Vegan Ramen

This ramen is delicious. Feel free to make some changes with the veggies, such as substituting zucchini, red peppers, or whatever takes your fancy. It’s a great meal in itself and ideal on a cold winter’s day. Full of flavour and wonderful texture, this will mark a ‘must-stay’ dish year after year. It is also a feast for the eyes. Play some soothing music and light a candle, your ramen will do the rest . . .



peanut, sesame or coconut oil

2 Portobello mushrooms (stems removed), chopped lengthways

1½ inches fresh chopped and minced garlic

½ cup sweetcorn

2 spring onions, chopped, for garnishing

2 Tbsp light miso (dissolve this in ½ cup of water)

2 Tbsp soya sauce

2 tsp dark brown sugar or coconut sugar

2 tsp nutritional yeast

2 cloves garlic, halved or whole

1/8th tsp Chinese five spice (optional)

½ tsp chilli flakes

(sriracha for squeezing on top of the garnish)

red baby chillies, for decoration

1 cup bamboo shoots (optional)

2 cups fresh baby spinach – or use pre-thawed frozen

2 ounces ramen noodles of your choice (cook these separately, then run cold water on them, and have them on standby for adding to the dish)

1 cup firm silken tofu, chopped into squares, or 1 cup of vegan chicken (I sometimes use the vegan Quorn chicken pieces for this – again, both of these are optional)

4 cups warm or hot water (more if needed – check with the taste)


Note : if you like the broth hot, add sriracha, if you prefer it cooked ‘hot’, add 1 tsp ground chilli powder.



Fry the mushrooms in the oil, then add the miso, soya sauce, garlic, ginger, and the 5 spice, and mix almost continuously until the mushrooms are thoroughly cooked. Be sure to lower the heat so as not to burn your mixture.


Now add the remaining ingredients (I like to add the water, one cup at a time every 5 minutes or so) except for the spinach, noodles, sriracha and the spring onions. Allow to simmer for 5-10 minutes.


Now add the spinach until it wilts, but remains a bright green colour.


Serve the broth in a large deep bowl with a nice portion of the noodles – garnish with the spring onions and a little more chilli flakes. Enjoy with a topping of sriracha and have the soya sauce to hand too.


Enjoy !

All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell 2010




  1. this really delicious but I think the 1-1/2 inch garlic is meant to be ginger as you
    list the garlic later. Just one suggestion, though. I found the recipe confusing
    because the ingredients listed were not in order of adding to the pan. Sort of
    scattered, so I type it out so that the ones to add first are together then the
    remaining ones next. Thank you so much for sharing this keeper!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Lynn – it was a fast recipe input for my blog, but delicious all the same. Hope you make and enjoy it !

  3. That looks so good and I will be making it tonight! Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  4. You’re welcome Sky and hope you enjoy it !

  5. This ramen is more delicious than mere words can explain. My husband went for thirds and I had to make it again the next day! Thank you for sharing this wonderful dish!

  6. Hi Zardis, your comment put a huge smile on my face, and a bigger one on your husband’s it seems. Look forward to your future comments on my blog and enjoy !