Semi-Raw Chocolate Cake With Double Layered Frosting

I had a mixture of 3 nuts and I wanted to make a flourless cake. I am nuts over nuts, and coconuts too, so here I have combined ingredients to bring you 3 exciting layers of a semi-raw cake, which is very rich in taste, but moreish and enormously chocolaty for that extra choco-kick.  I hope you enjoy it, and my only tip is leave it in the fridge overnight, and place in the freezer for half an hour before serving.

Makes 8-10 portions


1 cup walnuts

1 cup roasted hazelnuts

1 cup blanched almonds

1 cup pitted dates

a pinch of sea salt

¾ cup cocoa powder

1½ Tbsp raw coconut oil

1 tsp coffee powder


½ cup firm silken tofu

½ cup cocoa powder

½ cup pitted dates

¼ cup (60 mL) maple syrup


1½ cups raspberries or strawberries (if using strawberries, half them)


125 g Dark Swiss Chocolate

2 Tbsp raw coconut oil (the solid one)

1 Tbsp vegan margarine, or substitute same amount of coconut oil

a pinch of salt


  1. You will need an 18 cm non-stick cake tin.  Then you will need to make your cake mix first.
  2. Place the nuts in your food processor, and process until they form small crumbles (but we are not making powder here).  Then remove and transfer into a bowl.
  3. Next, add the dates and the remaining cake ingredients to the processor, and process until smooth.
  4. Then add your nut ‘crumbs’ back in the mix and pulse for 3 or 4 seconds only.  Now scoop this semi-crumbly mixture into a bowl, cover, and set aside.
  5. Now for the 1st Frosting. You will need to clean your food processor with a damp cloth, and to dry it. Then place your dates and the remaining ingredients in your processor, except for the tofu, and blend until smooth.
  6. Finally, add the tofu, and blend until you have a thick creamy consistency.  Scoop it into a bowl, and set aside in the fridge.
  7. Now for the 2nd Frosting. Using a bain marie method, add all the ingredients into a glass dish, and heat up in a saucepan that contains a little hot water. Simmer until the chocolate mixture has melted.  Another method, which is fast, would be to microwave the ingredients until they are melted, mix, and they’re ready.
  8. Now, to assemble the cake. Place half the cake mix onto the base of the cake tin, and using your hands, even it out at the edges to achieve an even top.  Then, using a spatula, spread half the 1st frosting spread on top.  Then sprinkle 1 cup of the raspberries on top of this frosting.
  9. Next, place the remaining ‘cake mix’ on top of this – again, use your hands to flatten the base.  Now spread on the remaining 1st frosting, and even out with your spatula.
  10. You are now ready to add the final layer –  the amazing 2nd frosting –  on top of your 1st frosting, which because it is quite thick, can carry the 2nd frosting well – but just the same, be gentle with this stage.  Spread it as evenly as you possibly can – and then decorate with raspberries (I used the frozen whole ones).
  11. Place in the refrigerator, and serve a minimum of 3-4 hours later, or, better still, the following day.
  12. Cut your portions and smile !!!

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suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike


  1. Miriam you are a cooking genius. I love this recipe. It is excellent for those who love chocolate as I do. Great recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ty Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment and your kind words ! I very much hope you try this out and let me know how it goes. In the meantime best wishes your way !

  3. THANK YOU for all your wonderful recipes!!!

  4. Hi there Gabriella and many thanks for your kind words. I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Best wishes your way in the meantime.

  5. Was asked by my roommate what cake I want this year to celebrate my birthday… I guess I just found it!!! This chocolate cake looks amazing and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes!!! :-))

  6. Dona Hi there and I am delighted that you have just found your Birthday cake, how wonderful ! Let me know how it goes ! Best wishes your way !

  7. OMG I am salivating as I look at this blog. BEAUTIFUL!
    Thank you so much

  8. Hi there Dore and thanks for dropping by here. I hope you try some of my recipes and come back with your feedback ! Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  9. Can’t wait to try this, thanks x

  10. Hi there Sara, thanks for that and I shall look forward to your feedback ! Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  11. I just came across your website today. I have been vegan since February and am SUPER EXCITED to try some of these recipes. Can I leave work early so I can get started??!! 🙂

  12. Hi there Tina, glad you found our site today and hope you enjoy all the recipes your heart desires. That said, please come back with your feedback ! – full permission from us to get started ! Cheers !

  13. This was the desert for my dinner party last night. I found it messy to make .. The kitchen suffered! But the end result was a huge hit. As i dont eat many sweet foods these days i offered my friends the left overs (the majority of the cake) to take home, they did not say no! They aboth now want me to send them the recipes for the entire meal .. Baba ganoush, bean goulash and this. I will point them in your direction, i think i am slowly converting friends to the wonders that is vegan cooking,

  14. Catherine Hi there and welcome here. I have to agree with you about the making of this cake, it’s not a whisk, pour and bake number by no means – that apart the end result prevails and I am thrilled that you went through the trouble of making it – because it is a super tasty cake/dessert/sweet party piece to present – egg and flour free it’s amazing it even comes together. Thank you also for pointing your friends on here and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  15. Hi Miriam, just had a look at this. Looks lovely. Will definitely be trying it. Can’t wait for your book. Kind regards

  16. Hi there Claire and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. Do let me know as and when you have tried it. My book is out next spring/early summer, some months from now. Claire, I will add you to my list and contact you closer to the time. I look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes your way !

  17. Hey, the recipe looks delicious and mouth watering. just by seeing the pics, my water is watering! I am a great lover of chocolate and this is just the type of recipe I was searching for. Eagerly waiting for the delicious treats in you book:)

  18. Claire Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I am delighted you will be making this and hope you enjoy it – do come back with your feedback. Bear in mind that it won’t cut as neatly as a conventional cake, but it sure tastes better. Also we are starting up a new monthly Newletter – let me know if you wish to be added. Best Wishes your way and enjoy !

  19. I haven’t made this yet, but I plan to very soon. It looks incredible!!!

  20. Hi Shirli and thanks for dropping by. It tastes amazing – it won’t cut as great as a ‘sponge’ cake, but it’s one of our favourites. Enjoy and let me know how it goes !

  21. so glad your site found me.. I have been eating clean for a few weeks now,, and I love it..Many years ago I was a vegetarian then I married a meat eater…LOL so glad to have recipes to make vegan food ..thanks so much…my niece will love me when I start baking for her sweet tooth!! Ada

  22. Ada Hi there and welcome here. That’s really awesome news. I very much look forward to your future comments/feedback on my blog ! Best wishes your way in the meantime. 🙂

  23. My daughter made this today for a Mothers Day treat, it was delicious, thanks.

  24. Hi there Wendy, so glad your daughter made this for you and that you enjoyed it too ! Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to your future comments on my blog. 🙂

  25. Hi Miriam, I recently turned a Vegan. And was wondering how to keep away from sweets. And came across ur blog! I got many remarks “You turned vegan,?? now u cant eat anything…”
    And looking at your blog I feel, its worth turning a vegan 😛 he he he he…
    Thanks a ton to you and your innovative mind! <3

  26. Priti Hi there. We vegans can eat so much more than anybody can imagine. Do browse all my categories and enjoy the recipes. Come back and comment on my blog as I will look forward to your feedback ! Finally, a huge KUDOS to you for choosing Vegan, bravo ! 🙂


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