Rice, Lentil & Sausage Pot

I confess this was one of those ‘Chopped’ moments (Ted Allen’s high-octane programme on Food Network, for those that don’t know) – from limited ingredients an amazing dish emerged. One that we all embraced, enjoyed and couldn’t get enough of. Filling, colourful, great texture, and great smell. This is an ideal dish for a busy, challenging week. Full of fibre, protein, and super flavoursome – make, cover, refrigerate and enjoy warm. It’s wholesome and nutritious too – and to really bring out the exotic flavours of the pulses, I added a little spice.



1½ cups short grain brown rice, (pre-cooked and set aside)

3/4 cup puy lentils, (pre-cooked and set aside)

olive oil

1 white onion, sliced

3 cloves garlic, chopped

3 Tbsp tomato puree/paste

½ cup petit pois

1 tsp curry powder

½ tsp turmeric

1/8 tsp asafoetida

Himalayan salt to taste

4 vegan sausages fried, chopped and set aside

2 Tbsp grated vegan cheese (optional)

¼ cup (60 ml) water



First, pre-cook your brown rice and puy lentils separately, according to the instructions.


Meanwhile, fry the onions in a saucepan for a couple of minutes, then add the garlic and tomato paste, stirring all the time. Next, add the petit pois, and stir in the spices. Lower the heat, and make sure that all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked.


Now add the vegan cheese and water, lower the heat, and leave simmering for a few minutes, add the rice and lentils stirring gently to incorporate all the flavours, and leave on a very low heat for 5 minutes stirring intermittently.

Finally, add the sausages, stir gently until all is well heated, add salt to taste, spoon into a serving bowl and serve.

Enjoy !


All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell www.mouthwateringvegan.com 2010




  1. This looks fantastic! I will definitely give it a try this weekend.

  2. This looks delicious! However I’m trying to avoid processed foods.. and ideas on something that I could use to replace the sausage?

  3. Yes Lianne – buy some portobello mushrooms and marinate them in a mixture of teriyaki sauce, olive oil and minced garlic, then after a few hours fry them on a griddle hot pan and brush them upon turning them with the marinate. Serve them on top of the rice mixture hot once they are ready. Enjoy & let me know how it goes as and when. Cheers ! 🙂

  4. Hi Laura, that sounds great, and so let me know how it goes on my blog as and when you’ve made and tasted it ! Cheers ! 🙂

  5. Thanks Miriam! Will let you know when I get chance to give it a try 🙂

  6. Couldn’t find this on Pinterest – has it been added?

  7. No Jane it hadn’t but feel free to pin it if you wish. Thanks and Cheers ! 🙂

  8. Sure thing Lianne ! 🙂

  9. I am making this tomorrow and just checking that it is 1 cup uncooked puy lentils and 1 1/2 uncooked rice? If so do you have the approximate cooked measurements. Many thanks this looks and will be delicious.

  10. when do you add the rice and lentils?

  11. Hi there DD – have revised the recipe, so please refer to it with the new insertion. Hope you make and enjoy this !

  12. Janet Hi there – the measurements for the rice and lentils are uncooked, but then you must cook the amounts given in the recipe – how much they exactly yield when cooked I cannot say, as I did not measure them at that point. But it will serve 3-4 substantial portions, depending on personal appetite and individual preferred portion size. Hope you make and enjoy it. 🙂

  13. Thanks Miriam. I’ve made this 3 times and it’s now a family staple. SO delicious.

  14. Great to know DD and so glad it’s become a staple. Look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  15. Just made it and it’s yummy! Thanks, Miriam.

  16. Glad to hear Gayle and hope you enjoy many more recipes from my blog.

  17. Hello Miriam, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes with the world. We made this tonight, and as my wife and I struggle to get enough protein, we added a quinoa/rice blend. Next we will be attempting the chocolate carob pudding cake!

  18. Hi Michael and so glad you made and enjoyed this. Hope you enjoy the cake next, let me know how it goes as and when. 🙂


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