Sweet & Savoury Moroccan Couscous

I don’t often eat couscous.  Perhaps I should, as when I make it I often wonder why I didn’t rustle it up sooner.  Anyway, I make no secret of enjoying fruit with many savoury dishes – it just gives that wonderfully exotic taste that brings the flavours together in a […]


Wacky Vegan Hot Dog

Let me explain.  I think by now you may have guessed that I rather love burgers – with a difference – and non-meat ones are the best.  I love experimenting with different combinations.  I was in one of those moods today – a defiant mood – for making a devilishly, […]

Other, Stews

Fired Greek & Garlic Bean Stew

Very often in Malta, the change of weather is literally sudden, winter to summer is sometimes an instant experience.  In fact, yesterday we swam at a very beautiful beach. Today, we have our fire on in the house – so we have gone from swimsuits to fleeces overnight.  I write […]