1. Everyone at our house really enjoyed this recipe – don’t leave off the fennel seeds as they add an essential essence to the dish.

    As with most of Miriam’s recipes, this was easy to make and delicious. The Mouthwatering Vegan is the only vegan recipe book anyone needs. We aren’t into meat substitutes, but have made many of the other recipes on Miriam’s book and never been disappointed yet.

    Miriam really has proved that Vegan food doesn’t need to be boring or repetitious – her talent with combining spices is fantastic.

  2. I meant to say Deb, that it would be super if you could drop your comment on the amazon customer reviews for me – I like to keep things of value on record and I would greatly appreciate it too ! Also please be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as I have started to post up some epic new recipes ! Cheers your way ! P.S. Finally, remember one can always use pre cooked lentils and/or nuts to substitute meat crumble (minced meat).


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