Ultimate Carrot & Coconut Cake with a Soft Vanilla Frosting

This is definitely the best carrot cake I have ever made – not visually, but as far as taste is concerned. We couldn’t stop indulging, one bite after another and well, it was so addictive. I really am totally chuffed by the result. So, go make, bake, shake and enjoy because you will love this treat.


Make your frosting first.



150g vegan cream cheese, pre-chilled (I used Tofutti)

4 Tbsp (60 ml) refined coconut oil

200g icing sugar (confectioner’s sugar) – sift first

a few drops of vanilla essence



Chill a metal bowl first in the fridge for a couple of hours, then place your ingredients for the frosting and beat lightly – place in the fridge again and go make the cake.



100g all purpose white flour

100g wholewheat flour

1½ tsp bicarbonate of soda

a pinch of salt

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 to 2 Tbsp (15ml to 30ml) water

125g vegan dark brown sugar (I make an exception and use sugar for this because nothing can quite match its taste and colour)

2 tsp egg replacer (I used Orgram)

125ml sunflower oil or canola oil

3 medium sized carrots, grated into thin strips

50g desiccated (shredded) coconut

½ cup walnuts, roughly chopped, plus some extra for decorating



Preheat your oven to 180ºC (350ºF), and grease your cake tin – I used a Lamington tin around 8” diameter – then line with greaseproof paper.


Sift your flours, salt, bicarbonate of soda, and cinnamon into a large mixing bowl, then add in the brown sugar, and give it a good stir. Then add the egg replacer, the water and oil, and mix well.


Now add in your grated carrot and desiccated coconut, and stir well, really mixing the ingredients together.


Your cake mix may resemble a big lump at this stage – if so, process in your food processor for around 15 seconds, not longer – this is just to consolidate the ingredients. Now add your walnuts and stir for a few seconds by hand – this is just to consolidate all the ingredients


Decant the mixture into your cake tin, and place in the middle of your oven for around 25 minutes, until the cake is firm to the touch. Test if it’s ready by inserting a skewer in the middle of the cake – when it comes out dry, you’re there.


Leave the cake to cool for an hour or so. Then turn out of tin onto your serving plate, and when it’s cooled down 100%, spread on your icing, decorating with the walnut pieces.


Store in an air tight cake container in the fridge.





All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell www.mouthwateringvegan.com 2010




  1. How many eggs does this recipie use? I don’t want to use egg replacer. Thanks.

  2. OMG looks very nice! I definitely gonna try!

  3. Sharon Hi. We are ethical vegans and don’t use eggs as this is a vegan site. Find out more here http://blogs.discovery.com/animal_news/2009/09/horrific-egg-industry-grinds-millions-of-baby

  4. Let me know how it goes as and when Blake, hope you enjoy it ! 🙂

  5. Sharon O’Reilly – You might use apple sauce if you don’t want to use egg replacer. I would think it would add to the flavor nicely in this recipe. I was thinking it is what I would do since I don’t have egg replacer.

  6. I assume the water goes in when the oil does?

  7. Hi Marianne, you have assumed correctly – have just edited the post too, so thanks. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the kind tip J Beth, much appreciated ! 🙂

  9. I don’t have egg replacer either but I have apple cider vinegar and plant milk and I even have ground flax seed. I may even have apple sauce lurking in the pantry. What quantities should I use Miriam? I’ve been hanging out or a vegan carrot cake with this incredible frosting for a very long time!!

  10. Hi there Monica – try 1 teaspoon non-aluminum baking powder and 1 teaspoon baking soda plus a teaspoon of cider vinegar instead of the egg replacer. Therefore you are going to need 1 teaspoon of baking powder not 2. Hope this helps and let me know how it goes. 🙂

  11. Hi Miriam,

    If I want to make it gluten free, what type of flour should I use?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi Yana, there are many gluten free cake flour mixes you can find to purchase. If you look at the gluten free ranges, the packets usually say on them eg ‘gluten free bread flour’ – here is a lead for you to make up your own : http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/i-cant-believe-its-not-gluten-gluten-free-cake-flour-mix-189120 Finally if you want a fast fix white rice flour 50% and cornstarch 50% should also yield a good textured g/f cake. Hope this helps and be sure to come back with feedback if it works withy any of these choices. Cheers !

  13. I don’t often make carrot cake as mine are mediocre, but the timing all came together. I saw Miriam’s carrot cake recipe as soon as I opened my facebook. I had carrots I needed to use up and I had all the ingredients and a quiet moment to spare. So glad I did. It’s a keeper. Just the right density, texture, and flavour and it has little grated slivers of bright orange in each slice that are so pretty. Thank you Miriam.

  14. Hi Christine and thanks for dropping by here. I am so glad you made and enjoyed this glorious carrot cake. Did you make a frosting too ? Perfect with a hot cup of Early Grey Tea ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog !


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