Signed copies of my ‘YASOU’ Cookbook Available

I have a limited number of copies of ‘YASOU’ signed by myself, which we can supply directly.  If you would like to purchase a signed copy, please send us an email to with your email address, your mailing address, and the name you would like the book made out to.  We will then invoice you via PayPal.  The cost of the book is £25.00 plus shipping – we send all our books out via International Signed For mail.

Alternatively :

Available from Amazon US on THIS LINK

or from Amazon UK on THIS LINK



  1. Hello, I’d previously expressed interest in reviewing / featuring Yasou on my blog and was told to contact you closer to the release date – is it still possible to request a review copy? Congrats on your latest cookbook! 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah and thanks for dropping by here. Yasou is a self published hardback book, each recipe has a photograph. I was not sponsored and it was all financed by me. Each copy was costly as you can imagine and it was printed in Europe and not China. I say this to give you a background of how the book came to be. I have had requests from well known magazines and press to review my book. I am happy to send you a review signed copy on the basis that you pay my costs without profit to me, that is the cost to me of my book and the shipping cost – in that way I do not profit, but I do not loose either. If this sounds fair to you, pm message me on fb and we will make the necessary arrangements to get a copy sent out to you. Thank you for your interest in my book/work, and best wishes your way !

  3. Hi Miriam,

    I sent you a followup via Messenger and e-mail (sometimes my e-mail is a bit fussy) as I’d like to purchase a signed copy for my blog; thanks again and congratulations on your cookbook!



  4. Sarah Hi, we will send you details tomorrow, sorry for the delay, we have been tied up with some technical issues. 🙂

  5. Hi. Bought this book and have been making my way through the recipes. Many have minor errors that I can figure out….but the Aubergine Maqluba is beyond my basic cooking talents. Can you please tell me what I’m supposed to do with the Eggplant? Should I pre-fry them first like it says in the left column, or purge them first like it says in the first paragraph, or fry them twice….like it says in para 2? And then, they disappear from the recipe. What am I supposed to do with them after they have been fried? I guess I could wander my way through it since I have 2 eggplants ready to use immediately…but if you could PLEASE let me know asap I’d be forever grateful. Thanks.

  6. Hi DD, I have an errata for my book – if you can print it out and clip it onto the index in your book you will find it jolly useful – here it is (scroll down the link to see and then print if you wish to – (screen shot will help too) : Apologies for any previous inconvenience caused. Hope you are enjoying the recipes and any questions let me know ! 🙂