a little water to the icing sugar and put that on top if you wish) – if you’d rather another berry, go for it, it’s the same method if so – if you fancy without the berries that should also work. Best to you ! http://www.mouthwateringvegan.com/2011/01/24/blackberry-bosom-buddy-blackberry-egg-free-vegan-muffins/

  11. thanks for the great recipes… I fancy to try them …

  12. Thanks Pelangi and look forward to your future comments.

  13. This looks absolutely incredible!!

  14. Hi Heidi, hope you make it and enjoy it too ! Cheers !

  15. WOW this looks so decadent and scrumptious I cannot wait to cook for Sunday brunch ! Your recipes and photographs are simply to die for “DROOL”

  16. Enisa Hi again, this is indeed scrumptious and I am sure you will enjoy it ! Thanks for all your kind words – cheers to you !!!

  17. Another wonderful creation! Thank you Miriam, your recipes are absolutely my favourites. Everything I have tried has been, as your blog is so aptly named, mouthwatering!

  18. I made this for brunch this morning. My family loved it. It didn’t look as nice as yours since I don’t have a panini press; I toasted the sandwiches in a cast-iron skillet. They were divine. Thanks!

  19. Love love loooove it! have done it many times now… You are so inspiring! You are the reason why being vegan is fun!

  20. Hi Maria, welcome here and thanks for dropping by with your lovely comment which I embrace. Happy New Year to you 2012 and drop by again any time.

  21. MMM sunday morning breakfast!♥ Thanks for sharing!

  22. This looks incredible, cannot wait to try it.

  23. Lauren Hi there and welcome here – many thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I look forward to your feedback on this breakfast once you have tried it – bon appetite in advance of this and best to you.

  24. Hi Alma, thanks for dropping by and hope that you make and enjoy this breakfast very soon. Let me know how it goes if you have a moment and it is my pleasure to share these recipes here. Best to you always.

  25. Miriam, this looks like a wonderful site, thank-you so very much!! Blessings and gratitude!! Leslie

  26. Hi Leslie and thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment. I shall look forward to your feedback and comments here on my blog – Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  27. OMG – I have never seen a collection of delicious looking vegan food like this. I’m going to learn to cook because of you! Thank you!

  28. Steve Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for your very kind and complimentary words. I hope that you make and enjoy my recipes. I shall look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  29. Hangover survived, many thanks yet again. ps i’ve never taken the time to say cheers for creating such a good site, it’s packed full of awesome recipes which my girlfriend and I are working our way through, easy to navigate, well presented and has a well deserved spot on our Bookmark bar 🙂 you’re a star!

  30. Lucas Hi there and welcome here. What a wonderful comment, thanks ! I am delighted that you and your girlfriend are working through the recipes ! It is easy to navigate I agree. I will very much look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime, and Bon Appetite in advance !

  31. Tried this. It turned out really good. We are not big bread eaters, so had it with tortilla wraps instead. Turned out great. Another awesome recipe.

  32. Sherrie Hi there and welcome here. Tortilla wraps I am sure would have worked well with this – glad you enjoyed it and look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime !


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