Delicious Cherry Tomato, Chickpea & Orange Pepper Salad

Rich in vitamins of all sorts, this salad is both delicious and filling.  It’s a wonderful spring or summer salad and can be eaten with fresh Italian ciabatta bread dipped in a little olive oil and lemon (YumEEE),or as an accompaniment to any light meal (such as quiche) – it’s your choice.  But I am sure that you will enjoy this, however you wish to serve it.

Serves around 2 portions.


  • around 10 cherry tomatoes, washed & cut in half
  • 1½ cups tinned chickpeas, rinsed & drained
  • ½ medium sized Spanish red onion, finely chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic finely chopped
  • a handful of fresh flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
  • ½ orange pepper, cut into medium to thin slices lengthways, and again widthways a couple of times
  • 6 or 7 fresh basil leaves, finely chopped


Easy as pie. Just toss the ingredients in a bowl of your choice, and make a dressing.  I recommend the following dressing with it.


  • juice of 1 large lemon
  • double the amount of extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • ½ tsp sugar

Place the above ingredients in an empty clean jar, close and shake until thick and smooth. Then drizzle as much as you like on your portion of salad.

Bon Appétit !

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  1. Andrea Pellegrini

    Hey, just made up the salad and used ordinary vinegar and a little mustard powder instead of lemon and sugar in the dressing and it tasted beautiful. The beauty of your recipes is not only do they taste as good as they look, they are so versatile!

  2. Sorry, forgot to publish your comment from October. Thanks for the compliment and glad you enjoyed this salad !

  3. Just made this. Simple and delicious! I used agave nectar instead of sugar in the dressing.

  4. Am so glad that you made this Gary, it’s so colourful too isn’t it ! Yes agave nectar is a healthier option. Thanks and glad you enjoyed it too !

  5. This also looks really good! I will give it a try but I think I’ll use some sprouted chickpeas.

  6. Thanks and hope you really enjoy it – sprouted chickpeas sound really interesting too !

  7. I made this today and YUMMMMY is all that I can say…thanks

  8. Hi Miriam. I recently discovered your delicious recipes. I made this for lunch today and delivered some to a friend. We both loved it! This will be pefect to bring to the pool this summer. Thank you.

  9. You are most welcome Terry, and glad you enjoyed it so much !!!

  10. Hi Kathy and welcome to my food blog. Glad you made and enjoyed this recipe, and yes, I agree with you, it’s a great one to have by the pool or on the beach ! Best to you !.

  11. Delicious recipe indeed! I love chickpeas, and the combination went so well with the tomatoes. I added in extra tomatoes because I love them so much. Another great recipe Miriam!!

  12. Shannon Hi dear and thanks so much for your comment – glad that you enjoyed it !!! Cheers to you !

  13. I have loads of cherry tomatoes at the moment, and a can of organic chickpeas. I shall bring a little springtime to grey dull England with this tonight!

  14. Margaret Varano

    Will be havin loads of cherry tomatos later Am trying it today with some purchased ones.

  15. Margaret Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you are trying out this fabulous salad, and hope you enjoy it ! Let me know how it goes as and when you have a moment. Very best to you !

  16. Great idea Sarah, thanks for dropping by here with your comment – sounds perfect to me. Let me know how it goes and I look forward to your future comments on my blog. All the very best to you in the meantime.

  17. Hi Miriam, I made this for a cookout and it was a hit! This is the third recipe I’ve tried of yours and all of them were great!

    Thank you again 🙂

  18. Kathy Hi there and thanks so much for your wonderful feedback. I am jolly pleased that you are enjoying all the recipes of mine you have tried from here so far. That’s just awesome, and I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Enjoy & Cheers to you !

  19. This looks so awesome. And I am sure I have ALL the ingredients in my kitchen right now. Have just started a vegetarian diet and have been scouring your recipes. There are so many that I have bookmarked and can’t wait to try. Thank you for sharing your fabulous kitchen skills with us!! Have a blessed day.

  20. Hi there Cheri and thanks for your very kind words ! Kudos to you for making this decision to go veggie. You will find a host of things to tickle your appetite and satisfy all your culinary needs from sweet to savoury and everything else in between ! Cheers !

  21. This recipe is sooo refreshing. And so easy and quick to make. I will be having this often. Now to see what I will make next. 🙂

  22. Cheri Hi there and welcome here. Glad you enjoyed this ! Best wishes and look forward to your future comments here.

  23. Hi Miriam, I made this salad tonight exactly per your recipe and it was delicious. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Best wishes.

  24. Sharon Hi there, I am delighted you have made and enjoyed this salad – may I recommend my Middle Eastern Salad (also made with beans for next time) ? You will love it ! Best wishes your way and be sure to drop by again soon ! 🙂

  25. Thanks for the recipe, Miriam.

    I’m new to your blog but I’ve already found some great recipes. I like your pizza recipes especially.

    Again, thanks for sharing!

  26. Hi Lourdes and welcome here. I am delighted you have found some pleasing recipes and I look forward to your feedback on them as and when. Enjoy and happy weekend to you ! 🙂


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