My Vegan Spanish Omelette (also known as Frittata)

This is a variation on my new vegan omelette – the Spanish Omelette is a popular dish, and an ideal way to cook an interesting array of vegetables, although traditionallhy made with potatoes, onions and parssley as the main ingredients with the eggs.  My version is illed with vegan cheese and veggies, this makes a delicious meal in itself.  This one turned out to be sublime – we’ve just had it for the second time, and it disappeared in an instant. Enjoy !

Note :-  Feel free to make this with pre-cooked chopped potatoes !


4 slices of vegan cheese of your choice, cut into 2 inch squares (or around 1½  cups grated mozzarella cheese)

1 small zucchini, diced into small pieces

¼ red pepper, diced into small pieces

1 small red Spanish onion, or other of your choice, finely chopped

6-8 brown mushrooms, finely chopped

1 potato, cooked, and cut into small pieces


200g firm silken tofu

¼ tsp turmeric

¼ tsp ground garlic granules

salt to taste (or else for an “egg-ier” flavor, you could try kala namak (black salt) – available from Indian grocery stores. It adds a sulfuric, eggy taste.

3 Tbsp nutritional yeast

¾ cup (190 mL) soya milk, or any other vegan milk (cashew milk)

1 heaped tsp tahini

2 heaped Tbsp white flour *

*(can be made with gluten free flour – it’s best to buy a ready mixed one – if not I suggest tapioca, rice and corn mixed together to make the suggested amount)

Tip :- Remember that the denser you want the texture to be the more flour you will have to add.


  1. Pre-cook the vegetables by frying them gently, including the potato (boil first, drain, then gently fry). Having set them all aside, have them ready to add onto your omelette.
  2. Combine all the batter ingredients in a plastic or metal bowl. Then simply process with an electric hand whisk or blender until thick and creamy – taste for salt before frying.  (Note : You will be left with a fairy thick batter – this is necessary, and is the binding factor in the omelette. So try not to be tempted to add more liquid – it should part from the ladle when you gently pour it to your hot pan).
  3. Next, heat up a greased non-stick frying pan for a minute or two, and then add a full scoop of the mixture with a soup ladle. After 1 minute add 2 slices of your favourite vegan cheese, and allow to cook for a further 3-4 minutes, making sure that you keep the edges from sticking by using a spatula.
  4. Now spread all the cooked vegetables evenly on top of the cheese in the pan, and allow to cook for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Fold the omelette in half – making sure it is not stuck to the pan, and gently tuck your spatula under the folded omelette at this point, ready to serve it onto a plate.  Do this by using the pan (not the spatula) to drop into the plate – it should slide off fairly easily.
  6. Repeat the above process to make the second omelette.

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  1. What can I say?
    This looks and sounds like another absolute winner, beautiful colours too.
    As soon as I try this I will leave a review, in the meantime, how blessed we are to have such generous free recipes Miriam .

  2. I lIke the fairy acting as a thickener in the “fairy thick batter”!
    This looks like a great recipe, omelettes were always a vegan challenge but I did so great vegan Eggs Benedict!
    I look forward to trying it! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for posting. Looks delish! I’ve recently discovered kala namak salt. Love it!

  4. Leigh Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your comment and hope you enjoy this recipe. Let me know how it goes as and when. Cheers to you !

  5. Eric Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by here with your comment and I do hope you enjoy this omelette and please let me know how it goes. Enjoy and Cheers to you !

  6. Hi there Phil, too kind for words and truly hope that you get to make and enjoy this recipe – sufficing to say that we are hooked on this at home ! Will look forward to your feedback on this one. It’s a pleasure sharing these recipes when the feedback is all-ebracing as is the case here. Best to you & a huge thanks !

  7. Blisterin Barnacles I made this today and it was amazing amazing and thrice amazing!

    Miriam, here is a song for you (not all my words but I took some out and added some) for giving us such a fantastic Omlette recipe.

    “Thank you very much
    thank you very much, that’s the nicest thing that anyone ever done for me,
    I’d simply like to say good omelette comes me way, I feel as if another lifes begun for me,
    And if I had a vegan flag I’d hang me flag out, to add a kind of veganastic touch,
    But seeings as I left me flag at home I’d simply like to say
    Thank you very very very much”

  8. Phil Hi there and many thanks for your wonderful words and song Phil. I am delighted that you have enjoyed this ! Best to you as always !

  9. Van Pittsenbargar

    Another brilliant addition to healthy eating! Thank you so much, Miriam. You have made diet conversion a very easy and delicious process – and although it’s been an entire year for me (and I do still eat texturized vegetable protein bacon), I don’t miss meat one trifle! Cheers your way!

  10. Hi there Van and thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment. I am thrilled to be of any help in the venture to broaden the vegan culinary experience in any way I possibly can – for me the number one priority in the kitchen is taste – it has to taste good, better than good in most cases, it has to be beyond palatable – all this comes for my passion for life and embracing all it’s creatures great and small. Thanks for the Cheers and they are also returned back to you tenfold !

  11. I have been vegan for just over 2 years, and although I have tried tofu scramble I have never tried an omelette. This omelette of yours just looked SO divine I just had to try it. ALthough I filled mine with mushroom and vegan cheese (this time) it was really delicious. Thank you Miriam for the recipe, so glad I found it and can now make omelettes :), xxxx

  12. Dianne Hi ther and welcome to my site and many thanks for dropping by here with your comment. Yes, there seems to be a few scrambled tofu’s around (hope you have made and enjoy mine, it’s fabulous truly). I am so glad you enjoyed this omelette creation of mine and I look forward to your future comments here. Best to you in the meantime.

  13. I am going to make this. I will follow your batter recipe exactly but wonder if you think a higher protein flour like besan or quinoa could be used?

  14. Deb Hi there. Thanks for dropping by here with your comment. Interestingly enough regarding the flour, I went for the gluten choice here because of it’s very binding qualities and it’s neutral taste – the protein is in the tofu. That said, there is no harm in trying other flours, and to be on the safe side mix them with the gluten flour – say 50-50 and see what happens. I did say this could be made as a gluten free recipe for people with allergies, as I wouldn’t want them to miss out on something that they perhaps missed or still are missing. Anyway, good luck with experimenting and let me know how it goes – be sure to dress it all up with your favourite veggies.

  15. I’d been wanting to try this for a while, and when I came to make it – I discovered I had no yeast flakes, and no tahini! Poor planning I know, but I used 1.5 tablespoons of smooth peanut butter instead. It worked fine! I now have flakes and tahini again and will give it another go this weekend. As a child I loved omelettes, they were the first thing I learnt to cook when I was 7 or 8! Being vegan for 24 years now, I really appreciate your recipe, thank you.

  16. Alan Hi there and welcome here. Am delighted you dropped by here with your comment and feedback and glad you now have all the ingredients to hand, as you will find that the vegan omelette will work very well indeed, and the taste will be rich and pleasant – but I will leave you to be the judge of that. I am hoping that you will enjoy it and that your occasional yearning for an omelette can now be fulfilled with this easy to make vegan creation of mine. Great for any time of the day is what I also love about it, as it’s easy to knock up and feel satisfied after. By the way kudos to you for being a vegan for 24 years and still going strong, that’s awesome. Alan, I very much look forward to your future comments/feedback on my blog. In the meantime, very best wishes to you !

  17. My family LOVED these. Thank you so much! Awesome recipe!

  18. So, I have all my grandchildren and their parents here with me today. I decided I would make them your Vegan Omelets this morning. Let me just say, ” O – M – G!!!!!! So absolutely heavenly! I only got one! I made them for everyone else first, and they kept coming back for seconds and thirds. Didn’t think I would even get one. I finally sat down to eat my ONE (made them not quite as big as yours (there were 9 of us). My daughter, who was raised Vegetarian, but now eats meat, said, and I quote, “Oh my goodness, I don’t ever have to eat real omelets again, these are sooooooo delicous!” She came back for 3 and 1/2 of them! LOL. I thought they were exaggerating until I bit into my own, and I just have to tell you these are so absolutely heavenly!!!! I can’t wait to make them again when only my husband and I are here! (Then we can have more for ourselves). LOL Thank you for such a wonderful recipe. I used Daiya cheese – Pepper Jack and Mozzarella, but I can’t wait for you to publish your ebook with your cheese recipe. Sooooo good! Thanks again!

  19. Carole Hi there and welcome here. Well, well, well, what great news this is ! I really appreciate your detailed comment on this recipe in particular, as having to keep 9 people happy with a vegan omelette, speaks volumes – kudos to you for making it. I imagine you were very popular indeed at breakfast Carole ! So happy your daughter enjoyed it too. Do try my scrambled tofu won’t you at some point ? it’s also awesome – may be for you and hubby next time though. Carole thanks so much for your interest in my book (there will be more than one cheese recipe in it and you will be thrilled when you see the recipes and pictures and what you can create at home !) – it will not be an ebook but a published book which is due to be on the shelves in April, it is published by a major publisher in Canada and will be distributed in the States and other English speaking territories. I will take your email address and notify you closer to the time. Best wishes you way in the meantime and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  20. Nina Hi there and thanks for your feedback and glad that your family loved these, that’s great ! (You may wish to try my scrambled tofu in the near future too) – best wishes your way in the meantime and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  21. Great! I collect Vegan cookbooks so I look forward to getting yours also. I have enjoyed several of your wonderful recipes!

  22. That’s super Carole and I have your name down for that. I do hope you continue to enjoy my recipes in the meantime and I look forward to your future comments on my blog as and when – Best Wishes your way !

  23. Miriam, thanks for this great tasting vegan omelette. I had a problem getting it to stay in one piece, it came out more like scrambled eggs!! How do I get the omelette to stay together? What temperature should the heat be on? Thanks again and I will keep trying!

  24. Eileen Hi there and thanks for your comment. The omelette seems to have worked for many people on my blog, but there has been the odd person for whom it has not been solid enough and it’s simple to solve. All you have to do is add more flour. It’s one of those recipes where even a tiny amount of a spoon less heaped than another can result in this. You are correct the taste is great – the texture needs some more flour. I do say to try and fry a small amount first to see the texture, then if it’s solid enough fry the lot, if not add more flour and mix – then fry. It should work next time ! Best wishes your way and let me know how it goes 2nd time round !

  25. Hola Miriam!

    First of all thank you for your recipes, everything looks wonderful! I was super excited when I found you. I tried this Spanish Omelette this morning for me and a friend. My friend really enjoyed how fluffy it was. I liked the flavor and would have liked it to be a little firmer. I used Nasoya extra firm tofu and patted out the water. I wonder if I used a little more flour or perhaps freeze the tofu prior to use would it create a firmer product? Also, I used fresh garlic since I didn’t have the powdered or flaked version and the flavor was nice. I really enjoyed making the dish, it was super easy and very tasty. I will definitely make it again. I am trying the Mushroom Walnut Quinoa burger for dinner tonight and am pretty anxious to test it out. I look forward to the release of your book in the US, I have a feeling it will be a go to guide! Gracias!

  26. Sinia Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by here with your comment and feedback. I am delighted that you and your friend enjoyed my spanish omelette. All I will say is that for a firmer result add more flour. Always experiment with the texture by frying a small amount first, so that if you want it firmer, all you do is add more flour and whisk it again so that it mixes well. Meantime no worries about the tofu, it sounds fine. I hope you enjoy the burger and let me know how it goes. Yes, I too look forward for the release of my book and will be notifying people here closer to the time through an email as and when – the book will consist of many new and exciting recipes (including how to make the best cheeses) that will make a huge mark in the culinary vegan repertoire. Best wishes your way in the meantime and look forward to your future comments on my blog.

  27. hlo dear Miriam………….honestly speaking, according to me this is the another invention of eggs by the great inventor Miriam……………. obviously ………..i really would like to say its awesome babe……keep it up and all the best………………Neha

  28. Hi Neha and hope you make and enjoy this recipe. If you have done since you say awesome then I am glad. Best wishes to you !

  29. Looks incredibly delicious!

  30. Linda Hi there and welcome here. Linda this is not only delicious but super easy to make too. Let me know how it goes as and when. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  31. Mirian de Meneses Costa

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful and delicious and beautiful recipe!

  32. Mirian Hi there again and thanks for your feedback – I am glad you enjoyed my omelette and send best wishes your way !

  33. Your dishes and photos are amazing! I can’t wait to start cooking some of these gorgeous VEGAN dishes! Thank you so much for sharing…I think I can convert some meat eaters posting these recipes on FB! The animals say, “Thank You”!! : )

  34. Hi Mary and many thanks for your comment and dropping by here. I am delighted that you like my recipes and very much look forward to your feedback as and when you try them out. Would be good to convert a few people along the way, so feel free to share on FB. Meantime, best wishes your way !

  35. Looks like this is what’s for brunch tomorrow!! Looks so good!

  36. Hi there Brandie and welcome here. Let me know how it goes and remember to try and fry a small spoon first to check for your preferred consistency – some people prefer it looser than others – if you prefer it more solid, add more flour and test – this only takes an extra minute, but it’s worth while. Enjoy it ! Cheers.

  37. I loved the easy way of explaining everything. I love cooking.and learn something new every time, as our type of cooking is so very different and spicy.Thanks .I’ll be peeping in often.

  38. you make the most mouth watering foods

  39. Eileen Hi there and I thank you greatly for your short but sweet comment ! I appreciate it. Best to you !

  40. Meean Hi there and thanks for dropping by here. It’s great that you love cooking – I love spicy food in particular Indian style food – that is why I create curries – it’s been the rich influence of wonderful Indian cuisine that I have come across over the years through Indian friends mum’s cooking and great Indian Restaurants that has inspired me to do so (see my category section on my home page for the curry section on this blog). I am glad that you will visit again. Best wishes your way in the meantime. Cheers !

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  42. Thanks for the pingback.

  43. OMGoodness … this looks fabulous!! I’ve tried vegan omelets and quiches and frankly, they haven’t appealed much. But this recipe with the great flavors looks just delicious. Thanks for sharing. I’m thrilled to have found your site (which I found from Life in the Lost World @ and have added you to my blog roll.

  44. Many thanks there S/Footprints. I hope you make and enjoy my recipes and I very much look forward to your future comments and feedback here. Best wishes your way in the meantime.

  45. I’m following you on fb since I’m trying to become vegan. I’ve found this recipe and it definitely has to be as tasteful as the non-vegan version. But I must say that it is really difficult to find vegan cheese in Spain. Any suggestion (I need to stay on my budget)? Btw, I don’t want to sound controversial, but this recipe, as well as the “frittata” designation, is typical from Italy, not from Spain. In Spain we call omelette “tortilla” and the the most famous one is the one made of potatoes and onion.

  46. Arantxa Hi there and thanks for your comment. Let’s start off by saying that I make no claims that this recipe originates in Italy – it is merely known as a “Spanish Omelette” – and there are also many versions of what people do with it. Potatoes taste wonderful with this, as do onions and ketchup or other sauces of one’s choice. Now, back to the next point :- CHEESE, well, nutritional yeast is a must in a vegan pantry so if you cannot get it in Spain order it online from somewhere – google you will find it, also possibly on ebay too. This is an integral ingredient for making vegan cheese sauce or cheese itself. How ? You make a white sauce, ie a bechamel and add 4 tablespoons of it to the sauce. Regarding cheese I have created wonderful vegan cheeses that you can make at home, probably the easiest I have ever seen around – they will be published in my upcoming book Mouthwatering Vegan next spring. In the meantime, you can make this with Parmazano grated cheese that you can order online, it’s like grated parmesan cheese for the flavour and then add whatever veggies take your fancy. Let me know how it goes and best wishes your way in the meantime.

  47. This didn’t work for me unfortunately, but I have yet to get a vegan omelet to work for me. It always sticks to the pan.

  48. Jen Hi there – it’s quite possible that you might need a good non-stick pan for this – if all the ones you try stick to the pan (as you said in your comment), also you may need a little more tofu and flour to help it better coagulate. Best wishes to you !

  49. Looks absolutely DELICIOUS!! I will be trying it tomorrow for dinner- thank you !

  50. Jude Hi there and welcome here. I will await your feedback. A small tip, do please pour a small amount with a spoon and try cooking that first as a sample – I say this because people sometimes prefer either a softer or denser ‘omelette’ when it comes to it – so check it out first and if you want a denser consistency then add more flour ! Enjoy it !

  51. oh my gosh….you are amazing. this looks amazing!! the food you post is beautiful and looks, oh so very good. thank you!!

  52. Hi there Rhonda, and what wonderful words ! Many thanks for dropping by with them and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  53. Merry Christmas Miriam and thank you for your many inspiring recipes. Love frittatas. New to this lifestyle, I have not been able to figure out how to substitute for silken tofu used as eggs since I cannot tolerate soy . Or gluten for that matter. Any ideas? Or do I have to settle for fried potatoes with veggies – a sort of hash?

  54. Gerry Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. Now, what I wanted to say is if it’s fine by you, I recommend that you join my upcoming new monthly newsletter (will add you now) – are you sure you cannot tolerate it in small amounts ? I am not super made over tofu myself personally but use it infrequently, but it really is a great ingredient that binds and holds together a host of recipes. That said if you are intolerant to it, then that is a different story altogether. It depends what you wish to make, there are substitutes according to the dish/recipe in hand that you can use other ingredients instead. I make cheeses with and without tofu for example, both are awesome ! Gluten, if truth be told is another semi-culprit, I say semi because in the first instance people consume far too much of it and that is another reason why them develop an intolerance to it. Moderation appears to be the key before an allergic reaction occurs. If you have any questions you can write here again, respond to the newsletter etc. I am more than happy to help and am a nutritionist too. Very Best Wishes your end for the Holidays and a huge Kudos goes to you for choosing VEGAN 🙂

  55. Thanks, Miriam, yes my diet must be soy and gluten free. And vegetarian – I do still use some very limited egg and cheese. This year, for my 70th birthday, I decided to tackle my crippling fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms (brain fog anyone?) with an alkalizing fresh-plant-based diet, and I have gone from walking with difficulty with a walker to dancing in ensemble in a stageplay this season,.and I have lost 60 pounds while eating way more food. Thanks for your response and offer. i will search my spam filter for your add. Merry Christmas.

  56. Gerry Hi there – I am very impressed with your story and hope that my recipes continue to add to your culinary pleasure and wellness. Many best wishes your way and I have added you to my new monthly newsletter. Congrats for all your endeavours, they are showing themselves in your daily activities. I have a wonderful ‘youth in a glass’ recipe (very alkalizing) which is super, packed with antioxidants and delicious too into the bargain (if you don’t have a juicer already, do try and purchase one, it’s one of the best health investments you will ever make in your life), and I will also advise extra virgin coconut oil for fogginess. Hope this helps and I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime. 🙂

    P.S. Orgran make an egg replacer, here is the link for you
    Cheese – the culprit to many bodily disorders and mucus forming, acidic etc, I say this because my own homemade cheese\s are easy to make and very tasty. More about those in my forthcoming book and newsletter. 🙂

  57. This looks so good. I am going to have to try this. I have not had much success with any tofu product and getting myself or family to eat it happily.

  58. Kristina Hi there again. Tofu is not a favourite of mine I have to say in terms of eating it almost as is, BUT, that said it is super in dishes when it’s use is converted to a better culinary cause, then it’s magic comes through beautifully – as is the case when using it for quiches, binding and in my Chocoholic’s Cheesecake – here is the magic. I hope you make and enjoy this recipe and come back with your feedback. Best wishes your way in the meantime. 🙂

  59. Well my first attempt at this was a delicious sloppy mess 🙂 which my meat eating boarder also really enjoyed. I made a few adjustments including increasing the flour considerably as per your suggestions and a firmer tofu. This time I got a delicious, caramelized on the outside omelette which looked much nicer!

  60. Thanks for letting me know Rosie and glad you enjoyed the revised version of mine. Once you get the consistency right then you’re there for next time, and the time after. Best wishes your way and do try my scrambled tofu at some point. Best wishes your way !

  61. Thanks for this recipe! Its a nice change from the tofu scramble!!! We had an amazing brunch today thanks to you! I will be posting it on my blog and sharing your website as well!

  62. Hoy Hi there and welcome here. So glad you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy many more from here. Thanks for sharing. Cheers to you !

  63. A vegan novice question…What’s the difference between nutritional yeast & regular bread making yeast? & as I couldn’t find the former, can I use the latter in this recipe? 🙂

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  65. Thanks for Pingback !

  66. Hi there Andrew. The difference between the two is like ‘chalk and cheese’ as the saying goes. The only thing they share in common is the word yeast. Please do not use the latter for this omelette as it will taste terrible. You can order nutritional yeast online, ebay, amazon you name it. Here is a link for you too

    Here is some info for you about Nutritional Yeast :- ABOUT NUTRITIONAL YEAST
    – Vegans and vegetarians have used Nutritional Yeast for years as a source of vitamin B-12. Health seekers who strive to eat primarily a whole foods diet use nutritional yeast because it
    tastes good with certain foods and adds extra nutrients to their diet.  Nutritional yeast contains 18 amino acids (forming the complete protein) and 15 minerals.

    – Nutritional Yeast is grown on a mixture of cane and beet molasses. B-vitamins are added during the process to provide the yeast with the nutrients it needs to grow. When harvested, the yeast is washed, pasteurized, and dried before it is ready for market.
    – Unlike baking yeast, nutritional yeast is grown solely for its nutritional value. It should not be confused with brewer’s yeast, a by-product of breweries and distilleries. Nutritional yeast is a low-fat, low-sodium, kosher, non-GMO food that contains no added sugars or preservatives.
    What Does It Taste Like?
    It’s a cheezy-tasting, slightly salty tasting, similar to the saltiness level in cheese. There’s a little “grit” or texture to it, but when blended with liquids (oils, water, agave, or food processed with vegetables), or whisked, it “smooths” out the texture.

    Cheers to you !

  67. Thanks Miriam! Have ordered the yeast from your link & also some kala namak off ebay…Can’t wait to try this recipe, am salivating already at the thought, will let you know how it goes!! xxx

  68. Hi there Andrew. You must call it Nutritional yeast though 🙂 otherwise people will think you are baking an omelette ! Yes, I await your feedback on this and you will find that you will use the nutritonal yeast for a host of other recipes from here, especially cheesy ones, so you’ll not regret your order of it. Best to you !

  69. Just tried out the scrambled tofu recipe(without the yeast,soya sauce or ginger) & it was still delicious! Just one more thing tho, can you explain the difference between firm & silken tofu? (was confused when about to order some tofu described as both firm & silken) 🙂

  70. Hi Andrew, here is a link that will explain. Glad you like this though ! 🙂

  71. Is this recipe called your version of Spanish omelet, did you mean to say Spanish Tortilla de Patata? Be cause the Spanish tortilla is not an omelet. Is a tortilla de Patata (potatoes in English)! Some time time things get lost in translation. So I jus wanted to clarify! Thanks!

  72. Alex Hi. A traditional Spanish omelette is usually made with pre-cooked chopped potatoes, onion and parsley (besides the eggs). This is not a tratitional one, so much so that I call it ‘My Vegan Spanish Omelette’ as I have swapped the potato idea with other veggies of my choice. There is nothing to get confused by. If you like my ingredients then feel free to make it. If not then you are at liberty to include your own favourites. Best your way !

  73. Dear Miriam, thank you for this stunning recipe, I made it for lunch and it was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten!

  74. That is super news Patrizia, so glad you enjoyed it, and you can make it up again and again, and also add your favourite ingredients/filling ! Cheers your way ! 🙂

  75. My kids love to have eggs n their meal and hence I always look for variety of recipes with eggs.This one particularly has tofu and various vegetables which compelled me to read it and try out.Not only my kids but my husband too appreciated it for its deliciousness and its colourful appearance.This is a perfect combination of a healthy and nutritious cuisine which is attractive in appearance too.

  76. Hi there Olivia, so glad that you found my blog and that you and your family have enjoyed this dish. I look forward to your future comments on my blog – best your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  77. hi miriam! this looked so delicious me and my bf just had to try it out. it was tasty but it was more like a goop. we couldn’t make it get solid texture and with a nice browned bits outside. how do you do it?

  78. Hi there UV, thanks for dropping by, you probably needed more flour is all – also depending on the vegan cheese you have, it will also help it solidify further). Be sure to have a non stick pan, make sure it’s hot, then try a mini omelette with 1 tablespoon of the batter, if it’s the consistency you like go for it, if you prefer a thicker and denser omelette increase the flour – once you get it to the consistency you like, then you can make it that way forever ! 🙂

  79. thanks so much for your reply mariam! we’ll try that next time. looking forward to it!
    your blog is GREAT!

  80. Thanks and you’re welcome UV, and I’m sure it will work better next time ! 🙂

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  82. Miriam, thank you from Austin, Texas, for this delicious omelette recipe! I added some sliced tempeh bacon that I had on hand. We really enjoyed our first vegan omelette!

  83. Thanks for letting me know Karen, thrilled that you enjoyed it – the tempeh bacon would have been a fabulous addition, well done ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

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