Fusilli Salsa Ricca

This is now a favourite of mine, it is so yummy and we devoured it in minutes.  Med inspired, but with many of my MWV touches as always, to ensure ultimate pleasure.  Child-friendly, therefore great for picky kids.  It has a fair amount of ingredients, but the great thing is, it’s very easy to make.


1 medium sized onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 medium sized zucchini (courgette), processed until small

3 medium sized mushrooms (around  1½ cups), half processed until very small

4 cups tomatoes, processed in a high speed blender (Vitamix is the ultimate – UK 0r US)

1 Tbsp agave nectar (US or UK)

1 Tbsp vegan margarine (leave it out if you wish)

olive oil for frying

2 Tbsp tomato paste

½ cup (125 mL) wine (white or red) – or else use grape juice as a non-alcoholic alternative

2 cups either TVP (US or UK), or other meat substitute. Or you could use crushed pecan nuts & precooked lentils if you wish –  if so use 1½ cups lentils and ½ cup nuts

himalayan salt (US or UK)

1 tsp curry powder

2 bayleaves


  1. Fry the onion and garlic in the olive oil until slightly golden, then add the remaining veggies. Stir them until they begin to soften, then add your tomato paste.
  2. Now add your veggie mince (ground crumble) – I used Linda McCartney.
  3. Next, add the wine and stir for a couple of minutes.
  4. Finish off by adding the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Cover, and simmer for half an hour or a little longer if needs be. Taste for salt – the sauce should be a deep red colour, and must thicken nicely. Serve with your favourite pasta – fusilli works very well. Enjoy !


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  1. HI I just bought your mouthwatering vegan cookbook and very glad I found your website, this looks delish!

  2. What is “TVP?” Thank you.

  3. Donna Hi – here is some info for you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Textured_vegetable_protein Hope this helps you ! 🙂

  4. Nate Hi there and thanks for purchasing my book. Have you received it yet ? Kindly let me know when you have it in hand as I have a note for you for the cheeses in it. Enjoy and so glad you have found my blog too ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Best your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  5. Hi Miriam

    Love the new book! Was reading elsewhere on your site that there were some ammendements to your cheese recpies. Are you able to post these?

    I was a little confused with your mozza recpie, as making the happy with on 1/3 of the milk only gave me 1 & 1/4 cups where the recipe called for 2 cups of the modified happy milk plus 1 cup vegan cream. Am a right in thinking it takes 3 cups of cashews to make this then?

    Mine turned out okay flavour wise, but it did not grate (just fell apart) really.


  6. Justin Hi there thanks for purchasing my book. Just a little note for you to include in it – it’s to double the agar powder for the cheddar cheeses, but I have also added a Note/Tip for best results for you, here it is.

    Tip :- Regarding the Cheddar Recipes in my book – Double the amount of agar powder (do not use flakes as you would need to double the flakes ie 1 tbsp agar powder = 2 tbsp of flakes. So use powder and double the quantities for both the cheeses there. Also when I say to add water in the recipe, add the water and agar into a saucepan and heat up stirring all the time until very thick (don’t panic if it over-thickens), continue mixing for 5-10 minutes (This process helps the agar to release it’s gelatinous qualities), then add this mixture to the food processor together with the remaining ingredients and process until smooth. Continue with the recipe from this point onwards when it says to process everything. Next step would be to pour the cheese mix and re-heat it, you would only need a couple of minutes of heat and stir it until it’s very thick, then it’s done, just add the mixture to a pre-greased container, allow to cool and refrigerate – for a denser result use coconut oil rather than olive oil, and increase agar powder further if you want an even denser cheese (people have different preferences when it comes to this and it also applies to the mozzarella cheese). For melting purposes (for all the cheeses), aid the process by adding to toast, bakes or pizza and be sure to drizzle on the olive oil to help it break down further.

    For the milk add 3 cups of water, for the cream 1 cup of water depending on how loose your preference is. Hope this helps.

    The revised recipe did not reach my publishers in time, this is the reason. But you will enjoy the cheese and the taste – feedback has been fantastic. 🙂

    If you love the book, please post a Amazon customer review for me.


    Miriam Sorrell
    Author Mouthwatering Vegan.

  7. Hi!!! Thanks! I am just simmering this for my lunch tomorrow 🙂 Its smelling devine…..much appreciated!

  8. Mat Hi there – I hope you enjoy this sauce and let me know how it goes as and when. Enjoy ! 🙂 🙂

  9. Thanks ! This sounds absolutely delicious !

  10. Hope you make and enjoy it Susan ! 🙂

  11. Hi Miriam

    Just tried this recipe with the nuts(love pecans!) and lentils. Easy to make and fast as well. Lovely recipe.
    I used green lentils, but next time might try the red ones, maybe it will be more “saucier” with them.

  12. Hi Isabel and thanks for dropping by here. I am glad you enjoyed this sauce and you may experiment with different lentils too ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog and enjoy ! 🙂

  13. Can’t have mushrooms. Is there a replacement I can use instead it cani just leave it out.

  14. Hi Pauline – try finely chopped eggplant instead, it should work well ! Let me know how it goes and enjoy ! 🙂

  15. I made this recipe last week end for a dinner party. it was delicious and even got better the next day as leftovers. Thank you Miriam, glad I found your site. Samantha.

  16. Samantha Hi there, so glad you found my site and that you made and enjoyed this dish of mine – that’s awesome. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂


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