Peanut Butter & Date ‘Cappuccino’

I called this recipe a Cappuccino for no reason other than the fact that it resembles one and because like a good cappuccino it’s rich and creamy.  A Yummy, Yum Yum drink literally packed and bursting with full-on flavour.  Full of nutrients too and great as a ‘pick-me-up’ beverage, super ideal for breakfast as it has all the protein you want at that time.  Well, enough said – you have to taste the goodness to believe it !!!

Makes 2 Cappuccinos


2 cups of cold nut milk (I used my cashew milk)

1 frozen banana (it has to be frozen, so don’t compromise)

2 to 3 ice cubes

4 pitted dates

a small dash of date syrup (optional)

2 tsp crunchy peanut butter (I use non-palm oil Meridian, or you could try this one in the US)

crushed salted roasted peanuts for garnishing !!!


Place all the ingredients in a blender/liquidizer and process until totally smooth (taste for sweetness), then pour into glasses, top up in circles with a little nut milk on the froth and then garnish with peanuts.  Now go and drink your heavenly joy !

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  1. Dear Miriam – you have the most wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, good start of the day or to enjoy in the sun!

  3. Hi there Winny and welcome here. Yes, it is indeed an ideal beverage to start the day with (in the sun is always a bonus too !) Cheers to you !

  4. Mirian Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful words ! It’s my pleasure to share my recipes. I do hope you make and enjoy this drink, it truly is superb and also great to have for breakfast, as it’s rather filling too ! Best to you !

  5. Indeed another inspiring addition to this wonderful site Miriam and like many of your amazing foods I will be trying this too. Thanks <3

  6. Hi there Phil, thanks so much for dropping by here with your ever-so-wonderful comment. I very much look forward to your future comments here. Abundant Best Wishes to You !

  7. Ruth Brunotte-Tsavousis

    Delicious, hit the spot, very satisfying! Will make again and share

  8. Hi there Ruth, thanks for popping by with your feedback, am glad that this hit the mark and was satisfying – very apt way of putting it as I feel the same way when I have had it too ! Many thanks & Very Best Wishes to You and Yours !

  9. Hi Miriam I would love to try this recipe ( peanut butter and date) Cuppucino, but I live in Spain and am not sure if I CAN GET THE NUT MILK could I make it up myself, and what is PITTED DATES and DATE SYRUP.could I use subtatutes, and what would you suggest please ?

  10. Kathleen Hi there and welcome here. Google nut milk recipes and you will find a host of them, also on you tube. Dates, are dates, buy the ones without the stone in them, we call those pitted (without the stone, stone was removed), don’t worry about the date syrup, you can use anything you wish to sweeten this more, agave, maple syrup or brown sugar – taste it first to see if it needs it. If you are not using date syrup, you can just add more dates. Now I hope you find peanut butter there as that is important. Hope this helps, and if you manage this let me know how it goes. Best to you in the meantime.

  11. Yum! Where do you buy your date syrup?

  12. Hi there CA, thanks for dropping by here. I purchase my date syrup from our local health-food store – I am in Europe so I don’t know where you can find yours. You might have to google and see what is sold where you live. Sorry I can’t help any further – if you don’t find it use the pitted dates (add a couple extra) and sweeten further with agave nectar or maple syrup. Hope this helps. Cheers to you !

  13. This one looks so simple that even an uninitiated like me would be tempted to try…:)

  14. Hi Veer, as it is so simple, then try it and enjoy ! Best to you.

  15. WOW … this looks so good I’m afraid to try it for fear of getting hooked!! I’m a smoothie junkie. This one could be wonderfully dangerous!

  16. Hi there Carolyn – You know What ??? You are right, this smoothie is indeed ‘wonderfully delicious’ I think you can virtually taste it with your experience, just by looking at the ingredients. That said, I would love your feedback on it – I have created many a smoothie, this one is indeed rather moorish. Cheers to you in the meantime !

  17. Michael (from Facebook)

    Hello Miriam! I have tried this and it is such cold, yummy goodness, especially during the hot summer days! Thanks! 🙂

  18. Hi there Michael, how kind of you to drop by with your comment and feedback. I am delighted that you have enjoyed this and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Cheers to you in the meantime.

  19. Miriam, I will try this drink it looks so yummy, I also tried the Spanokopita last night with a Greek salad and not only did I love it but my men who like meat loved it as well will make it often.:)

  20. Joan Hi there and welcome here let me know how this drink goes as and when you have tried it. I am delighted that you have made my Spanakopita and and that it was enjoyed and loved by yourself and your non-vegan guests – also glad to hear that you will be making it often. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  21. This is part of my daily post workout snack! There is nothing like a frozen banana! Please stop over and like my page too. I’m raw vegan and must admit, I have ‘rawed’ up a few of your dishes.


  22. Hi Wajeeha, thanks for your comment and glad you enjoy this drink as part of your post workout snack, what a super idea ! Cheers !

  23. I’m sooo making this tomorrow morning…sounds really yummy

  24. Andree Hi there and welcome here. Let me know how this goes ! Cheers.

  25. I made this, and I added some chia seeds for some extra nutrition and a bit of a thicker consistency. Absolutely delicious!

  26. Andreea Hi there and welcome here. This drink is actually quite thick, but some may like it thicker. I am delighted that you made it and enjoyed it ! Best wishes your way and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  27. I want one of these, and I have all the ingredients too. Sadly, our good blender was broken, and the one we are left with has no power so hubby doesn’t think it would make this very well. Must go buy blender!!

  28. Since writing the above, hubby decided to go ahead and try to make this for me. Since we rarely have ice made here at home…who needs ice when you have ice cold water from the well?….he made it with two frozen bananas instead, which added extra creaminess and sweetness so no date syrup was required. That is good, because we don’t have any! Anyway…despite the lazy blender, and the fact that he had to process it forever, and there were still some chunks of banana left….it was SCRUMPTIOUS! I’m definitely having this again very soon. And i’m still going shopping for a good blender!

  29. Lory Hi there and thanks for your feedback. So glad you enjoyed it with the minor adjustments you had to make, your husband sure was keen to please you there ! Yes, do invest in a blender, you won’t regret it and it’s a great health insurance. Cheers !

  30. So glad to hear you will be purchasing a blender – you hit the last straw, but in return you will make whatever takes your fancy with a brand new blender – that’s a great incentive !

  31. What makes it a cappucino?

  32. I called this recipe a Cappuccino for no reason other than the fact that it resembles one and because like a good cappuccino it’s rich and creamy.

  33. Its morning and I dont got no frozen nana’s so being hungry and intrigued by yet another incredible sounding recipe, I dumped my coffee after putting ice cubes in it, into the vitamix along with the peanut butter and a half banana and a handfull of chopped dates. This is good stuff with all the foam. I cant wait to try it the right way. thanks for the good breakfast. =)

  34. Ha, ha Emma, that sounds great ! Glad you enjoyed it ! There is no right or wrong way ! 🙂

  35. This was absolutely delicious!! I don’t like coffee, but strangely, I do like this. It’s quite surprising how much it tastes like coffee.. In a sweet, rich and creamy way!

  36. Spot on Anna my thoughts exactly ! 🙂

  37. Wow! It was just delicious! I would choose this smoothie over any non-vegan smoothie, even though I am not really vegan.
    From now on I will always keep at least 3 bananas in my freezer for “emergencies”.

  38. Hi Denise, sounds perfect – frozen bananas are a must in my home, there are other recipes from here that I incorporate it in ! I hope you try out some other recipes from my blog and I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  39. Ooh, I just tried this and it was scrumptious! I used rice and chestnut milk as that was all I had cold in my fridge; I didn’t add icecubes (or the syrup as I don’t have any, but the dates and banana make it sweet enough for me). Will definitely make this again and am going to put the 2 bananas left in my fruit bowl into the freezer in anticipation! Cheers!

  40. That’s great Sarah – once you have the recipe ingredients you can try it with that and see if the difference is worth tweaking for your taste buds. It really is a very tasty drink ! 🙂


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