Smoked Aubergine/Eggplant & Sundried Tomato Pesto

Last night I had my family over for dinner.  I had had a very busy day and had to rustle up something really fast for dinner –  something tasty –  and I wasn’t sure quite what it was going to be.  So I opened the fridge, and lo and behold 2 small aubergines smiled at me, and I owed them a deserving dish.   So I took them, together with their leaning partners – sundried tomatoes, on the table counter, and Ooops, I almost forgot, the pesto that I make every fortnight in the airtight container, and began to wonder what was going to happen next.  So I got cooking, and the result was a fabulous bowl of compulsive eating around our modest but large dining table – the feedback was very favourable indeed, and I hope that if you are going to make this, it gives you as much pleasure as it gave us.  Very well suited for summer with a chilled glass of your favourite white wine – the drier the better, as the contrast will marry well, I promise.  P.S.  Oh, did I mention anywhere, it’s sooooo easy to make, and fast too !

Serves 4


  • 2 small aubergines (eggplant) cut into medium sized slices
  • 2 tbsps pesto
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 2 fresh garlic cloves chopped
  • 2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 halved sundried tomatoes chopped
  • extra chopped sundried tomatoes for garnishing


Fry the aubergine slices in a non-stick frying pan until slightly browned and soft, then transfer onto a plate.  When all of them are ready, first process the garlic in a food processor until very finely processed.

Now add the sundried tomatoes, and process further until they are very small (they may clump up a little with the garlic, have no fear. Then add the remaining ingredients, except for the olive oil.

Finally, add the cooked aubergines and process until you get a nice thick paste – it’s ready now.  All you have to do is cook the pasta (we serve around 120 grams per person, as the sauce is very filling). Once ready, remove the hot water and rinse under cool water in readiness for the final step.  Heat the sauce in olive oil in a separate saucepan for around 2 minutes, then tip the pasta on top of it, and stir well on a medium heat until heated and properly mixed.  Serve in warm plates (I put mine in a microwave for a minute or so), and garnish with the chopped sundried tomatoes, & Hey Presto !

Enjoy !

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  1. Andrea Pellegrini

    Just thought I’d let you know that I tried the recipe and was not disappointed. What a clever blend of ingredients and in such beautiful balance, you can actually taste each one!

  2. Sorry for not publishing your comment earlier – yes, you are right, all the flavours can be enjoyed in this recipe. A delicious combination of complimentary ingredients.

  3. Thanks there Rolanda (I’m so terrible with names, but I shan’t forget yours) – may i take this opportunity to thank you personally on my blog for all that you do for the animals as well as raising of awareness ! Thank you.

  4. omg i just made this, its gorgeous, one of my new favourite sauces for pasta, be good as a dip too, thank you for sharing the recipe 🙂 x

  5. Hi Serena, many thanks for your wonderful comment, I am so glad that you enjoyed it so much – it’s certainly a full-flavoured dish !. You are welcome and cheers to you !.


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