My State of the Art Lasagne

I love nuts and incorporate them in many of my recipes, be they raw smoothies, salads, curries, burgers, pasta dishes, cakes and slices – you name it, and you’ll find them somewhere there.  Few people don’t like lasagne – everybody makes it differently, and that’s what makes it such an interesting and versatile dish.  Here I have pushed the boundaries to create a lasagne you will probably want to eat for the rest of your life.  All I can say is it’s centre is moist, it’s topping is crunchy, it’s flavour is too tasty for words, and the texture is just delectable.  Your taste buds will be filled with joyous gratitude as you tuck into this enormous feast of a dish – oh, and the aroma, the aroma will talk to you when you bring it out of the oven.  State of the art Lasagne is in itself a work of art.

Serves 6 portions.


  • 1 large eggplant, cut thinly lengthways and fried till golden brown on both sides, and set aside
  • 2 medium zucchini, cut into slices lengthways, fried till golden and set aside
  • 2 green or red peppers, cut lengthways and gently fried (for about 2 minutes – ensuring they remain al dente), and set aside
  • 3 cups of the best mushrooms you can get hold of (I used lovely porcini frozen ones), fried and set aside (include the juices here)
  • Around 6 sheets of dried lasagne (egg-free)


  • olive oil for frying
  • 2 400g tins of chopped tomatoes
  • 2 tbsps tomato puree
  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon (optional)
  • 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  • ½ tsp dried oregano
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tsp agave nectar


  • 2 cups soya cream (or other dairy-free cream of your choice)
  • ¼ cup of vegan milk of your choice
  • 1 tbsp Parmazano grated vegan cheese or other vegan equivalent (optional) – or 1 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes.


Place all the ingredients together and mix well in readiness for placing on top of lasagne later on.


  • 3-4 cups of vegan cheese of your choice – one that melts well – roughly grated or chopped into slices
  • a handful of fresh basil leaves chopped
  • ¾ – 1 cup raw almonds, roughly chopped

Find an ovenproof dish that serves 6 portions – it must be fairly deep (the one I used was 2½ inches deep, 11 inches long & 7 inches wide).


Having set aside your cooked veggies, heat the oil in a saucepan, and fry your garlic for less than half a minute. Then add the tomato puree, mix well for around 20 seconds, and pour in your first tin of tomatoes.  Lower the heat, cover, and allow to cook for 10 minutes or so.

Add the remaining ingredients, and allow to cook uncovered for around 20-30 minutes, until the sauce evaporates a little, and you are left with a nice thick aromatic pulp.  Then leave to cool for a few minutes.


First grease your oven dish, then place your first layer of lasagne in the dish, making sure you cover all the base, even if it means breaking lasagne pieces to accommodate the shape of the base.  Now layer the zucchini on top of the pasta.  Sprinkle on 1 cup of the vegan cheese, and then add a layer of the eggplant, followed by a few spoonfuls of the tomato sauce.  Place in a further layer of lasagne, add in all the mushrooms including their juices, layer the green peppers on top of them, and sprinkle on the next cup of vegan cheese.

Place in another layer of lasagne, add your final cup of vegan cheese, and spread on the remainder of your tomato sauce, with the fresh basil leaves on top of the sauce.

Finally spread the white sauce width-ways, making sure that, whilst you pour it, you leave a few half-inch gaps, so that the tomatoes are left peeping out.

Last but not least, sprinkle on your raw almonds, and place in a very hot oven (around 200c), and allow to cook gently for just under an hour, depending on your oven type.

Bring it out after half an hour, and using a sharp pointed utensil pierce a few holes randomly on the surface, in order to allow the dish to breathe, and distribute its juices.  Place in the oven again, and allow to cook for a further 20-30 minutes.

Whatever you do, do NOT serve immediately, this will need at least 30 minutes to cool down, otherwise it will not cut well or serve well.  So if you want to do something useful in the meantime, cut up a crisp green salad to complement this filling and delicious lasagne.

Bon Appétit !

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  1. Wow! this surely is mouthwatering!

  2. Kathryn Coleman

    Hello ! I discovered you by doing a search on FB. I think this recipe sounds amazing ! I live in th US. Do you think you could provide a temp conversion chart for baking ? Thanks ! 🙂

  3. Thank you for your sharing your fantastic recipes 🙂

    This looks incredibly delicious and is healthy! This is a dish my family will surely enjoy!

    I’ll have to omit the cheese though, as we can’t get decent vegan cheese in Australia. Eagerly waiting for Daiya! I’ll add more Parmazano and nutritional yeast flakes and maybe a little ground cashews for that extra cheezy texture.

  4. Thanks for the great recipe.
    Unfortunately my wife won’t eat eggplant.
    What do you suggest I substitute it with

  5. Hi Ken and welcome to my site. Instead of eggplant you can use more of the other veggies that I suggest in the recipe. Or if you really want something else, use some spinach – if you are using frozen, use 6-8 balls, allow them to thaw and spread those on instead, make sure you open them up with your fingers first. Hope she enjoys it this way. Cheers !

  6. Hi there Veroni, thanks for that. Shame about the vegan cheese. Do they sell Tofutti in Australia, because you could at least mix a tub of their ‘cheese’ with some soya cream and that would do the trick – otherwise what you have suggested will work. We get the Parmazano here, and if you mix that with nutritional yeast and soya cream, you will be left with a nice cheezy (white) sauce. Let me know how it goes. Cheers and enjoy !

  7. Hi Sandra, do hope you enjoy it ! (will await your comment when you have tasted it too) cheers !

  8. Kathryn Hi there and welcome to my site. I do hope you try this lasagne, as it will not disappoint you. Here is the conversion chart for you.
    Best to you !

  9. I couldn’t wait to try it and made it last night, and you are right, it is the best lasagna in the world! So creamy and delicious! Amazing, Miriam, thank you!

  10. Michelle Hi and welcome to my site. Glad you made and enjoyed this – and also pleased that you too think it’s one of the best lasagnes – you are totally welcome and look forward to your future comments on my blog too ! Best to you !

  11. I made this for dinner last night and it is seriously to die for! I used Daiya mozzerella style for the cheese and it was absolutely delicious. I am going to eat leftovers for breakfast 🙂

  12. Kristin Hi there and welcome to my site. Sounds as though you truly enjoyed this lasagna, and am sure that your breakfast will be just as gratifying. Cheers to you !.

  13. I am excited about trying this. I am a relatively new vegetarian and am considering going vegan once I find what I like. I definately will be trying your recipes.

  14. Hi there Jennifer, happy to hear that you are going to try out my recipes – try and find as good a vegan ‘cheese’ as you can find, the rest is very simple, that much is a promise – with the dairy free milks available and dairy free creams, ice-creams etc, you will not miss out on the dairy. Look forward to your future comments and enjoy !

  15. Just spotted this via facebook. Haven’t made lasagne in a while but you have inspired me – have printed off and will include in this week’s menu – will leave post later, too. Love the pics – so mouthwatering!!!

  16. Hi Berit, thanks for your comment and welcome to my site. Lasagna is one of those dishes that many people don’t make for a while, but then the craving kicks-in & making it then follows – this one should be worth your while. Look forward to your comment. Cheers to you and thanks for the compliment too !

  17. Ruth Brunotte-Tsavousis

    Love the recipe for the Lasagna. Served it to family and husband with great response, they could not believe it was ALL Vegan and also tastes that good. I will cook this dish again many times over. Thanks

    P.S. our dog even ate some of it 🙂

  18. Hi there Ruth, thanks for your wonderful comment – glad all your family and husband enjoyed it, and oh and your dog too !!! A true win-win situation. Best to you ! P.S. Look forward to your future comments too !

  19. so amazing I have been looking for a healthy version of one of my fav dishes: lasagna I’m one of those rare ones that LIKE to make this time consuming dish! thank you!

  20. Rebecca Hi there, this dish is worth making as although it takes a little time – the flavours and the fact that there is usually enough for the next couple of days makes it a time saver in the long run if you know what I mean – unless you are making enough for a dinner party or a large family – whatever the case is, I always suggest that with recipes that take a little time, make double to freeze or to not have to cook so much in the week – I find it saves time in the long run always. (Although I would not really consider this dish as a time consuming one, it’s more the frying of the veggies than anything else that takes a little time, the rest once ready on your worktop, together with the tomato sauce (very fast to make) makes it pretty straight forward). Cheers & hope you enjoy it too !

  21. I’m a new vegan and will be cooking this for my non-vegan lasagne loving partner tomorrow – just off out to shop for the ingredients, really looking forward to trying it 🙂

  22. Yvonne Hi there and welcome to my blog – many thanks for your comment, and i have to say I will be very much looking forward to your comment on the recipe, once you have both tried it. Cheers to you !.

  23. I’ve definitely going to try this. I just wanted to make sure that you use the noodles without cooking them first. Put them in raw? I love Daiya cheese. It should do well in this recipe.

  24. Wow! I cannot WAIT to make this! It looks so delish!!! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I will be trying this soon!! The picture that you are using for your profile on facebook. I made that the other day, and it was very good. it is a keeper!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful receipes.

  26. Miriam this recipe looks absolutely phenomenal !♥♥♥♥♥ 5hearts cuz I love it!

  27. I love a good Lasagne and this looks and sounds like it ticks every box and more.
    Can’t wait to try your Lasagne, Thanks Miriam.

  28. Hi there Ginger, the lasagna sheets that I use are ones that you use straight out of the packet – read the directions of the packet you have or are about to purchase – more often than not they are placed un-boiled in the dish, and they cook with the juices/sauce and heat of these ingredients in the oven, check the directions on the packet you purchase first. Otherwise, good luck and look forward to your future comments. BTW, I am sure Daiya cheese will be great in this dish !. Cheers !.

  29. Avonella Hi, thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog. You are welcome & hope you enjoy it. I look forward to your future comments on my site. Best to you !.

  30. Hi Eleanor and thanks for your comment – so glad you enjoyed this Lasagne ! I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say ‘The picture that you are using for your profile on facebook – in relation to what ? Best to you in the meantime, Cheers !.

  31. Alma Hi there – thanks so very much for your very kind comment ! You are truly too kind. I do look forward to your feedback on this and best to you too !!!

  32. Hi there Phil, you are welcome – I have to say that I look forward to your comments on my blog and hope you enjoy this Lasagna !!! Let me know and best to you !

  33. Hotep. The food creations which comes from spirit through you as an expression is extraordinaire. Been looking for one and others to simplify preparing delightful raw vegan dishes and you are truly an inspiration. Posting this and others for certain down the road to share with the social network communities. Thank you for providing some if not all of your recipes for free to the public. Indeed noble of you.

  34. I forgot to buy the mushrooms!!! I improvised with red onion, but I’m guessing the porcini are crucial… My partner thought the sauce was ‘missing something’but, on the plus side, he didn’t notice there was no dairy.

    Miriam, would dried porcini work?


  35. Julius Hi, many thanks indeed for your generous comment. I shall be adding on a few raw dishes to my blog soon. In the meantime note that ALL my recipes are FREE. I look forward to your future comments and feel free to share any of my recipe links. Cheers to you !

  36. Hi there Yvonne, thanks for your comment. Onion in this dish won’t do the trick I am afraid, but on the other hand and to answer your question, dried porcini Yvonne would be wonderful and give this dish the body and richness that it needs. Yes, it’s good he did not notice it was dairy free, now that’s a good starting point – let the dried porcini do the rest. Look forward to your future comments ! Cheers to you !.

  37. The texture was great. I don’t care for green peppers so I left them out and added spinach.
    One thing I didn’t care for was the cinnamon. I think that and the green peppers probably created a flavor that mine was missing. I would make this again for sure, but no cinnamon next time.

  38. Hi Karen thanks for your comment. Like yourself, many people don’t care for green peppers and I think that substituting spinach was a good idea. Cinnamon is not everybody’s cup of tea either – I put it in as optional now. Glad you enjoyed the texture and that you will make it again. A further tip would be to add more ‘cream’ and vegan cheeze to it – if you like zucchini/courgettes, you may use those instead of green peppers next time for a change. Cheers to you Karen !.

  39. I’ve made it for a dinner tonight and even my meat-lover husband absolutely loved it! Thanks for your amazing recipes! ♥

  40. Neva Hi there and thanks for your comment – must have been grafifying for everybody then – a win-win situation, awesome !. Look forward to your future comments on my blog too. Cheers to you !.

  41. This receipe looks completely awesome, thanks a lot for posting it! I’ll try it on Xmass, although I’ll have to do it cheeseless, as there is no vegan cheese in my town. I hope it’ll taste equally well! Best wishes!

  42. Oh this looks marvelous! My daughter has been craving lasagna. Thanks for the spinach suggestion–we adore spinach and I’m not a fan of eggplant. I’ll make this often, I’m sure!

  43. Mary Hi there and welcome to my blog, thanks for your comment and hope you enjoy this recipe. Let me know how it goes & Cheers to you !

  44. Monika Hi there and welcome here. Do you have access to nutritional yeast where you come from ? If so, I can tell you how to help ‘cheese’ it up. Cheers to you and enjoy ! Will look forward to your feedback after Xmas then.

  45. I am thinking of substituting the zukini and eggplant with spinach and asparagus because of my husbands allergy to the whole goard family. How do you think asparagus would taste in the lasagna?

  46. I’ve made this recipe and its awesome! This is actually the dish I am taking to Christmas Dinner with the family!

  47. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment – I think it’s going to work with the asparagus and spinach (will you add the mushrooms too ? it would be great with them too, but it’s up to you either way will be fine). Let me know how it goes and Happy Holidays to you !

  48. Hi Laurie welcome to my site and thanks for dropping by with your comment – glad you already made and enjoyed this recipe enough to take with you for your family’s Xmas Dinner. Cheers to you and enjoy once again.

  49. I have made vegan lasagne for my family n they loved it! The eggplant in this dish surprises u wit every bite! It really absorbs the flavoring combos frm the other ingredients! “Mouthwatering” indeed! Thank U n Thanks for sharing!

  50. Hi there Debra and welcome here – thanks for dropping by with your wonderful comment – you have given an extra dimension to this dish by mentioning the eggplant here. Thanks, and drop by again when you have tried out more recipes (see categories on my home page) – meantime Happy Holidays to you !

  51. Hi, Miriam,
    Thanks for sharing all these recipes. With just a quick look, I’ll definitely be trying the lasagna and I believe the chocolate cheesecake will be my offering at our family Christmas. Again, thank you.

  52. Julie Hi there and welcome to my site. Thanks for your comment and I very much look forward to receiving your comments on my recipes soon. Cheers and Happy Holidays to you !

  53. Hi Miriam,
    This looks so amazing, I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks so much for posting 🙂

  54. Chris Hi there and thanks for popping by with your comment – I very much look forward to your comments and feedback on my blog and hope you will enjoy this Lasagne. Cheers to you !

  55. Hi Miriam,
    Made and ate this tonight, it was soooo good! It had a real baked cheese flavour and texture and all of the ingredients complemented each other very well. Definitely fulfilled my lasagne longing! Thanks again for the great recipes, x

  56. Hi there Lucy and great to hear back from you with feedback on my Lasagna – am delighted that you enjoyed it so much – no doubt you will repeat it again in the future. I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers and best to you in the meantime.

  57. I made this lasagna last week and it was a huge success. The best parts were the mushroom (I used shitake) and the nuts on the top. I didn’t even use any melted cheese at all and it was tasty without so I’m sure it will be devine with the cheese! Next recipe to try will be the Curry with vego-mince. Thanks Miriam. You’re the best!

  58. Jennifer welcome and thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment and feedback. I am delighted with your success and shitake work very well with this – the nuts just give it that lovely crunch and texture that make it all the more delightful. Kudos to you for making it without the Vegan Cheese and that says a lot truly – if it worked that well without it, then I am even more delighted – it’s people like you that make it all worth it !

  59. Delicioso!! I am glad I had four people to prepare it for. All carnivores, they enjoyed this dish as much as I did. Bravo!

  60. Miguel Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by with your wonderful and useful comment – sounds like a win-win result. I do look forward to your future comments on my blog. Very Best to you & Cheers.

  61. Delicious!!!!!

  62. So glad you enjoyed this Alyssa, thanks for dropping by to say so.

  63. made it tonight, and it was worth the trouble (it’s not complicated, but it takes a while to lightly fry all the veggies)! heavenly; both I and my husband enjoyed it! quite a nice, ‘soft’ taste, actually.

  64. Mirjam Hi there and glad you and your husband enjoyed this. Very best wishes to you !

  65. Delicious recipes. I have tried various vegan cheeses. Three to mention are; Sheesly, No-Mu and Sheeze. I find Cheesly’s Mozzarella taste ideal for good dripping pizzas, toasted cheese and lasagnas. It melts perfectly

  66. Hi Jan and thanks for your comment regarding vegan cheeses – it’s always great to have this type of feedback from people that have tasted a variety of vegan cheeses. I hope you enjoy my lasagna. Best to you.

  67. My dear Miriam,
    This lasagna was Heavenly. I decided to use both eggplant and spinach, as I’d read you suggested spinach as an alternative. My hubby was leary on trying the eggplant and although he’s gone comepletely Vegan, I still have to be creative in getting all his veges. in him. I love your ideas and every one of your recipes I’ve I’ve tried have been “no fail” for me. That makes my husband’s tummy very happy. Much love to you, pretty lady. Thanks for everything<3

  68. Elaine Hi there and many thanks for popping by here with your comment and feedback, I appreciate it. I am delighted to know that both yourself and your dear husband enjoy all the recipes that you have tried from my blog, that’s awesome. Best wishes and Cheers to you Elaine !

  69. Miriam,
    Oh dear, just letting you know that it’s Tuesday, My hubby just ate the remainder of the delicious lasagna for lunch. He put the casserole dish in the sink, rubbed his tummy and wanted me to ask you “What’s next”!!! Thank you so much for making your recipes so easy for even people like me that didn’t know they could cook :))

  70. That’s a funny comment Elaine, I like it – it’s so real and down to earth. You sound like a good cook yourself, or at least you enjoy the experience of cooking. I appreciate your feedback here and would love to have your comments here as and when the next dish is consumed. So glad you all enjoyed the lasagna and although it takes a little while to get all the veggies prepared beforehand, it is very rewarding to find more portions in the fridge the following day – in actual fact it saves time in the long run, and that is why I love bakes so much. Elaine, at some point do try out my Rice & Quinoa Bake, if you loved the lasagna, then you will also love this too ! Best to you & Cheers !

  71. christine roberts

    Hi Miriam
    just made the lasagna having it tonight for dinner looks delicious Im not a vegan but my husband is and its so hard to get good recipes so thank you

  72. Hi there Christine and welcome here. Many thanks to you for dropping by here with your comment. I am delighted that you have made this for your husband and hope that in the event you enjoy it too ! I very much look forward to your feedback on this and look forward to your future comments on my blog. I post up regularly, so there is always something to pick and choose from my category section. Enjoy & very best wishes to you !

  73. christine roberts

    Hi Miriam
    We both enjoyed the lasagna ! will look forward to trying more recipes

  74. Hi there Christine and welcome here. I am delighted that you have enjoyed my lasagna and look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best to you in the meantime.

  75. Thanks for the great idea! This will make a great special and addition to our special vegan menu @ Bongo Cafe in Ocean City, NJ! Happy 4th!

  76. Hi there PattyCakes and many thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I am delighted that you will be adding this to your special vegan menu – I wish you abundant custom and would love for you to comment on it once you and your customers have tried this dish. Meantime Best to you ! By the way, what a pretty looking Cafe you have (seeing from your website).

  77. Oh! My mouth smacking recipes looking really delicious. I am excited to trying this. thanks for sharing this delicious recipe.

  78. Hi there Lily and welcome here. Thanks for your smashing comment, lovely words. I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best to you in the meantime.

  79. I made Lasagne for dinner, it was really awesome. My husband Peter and 7 year old son Kavin liked it so much. Kavin took full adult serving of Lasagne and asked for more. All credits goes to you. Thank You…

  80. Flores Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your comment and I am delighted that both your husband and son also enjoyed the lasagna. How kind of you to give me credit and kudos to you for making it for them – it might be one you will have to repeat. Meantime please try some other recipes and let me know how they go as and when (many of my recipes are child friendly, including many of the sweet ones too). Best wishes your way

  81. Howz you doing Miriam..
    I am a kind of foodie and love to have different type of dishes and you know what, by my fate I stumbled upon here to your blog and found so many of delicious vegan dishes. Now bye its time to make some of the delicious food with help of your recipes. 😉 Will be back soon for more…

  82. Katherine Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by with your comment and compliments too ! I very much look forward to your feedback on my recipes once you try them out. In the meantime best wishes your way !

  83. I have been looking for a good lasagne recipe. I think I have found it. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you very much for all your great ideas.

  84. Hi again Sherri, I am glad you will be making this at some point – I very much look forward to your feedback on it as and when, and thanks for dropping by here. Best wishes go your way !

  85. Hi Miriam,
    I have been a Vegan for 2 moths now. Thank you sharing your recipes. I find them to be very helpful and so delicious. I have a lot to learn and having you as a Vegan friend means a lot


  86. Hi there Denise and welcome here. I am delighted you have dropped by with your comment and glad you find my recipes both helpful and delicious. Feel free to drop by again with your comment and feedback. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  87. Hi Miriam,
    I have tried many of your recipe in my kitchen and all of them were superb. And this Lasagna is just more than awesome. I request you please keep sharing these mouth watering recipes. 😉

  88. Hi there Stephanie and welcome here. Thanks for your kind words, and I have just posted up a great chocolate recipe a few minutes ago, so I post frequently. My cookery book is due to be out for sale next spring. I mention this because I have the best of my recipes from here in it and many, many new ones, including how to make your own cheese and very easy too !!! Best wishes your way and thanks for dropping by and letting me know your thoughts about my creations ! Cheers.

  89. This is really Mouthwatering. Great recipes.
    I tried your recipe of Lasagna . It was awesome, very delicious & nutritious. But I would say , we want more. Please share more recipes as you can.

  90. Patterson Hi there and welcome here. I am glad that you have tried and enjoyed my lasagna. I do my best in sharing as many recipes as I can. I have just finished my book where close to 150 recipes will be published next spring, many of which are totally new and exciting too, with pictures of the recipes and everything from lasagnas, soups, desserts, cakes, cheese, rice dishes you name it and it’s there. If you are interested in the future let me know so I can put you in my list of people to notify closer to the time. Best wishes your way in the meantime, and keep tuned for more recipes here !

  91. You got me at the “L”…..still waiting for your book….can’t wait…..

  92. Kari Hi there and thanks for your comment. I have taken your name and e-mail address and will contact you closer to the time when my book is due to be out there. Meantime, hope you enjoy my recipes here and best wishes your way !

  93. Thanks for your great recipes. I have tried a few them and they were awesome. Keep updating with new recipes.

  94. I am going to go out to get the items I don’t have so I can make it.

  95. Hi Sherri – let me know how it goes !

  96. Alexa Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment. I regularly post up new recipes, so keep tuned and hope you enjoy many more of my recipes ! Best wishes your way.

  97. Hi Miriam. Do you have a recipe for home-made vegan cream, such as is called for in this recipe? Oddly enough, I have been unable to find anyone who carries vegan cream here in Virginia in the U.S. Soy milk, rice milk, etc., – yes; but cream – no. I saw the brands that are available in Europe, but we apparently cannot get them here. Tonight I tried this recipe, using the only substitute I could find – coconut cream. It was so sweet that we could not eat it. As a new vegan, I have a lot to learn – and apparently one of the first lessons is that coconut cream does not count as vegan cream when cooking a savory dish! 🙂 All of the many other recipes I have tried from your site have been fabulous, so I am sure this would be, too, if I had the correct ingredients! Thank you for any suggestions you might have – I would really love to make this dish – the right way!

  98. Tricia Hi there and welcome here. The only savoury dishes that coconut milk/cream can handle are the Thai curries, my broccoli and coconut soup, other Thai style soups and as you so rightly said sweets. Coconut cream/milk is totally NOT suitable for lasagna or any other mediterranean dish for that matter. So, here is how we are going to resolve this since you are unable to find vegan cream where you are. Here is what I advise you to make up:-

    2 and a half of cups soya milk (or other dairy-free milk of your choice the creamier the better, so don’t buy a low fat one please, especially since we are trying to capture a creamy texture)
    2 tablespoons of plain flour or cornstarch
    1 teaspoon of salt
    1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast
    1 cup of Daiya grated cheese
    A quarter teaspoon of ground turmeric (optional)

    Method :-

    Blend the above ingredients (except for the cheese) in a food processor, then pour into a saucepan and bring to a gentle simmer (keep heat low and be patient), it will begin to thicken, when it is semi thick it it’s ready, at this point stir in the grated cheese. Allow to sit for 5 minutes (so that it is not scalding) and then use as creamy bechamel, which will be wonderful – be sure it has enough salt and cheese, modify to meet your taste buds preference (I like to add more of my cheese).

    Hope this sorts it all out and I look forward to your feedback as and when. Tricia, if you haven’t already let me know if you wish to be added to my list of people who are subscribing to my new monthly newsletter, due out some weeks from now, it’s ideal for new-ish vegans that wish to learn more, with tips and other goodies. Cheers to you !

  99. Thank you SO much for your speedy response and what looks to be the perfect solution! I will make this in the coming days while my daughters are home from college. Thank you so much for the help! 🙂

  100. Oh – and I should have said I have already subscribed to your newsletter and cannot wait to begin receiving it! 🙂

  101. I’m very excited to try this recipe. I want to make something for my friend who is newly vegan after an intense health incident. I’ve been on the lookout for something that her whole family (including non vegan husband and two little girls) will like. I think this is the recipe! Thank you.

  102. Hi there Caryn and welcome here. What a wonderful gesture for your friends. I think they will enjoy this lasagna. It may pay to find out if the kids love the veggies that you are going to be using in case you may need to make a minor adjustment to the recipe (add or take something out) in advance. Otherwise many kids have had and enjoyed this and do come back with your feedback as and when. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  103. Delicious recipe,

  104. Why thanks there Layla ! 🙂

  105. Hi! All of your recipes look amazing. I am trying to make the move from veg to vegan(after watching Gary’s speech in Atlanta I knew I had to) Unfortunately we don’t eat mushrooms, what would you recommend as a substitute in this one? P.S. I might be asking you this alot now 🙂

  106. Hi there Amanda and welcome here. Kudos to your for your step towards veganism. In answer to your question re mushrooms, I suggest that you use more eggplant. Otherwise please make my delicious sweet potato lasagna which has no mushrooms. Let me know the outcome as and when. Enjoy ! 🙂

  107. Great recipe. I have taken a week off work and Am planning to try out many new recipes. Glad I found your recipe. I will surely try this out. Thanks.

  108. Gonzales Hi there and welcome here. So glad you found my site too ! I hope you make and enjoy my recipes, but do come back with your feedback ! Best your way in the meantime.

  109. The pictures look delicious:) One quick question though. Can we use more vegetables here? Looking forward to your reply so that I can try this recipe.

  110. Natalia Hi there – you may use more veggies if you wish, although it’s pretty loaded as it is, but if you want to add more by all means do. Enjoy !

  111. Miriam’s recipes have got to be the best that I have ever tasted! I absolutely love her lasagna’s! Every time I see another recipe, my mouth just waters, and I have to keep from drooling all over my computer! LOL! Thanks for the great recipes, Miriam!

  112. How very, very kind of you dear Brenda to say this, I am really grateful for your compliment, truly ! 🙂

  113. This recipe looks delish! Does the white sauce taste as good when using yeast flakes instead of cheese.
    p.s. Thank you Miriam for your wonderful recipes 🙂

  114. Silver Hi there and welcome here. It depends how ‘cheeselike’ you want it to taste – I often find that I like to mix the two. I make my own mozzarella and cheddar, both melt (recipes found in my book ‘Mouthwatering Vegan’), but any vegan cheese of your choice will do. Let me know how it goes and enjoy ! 🙂

  115. Thanks Miriam. I’m not a fan of the vegan cheeses that are available locally so I may try it with just the yeast flakes. I’ve got used to not having cheese on my food, although do get the occasional craving for it! 😉 Does your recipe book include all the recipes on this website? It would be great to have a paper version of it.

  116. Siver Hi there. I think that a lasagna without cheese does not quite come up to scratch myself, but that’s my personal choice and preference. My book has the best of the recipes on my blog and around 40% + New recipes which where created exclusively for the book and which people love (see the reviews on amazon 90+ 5 stars on amazon USA and over 70 5 stars in the UK), that said it is out of stock on amazon UK, so you could always order it from the book depository UK, here is the link for you :- Meantime, here is a list of the recipe for the cheeses I have in my book :- a slicing cheddar, a mature cheddar, a mozzarella, a fondue and a feta cheese – all work very well, and I have had great reviews on the cheese – all you will have to do is double the agar powder for the cheddars and mozzarella if you want a denser cheese. The taste of the cheeses been rated high, the reason for this is that I missed my cheese very much and set out to create some really tasty vegan equivalent, and they’re all very easy and reasonably quick to make :- 🙂

  117. Thank you. I have been searching for a non noodle lasagna forever! 🙂

  118. Hope you enjoy it Natalie. 🙂

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