The First Vegan Chocolate Cheese in the World . . . .

Order yours online from MIDAS DELI



  1. Sigh..I was so hoping to be able to order this cheese. Sadly, I am not within your delivery area. It looks delicious!

  2. Connie Hi there. The cheeses are too heavy for shipping to outside of Europe, more than the weight it is the cost of shipping them over that is high – that in the main is the reason for this. However, due to a great deal of demand outside of Europe we have designed this product which we are going to be shipping worldwide from next week – if you are interested let us know. Here is the link for you to browse on FB

  3. What a beauty!
    And it’s probably insanely delicious.

    The whole mountain of delicious impressions.
    I am happy to visit your site.
    Thank you


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