Best Ever Pasta Salad – Gluten-Free, Cholesterol-Free, Lactose-Free, & Vegan of course

I knocked up this salad at lunchtime to take to the beach, and it was awesome – really tasty, wonderful flavours and textures.  My young daughter loved it too, which is saying something as she is a fussy one !  The combination of sweet and savoury lingers on, and makes you feel as though you are eating your main meal and dessert together, except that the flavours really compliment one another.  An excellent treat for home, picnics and beach trips too.  Keeps well in the fridge when covered in an airtight container.  YUM !



1 red apple, cut into squares

1 cup of sweetcorn

salted black olives, either roasted or toasted ones preferably – as many as you like

12 mushrooms, sliced and fried in olive oil in a griddle pan, and set aside

1 medium sized red onion, cut into rings, and fried in a griddle and set aside

1 small red bell pepper, cut lengthways, and fried in a griddle pan and set aside

200g gluten-free pasta (I used Barilla fusilli) boiled according to label instructions

1 cup pineapple cubes (I used tinned in their own juices)

1 cup vegan mayo – added some tomato ketchup to turn it into thousand island dressing

salt to taste

a little garlic granules

sprigs of fresh mint



Place all the ingredients in a large bowl, and mix with a wooden spoon, then serve in a serving bowl, and garnish with fresh mint sprigs.  Serve and Enjoy !



All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell 2010




  1. This turned out wonderful!!! I substituted artichoke for the olives and added cherry tomatoes — w/ some avocado on top and blue corn chips on the side – Great texture and flavor, thank you!

  2. You’re welcome Julia and so glad you enjoyed it too ! 🙂

  3. Hi Miriam, stumbled onto your recipes via Facebook. Many I can’t wait to try, can you tell me do you make your own mayo or buy one?i haven’t had any success in finding a good recipe or a ready made product

  4. Jo Hi, thanks for dropping by and glad you found my blog – there are many recipes to choose from so remember to go to categories and browse. Mayo I make my own as I don’t like most of the brands I have tried. I have given a recipe which is heavenly in my book. For a fast mayo place in your processor 1 and a half cups of firm silken tofu, 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar, a tablespoon of sunflower or canola/rapeseed oil, salt to taste a few drops of lemon 1 tablespoon of agave nectar and a tiny bit of mustard – whizz until smooth, place in a jar and refrigerate. This will last for a few days. Enjoy in salads, sandwiches and on vegan burgers, fries, potatoes or anything else you like to eat ! Hope this helps you. 🙂

  5. Hi Miriam, I have made this salad a couple of times now and it is wonderful! Loving avocado and peas instead of olives for the kids … thank you!

  6. You’re most welcome Liz and hope you enjoy many more recipes for yourself and the kids from my blog. Look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers your way ! 🙂


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