Easy East Meets West Curried Rice

I felt like a risotto, but I only had basmati rice in the house, which I love.  This is one of those wonderful fusions that really works – hence its name. A delicious and easy to make recipe – kids will almost certainly love this – if they like mushrooms and sweetcorn that is – even though I have spiced it up nicely.  The flavours and textures really leave ones palette with a very satisfied feeling.  The great thing is it’s not fatty or oily, but rather creamy and moist – a real treat !  An easy to make Indian risotto with Italian undertones – Yeah, it really works !  Enjoy !

Serves 2


1 cup of uncooked basmati rice (boil it, and set aside when ready)

12 dried apricots (place in water, boil until hydrated and full in size, and set aside)

3 Tbsp (45 mL) oil of your choice for frying

1 spring onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

around a dozen mushrooms

1 medium sized zucchini (courgette), roughly chopped

1 cup of sweetcorn

½ tsp cardamom seeds, finely chopped or grounded

1 tsp curry powder (mild for kids, but I used hot)

1½ tsp dried vegetable granules

1½ cups (375 mL) unsweetened dairy-free cream of your own choice (soya, nut, etc)

flat-leaf parsley or coriander/cilantro to garnish


  1. Fry your zucchini in a little oil in a medium saucepan for 5 minutes or so, stirring frequently.
  2. Now add the onion and garlic, and cook for a further 5 minutes or so until they turn a little transparent.
  3. Next, add the mushrooms and stir on and off, until they are cooked.
  4. Now mix in the spices and vegetable granules, stir, and then add the sweetcorn and the rest of the ingredients, including the apricots (but not their residual juices from boiling – maybe a tiny amount if you want a slightly sweeter taste).
  5. Pour in the cream in 2 halves, and then taste it all for salt, etc – add more if it needs it.
  6. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes, then taste to see if you want it to kick more – if so, sprinkle on the curry powder.
  7. Make sure you serve it hot. A salad of your choice would accompany this rather nicely. Bon Appétit !

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  1. OH! this looks just delicious…guess what Im having for tea tonight???

    and THANK YOU! :))

  2. We are going to make this for dinner tonight! It sounds wonderful.

  3. Oh Miriam, this picture has got my tastebuds going. I’m afraid I don’t do mushrooms though…any other vegetable you could recommend in their place? Thanks. Petra xx

  4. Hi Miriam…This looks really good. A question about the vegetable granules. I’m not sure if I can get them. I presume they are not dehydrated vegetables but more like stock powder. Could I use that? Also, how do you think coconut cream would substitute for the dairy-free cream?

  5. Hi there Lesley and welcome here. In answer to your two questions, 1st of all yes the vegetable powder is fine. 2nd of all coconut cream may well do the job, but then it will loose it’s ‘West Wing’ if you get my drift – If I were to use coconut cream, I would use half the quantity of coconut cream and half vegan cream of your choice, so that it’s not too coconutty – I love coconut, but since this recipe was not designed to go that route, I cannot say for certain if it will be enjoyable. By all means try it out if you wish. The neutral vegan cream socks up the flavour of the mushrooms which is very pleasant with the contrasting taste of the basmati rice, which is gentle and the mixture together marries well. The coconut cream may or may not cause a divorce – good luck and enjoy !

  6. Jenna Hi there and welcome here. I do hope you enjoy this and come back and let me know. Very best wishes your way in the meantime Jenna !

  7. Hi there Harley and welcome here. I hope you enjoy this and get back to me here to let me know. I hope you enjoy it !

  8. Hi there Petra, I am glad this has grabbed your fancy. I think that in the absence of mushrooms, I would use aubergine if you like it, as it needs that edge. Let me know how it goes won’t you. Best of wishes your way in the meantime !

  9. I can’t wait to try this recipe tomorrow, it look’s so yummy.

  10. Hi Zandra and welcome here. Let me know how it goes as and when. Best wishes to you !

  11. Miriam, just had this for lunch, expertly prepared by my wife Ruth. Once again, Miriam, you make it very difficult for anyone plying that tired line of “what do you eat” obsolete! 🙂

  12. Dear Theo, thanks for dropping by here and how eloquently put your comment is – I am delighted that Ruth has prepared this recipe and that you both enjoyed it. Very best wishes to you both and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  13. My mum made this for our meat eating family of 7 (except im vegan, and she is veggie) , and it was AMAZING, winner for any vegan trying to win over meat eaters, will definitely be making it again! Mushrooms in this are also amazing 🙂

  14. Molly Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by with your wonderful comment – well, I am delighted that all the non-vegans at dinner in your family enjoyed it, and I agree with you about the mushrooms !!! I look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes your way !

  15. Hi Miriam, I’m so looking forward to trying this. Thank you, once again! I cannot get vegan cream where I live, but I have some soy evaporated milk. I will use this instead. much love to you my friend.

  16. Hi there Jeannine and thanks for your comment. Remember you can make your own fast cream – 1 cup of cashews with 1 cup of water and a teaspoon of sweetner – process until rich and creamy, add more water to thin it. Just a thought for the future. Best wishes your way and hope you enjoy this recipe !

  17. hi Miriam, first time here and I’m book marking it. Its lovely the way you put it and the recipes are great too.

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  19. Nice one Molly – great pics too !! Hope you enjoy other recipes from my blog !

  20. Swati Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you like the way I present my recipes. I sure hope you make and enjoy them – do come back with your comments and feedback. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  21. This looks good, I’m going to leave the oil out and saute in veg stock and give it a try. Yummm!

  22. Kristi Hi there and thanks for your comment. I do hope you enjoy this curry !

  23. Looks fantastic!

  24. Thanks Amyi !

  25. I’m new to eating vegan and I’m still learning what things are. Will you please tell me what dried vegetable granules are? Is it something like Mrs. Dashes seasoning?

  26. Sherri Hi there and welcome here. Vegetable granules are the same as vegetable stock cubes, only in either powder form or granules – if you can’t find them then use half or more of a crushed vegetable cube instead. I am not familiar with Mrs,Dashes seasoning sorry. Hope you find the veg cubes. Best wishes your way and let me know how this recipe goes. Cheers !

  27. OMG! Delicious! I am vegan and finding good recipes is not an easy task, but you have mastered it with your blog and website! I bookmarked this page and I come by daily for all of your awesome tasty recipes! Thanks so much!

  28. Phylis Hi there and welcome here. Thanks so much for dropping by here with your comment. I am glad you have found my blog too and I very much look forward to your future feedback and comments on my blog as and when you try them out. Very best wishes your way and thanks for your kind words too !

  29. Tried this a few weeks ago…it is delicious!!! The aroma’s around the house while i was cooking were devine. Can’t wait to try other recipes now….only problem is which one to try first!!! Thank you for all these yummy recipes x

  30. Zandra Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you have tried out this dish and that you loved it ! Take your time and take your pick and let me have your feedback as and when ! Best wishes your way in the meantime & Enjoy !

  31. Miriam, this recipe is just heavenly!!! My wife wanted oriental-style risotto sooooooo badly for dinner tonight but I was completely stuck on my Italian kitchen… Mr. Google helped me discover your blog and your recipes are fantastic! (P.S. Only that this time I prepared it with carnaroli rice for risotto and it turned out to be delizioso). Thank you so much, Miriam!

  32. Marco Hi there and welcome here. I am totally delighted that you have found my page and even more so that you cooked your wife such a wonderful dish – kudos to you. I am curious to know what you keyed in to find me on google ! Meantime, I hope you browse my other recipes, and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog ! (if you love curries, they needn’t be hot, please try and make the roast vegetable one, I have a feeling that you and your wife will love it) – here is the link for it for you http://www.mouthwateringvegan.com/2011/05/11/roast-vegetable-fruit-coconut-curry/
    Best wishes your way !

  33. Thank you so much for this recipe, it tastes sooo good. I found your website yesterday, and this was my first try at one of your creations. I’ll sure come back.
    Thanks and best wishes from Germany

  34. Hi there Maria, welcome here. I am glad you found me too and that you acted fast and made this recipe which you have enjoyed. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog – feel free to browse the categories for more curries etc. Best wishes to you in Germany Maria !

  35. I am not vegan, nor vegetarian but my family and I eat meat only three days per week. I made this on Friday and it turned out spectacular! One of the most delicious dishes ever. I used coconut oil for frying, didn’ use either veggie granules or cardamom and it still turned out fantastic. I used heavy cream instead of the vegan version, but i’m sure it would have been equally delicious with the original. My husband added a pinch of saffron to his portion and it worked realy well, i kept mine simple

  36. Hi there Andreea, many thanks for dropping by here with your comment and feedback. Quite an increasing number of people who are not vegans or vegetarians are eating less meat for a number of reasons these days – some do so for health reasons (as the recipes are cholesterol free), others for variety and others still for a combination of both – either way it’s a good thing. My recipes are designed for everyone, and not everybody on my blog who comments is vegan – but I offer the vegan choice, my priority being taste and if the taste works which it does as I make sure it does, then it’s good for everybody. Please try out my other recipes on your meat free days and see how you feel about them (sweet and/or savoury recipes from here) – come back with your feedback as I really appreciate it. Best wishes your way to you and your family Andreea !

  37. My mouth is watering already. Im glad I had some left overs in the fridge as it made my tummy demand food after I just looked at this recipe! Im working on moving completely over to vegan and this blog has helped make cooking healthy, yummy and not intimidating. Im in the process of trying to gather the things that will make it easier.. vegan creams, butters, mayo.. any other suggestions would be great! cant wait to make this for dinner!

  38. Emma just wanted to quickly say that I think from what you have said in your comment that the best way that I can be of help to you is to add you to our forthcoming vegan monthly newsletter as you will gain greatly from the information that will feature ! Kudos to you for going the vegan way and come back if you need anything. Best to you !

  39. This looks yummy! I am enjoying all your recipes and cooking more.
    Thanks for all the ideas.

  40. Barbara Hi there and thanks for dropping by here. I am delighted that you are enjoying my recipes and very much look forward to your future comments and feedback on my blog !

  41. Think I’ll make this one tomorrow.
    Got some leftover from the bolognese madness for today.

  42. Hi Pascal, this is a pleasant dish, but by no means my best (you have been warned 🙂 ).

  43. I’m sure it’ll be good, I have faith in you 🙂
    Gonna do it without the apricots though cause I don’t like them.

  44. Hope you enjoy it ! 🙂

  45. Any idea Miriam what I could replace the apricots with?
    Probably won’t have it in the house but so I know for next time.

  46. OMG Miriam, this tasted so great!
    Won’t be the last time that I’m making this.
    Thank very much for this recipe 🙂

  47. That’s super news Pascal ! 🙂

  48. Best to leave it out Pascal – you could always put a handful of raisins or sultanas if you wish ! 🙂

  49. Ok, next time I’ll try it with raisins or sultanas 🙂

    Do you have any idea already when you’ll put your recipe up for the lasagna cause I’m gonna do grocery shopping Thursday and so it would be nice if I could take the ingredients with me then?

  50. Thank you. I’ll see if I can find one in a local store.

  51. Good luck.

  52. Wow! This was very easy to make and very delicious! I had to change two ingredients, I used Garam Masala and a little ginger instead of cardamom seeds and unsweetened almond milk and little almond butter instead of cream. You are so correct the flavored and textures work well together. I will prepare this again! Thanks for sharing!

  53. Hi there Linda and thanks for dropping by here with your comment and feedback. So glad you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy my other recipes here and I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Cheers.

  54. This looks amazing! I have tried a few of your other recipes with great success! So much in fact that my carnivorous other half has decided to go vegan with me (at least Monday through Friday, ha!). I’m very excited to try this for dinner tonight!

  55. Amanda Hi, that’s just awesome news ! 🙂

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  57. Cheers !


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