Cauliflower Cheese Pasta Bake

It all started off with a large cauliflower head – a wonderful giant snowball in the fridge, looking at me – and me wondering, “now what can I do with you ?”  Marry you with a carb, stick in some protein, herb you up and drop some colour on you.  So, that is exactly what I did.  The result, a quickly prepared recipe for all the family to enjoy !  This is super delicious !

Serves 3 to 4


  • 200g angel hair pasta – boiled, rinsed with cold water and set aside
  • 250g VEGAN cheese that melts well, grated
  • olive oil for drizzling on top
  • ½ a large (or 1 small) cauliflower – use the florets, steamed, and set aside
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon of vegan margarine of your choice (see what is available in your local store)
  • 1 cup vegan cream (I used Provamel)
  • a handful of fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped
  • around 12-15 cherry tomatoes
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, very finely chopped (optional)


Grease a Pyrex (or similar) oven dish – a transparent one is nice, as you get to see the extent of crunchiness from the underneath and sides, and it looks more impressive too. Meanwhile, add all the ingredients, except for half the chopped basil and tomatoes, in a large bowl, and mix well with a fork.

Next, place in your dish, even out, and garnish with the rest of the basil leaves.  Drizzle on some more olive oil, and place in a hot oven for 20 minutes, then remove from oven to place your tomatoes on top.  Cook for a further 20 minutes until golden all over – it’s great when you let it get a goldenish medium brown in colour.  Serve with a salad of your own choice.   Enjoy !

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  1. Wow. I can’t WAIT to try this. I am relatively new to the vegan life and just found out today that cauliflower is about 20% protein (and one of my favourite vegetables). I’m struggling a bit to get enough protein in my daily diet without unfermented soy products.

  2. Katrina Hi and welcome. I think you may have come to the right place – do search my categories for more and know that I post up a new recipe each week. Do comment as and when you try your first and any questions, let me know how I can help. Best to you !

  3. Great Recipe again, probably one of my favourites.
    Mine wasn’t as golden brown as yours. How finely did you chop the Cauliflower and it’s leaves? I didn’t want to burn the leaves so I may have taken the dish out a bit early.
    Will try again very soon, this is a great recipe.

  4. Katrina don’t know if you’re going from vege to vegan or straight from a conventional diet. If the later, wow big move good for you. I know people who tried to go vege, got sick and gave up. They didn’t get it right and it’s a great learning curve. I put lots of different things on a plate and it seems to work for us. Some of the meat substitutes are good and some I believe are lacking ing the things we need so don’t rely on them entirely. Good luck

  5. You have such beautiful words to explain your receipe. It sounds as good as it looks! Thanks again for the nice food pictures, who wouldn’t want to try it!

  6. too bad vegan cheese is nowhere to find here.
    Do you have an alternative to that?
    I make my own tofu (also nowhere to find or at least not organic), do you think i can use that instead of fake cheese?

  7. Hi Cynfelyn, thanks for your comment. I cut the florets from the cauliflower and steamed those, so from the head about 1 and a half inches – once it’s steamed it is fairly soft so it kind of breaks down a little of it’s own accord – how you chop the basil leaves I seem to recall saying roughly cut and isn’t that important, but if you are scared of them burning, place them more in the centre of the dish not the surface. This dish is meant to catch colour as in that way it’s a little crunchy on the top and edges which in themselves yield a great deal of flavour, so don’t be scared to leave it in the oven for longer.

  8. That’s very kind of you to say so Marie, thanks for that ! Hope you enjoy this dish if and when you may make it ! Very best to you !

  9. Lolliola Hi and thanks for your comment. I a sorry to hear about not finding any vegan cheese where you live. Tofu will not work well with this recipe I am afraid as it won’t have the flavour needed to make it delicious. I can email you a few vegan cheese recipes from one of my books, and you can try those. Luckily we do have vegan cheese here, but there was a time when we didn’t have it either. Best to you in the meantime !

  10. I made it today and it was as delicious as I expected 🙂 Too bad my kids didn’t think the same. I don’t understand what is wrong with their tastebuds. Probably the omnivour diet they are used to. Anyway, I was happy with the food. Thank you for a great recipe!

  11. Hi there Janne, great to hear from you and glad you thought the dish delicious. Now with omnivore kids, best thing to do with a dish like this is ween them on to it – the only way you can achieve that is before you put the vegan cheese in, make their separately and do a 50-50 with the cheese – ie the non vegan cheese that they are used to plus the other half with the vegan one – that way should work for next time. Glad you enjoyed it though ! Best to you !

  12. Yes. We do see with our eyes before we see with our conscious when it comes to eating. Looks great. And I am sure it tastes great. Since I have become a vegan a few months ago; I have noticed that my food has become a whole lot more delicious. Thank you.

  13. @ Katrina,
    more important than protein is getting a wide range of vitamins and minerals, through eating things like wholegrain bread, different fruits and veges, and things like advocado and nuts (unless you’re allergic to them) as a lot of vegetables – like peas and beans and cauliflower (and grains) – have protein in them. So try not to get too hung up on the having a seperate portion of protein on your plate.
    I’m not keen on soya cheese so haven’t found a way round that porblem yet – which is a shame as I used to love cauliflower cheese and macaroni cheese when I was a vegetarian.
    I don’t go hungry tho!

  14. Hi there Behnaz, thanks for your wonderful comment and glad that all is going well with being and eating vegan and hope you enjoy more of my recipes too !

  15. Karen thanks for your comment and here is the name of a book called ‘The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook’ by Jo Stepaniak who has recipes of homemade vegan cheese – sold at Amazon. Also the make Redwoods sells a non soya vegan cheese, but it’s not sold worldwide. Hope the above helps a little. Best to you !

  16. Hi lolilola as I mentioned to Karen here is the name of the book called ‘The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook’ by Jo Stepaniak who has recipes of homemade vegan cheese – sold at Amazon. Hope the above helps a little. Best to you !

  17. Hi there…what exactly is vegan cream? I live in a small town and can’t find a lot of vegan ingredients. Is there something I can use instead? Thanks~

  18. Just tried this last night – absolutely AMAZING!! Anyone you make this for will love it — next time I’ll add some veggie bacon for a smokey flavour and something a little different.
    Thanks for the receipe!

  19. Hi there Andi, thanks for your comment and so glad you enjoyed this ! I think your idea of veggie bacon is a super one, smoky and ‘cheese’ marry so well together, as does cauliflower – great thinking ! Best to you !

  20. Terri Rodriguez

    I finally made this recipe and really loved it! I had trouble finding vegan cream. Where do you find it? I know you mentioned Provamel brand but nobody seemed to know what it was. I went to Whole Foods (which is a quite a drive from where I live) and I went to Trader Joe’s (another long drive) couldn’t find it. Unfortunately, I used heavy cream, because I had it the fridge and the dish was so delicious. My grandson (7) just gobbled it up! I’ll make this dish again because everyone loved it, but I would like to know where to find vegan cream or the best substitute. Thanks!

  21. Terri, thanks for your comment, and glad the dish was enjoyed. I find it’s best to phone places before tracking off on the off-chance by car. It’s difficult to know what you can find as I don’t know where you live. However, in the future you can make a white sause, the equivalent of a cup with some cornflour and vegan milk, that is to say soya, or other milk (preferably an unsweetened one) – you probably need to mix 1 teaspoon of cornflour or cornstarch with just over a cup of milk, mix and heat up until it thickens, add a little salt and a little bit of dried herbs if you wish – then use it as cream – but it sure is faster to get your hands on some non-dairy cream. Ask at your supermarket, they may have a section of non-dairy, or better still do you have a health food store locally, if so they should stock a non-dairy cream. Best to you and hope that helps !

  22. Mmmmm! I just baked one and I’m savoring my first bites. Delicious.

  23. Hi there Holly – glad you made this dish and from the sound of it you are enjoying it – yes, delicious and look forward to your tasting my other dishes in your own time and your comments too. All the best to you !

  24. I cannot wait to try this. Still trying to track down some nutritional yeast. You have a real talent and your website really inspires me. Stumbling upon your site has been one of the best things I’ve done to further my vegan lifestyle. It amazes me how you are able to come up with these nutritious, hearty, cruelty-free recipes…and you make them non-intimidating and SIMPLE…thank you and keep up the awesome work!!

  25. Oh I meant vegan cream…nutritional yeast must be in another recipe of yours I have bookmarked…I think I can find that in the healthfood store. 🙂

  26. I have been a vegetarian for years but am fairly new to the vegan lifestyle…while browsing your recipes I noticed you don’t have very many recipes that use tofu, something I’ve really been experimenting with. I was just wondering if there was a reason you don’t use it too often, or maybe you just don’t care for it? I know soy products have been controversial and it’s something I’m trying to learn more about. Thanks!

  27. Hi there Sara and many thanks for your comments and great feedback. I am glad that you find my recipes to be easy and you will see that they are delicious too. For this recipe you don’t need nutritional yeast I believe – just some vegan cheese if you can get hold of it, as I don’t know where you are based. I do my best from my part to make the recipes as accessible as possible with regards to ingredients and top priority is given to taste – as if it doesn’t taste good, then that would defeat the object – my intention is for people to come back, again and again and revisit the recipes and enjoy making and eating them. Cheers to you !

  28. Hi there again Sara, I think that the vegan cream is something that you can purchase from your health food store also – give them a call to save the trouble of having to go there and ask which brands they have – we have Provamel Cream here, it is soya based and tastes, well, delicious in both savoury and sweet/dessert dishes alike.

  29. Hi Sara, yes, you are right there with the controversial aspect, and I have heard so many things over the years, that one would have to purchase a book about the pros and cons about this. I use Tofu and soya products in many of my dishes, be it in the form of milk, cream, cheese – they are all dairy, also there is my infamous delicious scrambled tofu recipe link for you to enjoy – for as long as we all shall live, we will forever hear about the why’s and wherefore’s of tofu – the Japanese seem to be doing well eating it with fewer menopausal symptoms etc – but, I won’t get into all that, sufficing to say that moderation is the name of my game – I try to practice this in most areas of my life (not always with beaming success) – best to you and here is the link Sara. Miriam. ENJOY !

  30. Hey Miriam,

    thanks for the recipe…although I am not vegan (yet?)…I did
    enjoy this recipe bunches!!! yummilicious!

  31. Terry, hi there & welcome. So glad that you enjoyed this dish, it’s very tasty and hope you try out some others – I look forward to your future comments. Best to you !!!

  32. My whole family is vegan and always looking for new ideas and recipes. Love your site – love cauliflower and going to try this recipe. Only thing, have never seen that vegan cream. Will have to substitute for something else.

  33. Melanie Hi there, thanks for your comment, thanks for your compliment – em, we purchase the brand Provamel for soya cream and make this – any other non-dairy cream is fine – just google what your country sells with regards to this, it would be useful to have this information as you can use that non dairy cream for desserts too often times. Coconut cream I reserve for certain dishes and sweets, but it doesn’t work too well with ‘cheezy’ ones if you know what I mean. Look forward to your feedback once you have tried it out though. Cheers to you !

  34. A little tip for everybody looking for new products – 2 things:- 1. thanks Flavia for recommendation. 2. Call your store up and find out what alternatives they sell making sure that they are available and vegan too – saves the trip (I know it’s common sense, but often we just sram out of the door without thinking to call).

  35. Hi Miriam,

    When are you bringing out your recipe book and will it be availiable in the UK?

  36. Hi there Melanie, thanks for your comment. I am in the process of finding out that news myself. My book is all but complete and the next step/s for publication are being carried out. I promise that I will let you know when I get the news – and yes, it most certainly will/ought to be available in the UK. Very best to you, Miriam.

  37. Hi Miriam, Wow! I am simply amazed! Your recipes sound and look wonderful. I can’t wait to try them. I am on a 40 day Master Cleanse diet, so I won’t be eating for another 18 days, but I sure know what I will be trying when I CAN eat . . . your recipes. Thank you so much for being so kind in sharing them. I am having to go 100% plant based with my diet, so this will be a big help. I will let you know how things turn out. Thank you again for seriously whetting my appetite (smile). God bless you. Peace.

  38. I just know this is going to be delicious,can’t wait to try it! Hope it comes out as pretty as yours!

  39. Wanda Hi there, thanks for your wonderful comment and hope your fast is going well – I imagine one loses a certain amount of weight on these fasts, and let us know about the benefits you have experienced once you finish (in a fortnight or so, I imagine – any headaches as a side effect ?). Anyway I look forward to your trying my recipes out since you are tempted by them. Meantime cheers to you !

  40. Anne-Marie Larsen

    Just found you, am going to try some of your recepies, looks soooooooooooooo good!
    Hugs from Denmark

  41. Anne- Marie Hi and welcome to my food blog – how wonderful to have your comment and look forward to your future comments on my recipes – have fun exploring the categories and enjoy ! Very Best to you !

  42. Hi Miriam! I made this today for my parents and me, just had to leave out the garlic, because we were invited somewhere afterwards 😉 I only had regular spaghetti and only one tomato, so I added some dried tomatoes. It was delicious! Love your site, I’ll definitely try some of your other recipes, too!

  43. Hi there Miri, great to hear from you again – wonderful result there, and I look forward to your future comments too – thanks for loving my site, it brings me joy to know so ! cheers !

  44. Loved this! Made it last night and nearly ate the whole thing but saved it for lunch today at work…only another hour before I can eat it! Cant wait!

    Mel xx

  45. Very very yummy..Im looking forward to cooking some of your other recipes!

  46. Amanda Hi and welcome to my site. I am glad you enjoyed this recipe and equally look forward to your comments on my other ones once you try them. Cheers to you !

  47. Hi Miriam, I finished my Master Cleanse and it was a great benefit to me. I lost about 30 pounds and a few unwanted parasites (literally). I had a serious problem with my left shoulder and thought that I was going to lose my range of motion because I was unable to use it due to serious pain (I slept on it wrong, and over a year later, it was still hurting and only getting worse). After about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks on the Master Cleanse, my pain was nearly gone! By the end of it, the pain was completely gone. Amazing! I am so glad that I did the cleanse. It was really worth it. I will be trying your recipes soon (have to get my finances in order). I can’t wait. They look so delicious. Again, thank you so much for all of your generosity in providing them to us all. God bless you. Peace

  48. Dear Wanda, welcome to my site and thanks for your news and sorry to hear about your past history with pain – happy to hear that you are no longer engaged in any pain, thank goodness for that, as pain can be so very debilitating. I sure look forward to your future comments and you are welcome to try out whatever you wish – remember to go on my category section for more. Cheers to you in the meantime.

  49. Hello Miriam. I am making this recipe tonight. I am confused cooking with grams. I don’t know how much 200g of pasta is and how much 250 grams of cheese is. Could you help with measuring in cups etc.? Thank you for your help!

  50. Hi Ciara and thanks for your comment – I don’t have a conversion table of grams to cups for pasta I am afraid – all our pasta here comes in packets of 500grams and I can’t guess either, and since it’s thin spaghetti, it’s even more difficult, at a guess just under 3 cups. Vegan grated cheese at a guess 2 and a half cups would do the job. Sorry I can’t be of more help here. Hope it turns out fine. Cheers !

  51. Looking forward to making this! I usually try being vegan without the meat or dairy impersonators, but I’ll give this a go!

  52. Hi Lori, thanks for your comment – hope you make and enjoy this dish ! Cheers !

  53. Delicious! Made this last night. My husband just loved it!

  54. Hi Janna and thanks for your comment – so glad your husband liked this bake – great thing is you can make it again. It is a very popular dish in my household, so much so that I usually make a large dish of it, so that I have dinner ready for the next day also. Cheers to you and look forward to your future comments on some other of my recipes of your choice !.

  55. Miriam hello and thank you for sharing such wonderful sounding vegan dishes!!! I have been vegetarian for about 2mos now, however, have decided to become total vegan this past 2wks, and still am learning a lot, my one concern is that I am also trying to watch my caloric intake as well and would find it extremely helpful if you could post the nutritional value of your recipes. I have all the ingredients except the provamel for this recipe, I do have almond milk, unsweetened, could I use this in place of that? Regards and many thanks! Meliss

  56. Hi, Mirian! First time on this site – through a link on FB for this recipe. Site looks wonderful and can’t wait to explore! Just a question regarding vegan cheese for the recipe. You mentioned to Loliloa that you’d send her some cheese recipes. Just wondered if one couldn’t take silken tofu and add nutritional yeast to make a cheese sauce? I have vegan cheese here, but use it sparingly. Sure don’t want to turn into a cheeseaholic again!!! (Main carnist diet downfall!) I also don’t need the fat now that I’ve lost 65 lbs!

  57. Melissa Hi & welcome to my site – great to have you here & congratulations on deciding to become vegan ! Now, just wanted to mention that as far as Provamel is concerned which I don’t think is sold in the States, you can replace it with any vegan cream that may be used for cooking (I don’t think the almond milk is going to be thick and creamy enough, unless you make your own almond cream (1 cup of blanched soaked almonds powerfully processed with a cup of cold water – process until thick and add half a teaspoon of agave if you have it). As for the nutritional value of each recipe, I am unable to allocated the time for this I’m afraid. That said, as a UK qualified nutritionist I never suggest calorie counting to any body – I do however, always propose healthy eating in the main (with the odd allowance for a dessert/treat – usually on the weekends, and even that I try to keep healthy). The trick with weight loss is 1. Healthy Eating. 2. Portion control. 3. Exercise – movement. It’s a common denominator for weight control and if taken seriously is a great way of losing the weight and maintaining that weight loss permanently. Hope this helps.

  58. Hi there Patrice and welcome to my site ! Here is a useful book for making your own cheese
    Meantime, this recipe together with my cheesy frittata and pizza are the only 3 recipes that can really do well if you can indeed get hold of vegan cheese. That said, you can do a 50-50 for this recipe as follows – grate half the amount that I suggested in my recipe. Then take 1 cup of silken tofu and process it with a handful of cashew nuts, 1 garlic clove, a few drops of lemon juice and 1 and a half tablespoons of nutritional yeast – in fact at this point add the grated cheese (half of what the recipe asks for) and use that as your ‘cheese’. It’s of course much faster to grate the vegan cheese for this dish without having to make your own – the idea being that you can prepare a bake that tastes delicious and doesn’t take much time to prepare (especially on those busy days). Finally, this recipe is for those days where one would otherwise crave a cheezy dish and here’s one without the dairy ! It’s still all cholesterol free and that’s very rewarding and fun too – hope you enjoy it. Look forward to your future comments. Cheers to you !.

  59. excuse me if I sound clueless, I am new to the vegan cooking scene. in your ingredients for this dish, it requires vegan margarine, but it does not say how much. is that for the greasing of the bowl? and is the olive oil just for drizzling on the top, before it goes in the oven? cause it says drizzle some more on top and I’m not sure if there is suppose to be some already in it. there was not an amount listed.

  60. Deborah Hi there – the margarine is 1 tablespoon and should be added in the pasta once you have added the pasta to the cooking oven dish, then make all according to recipe, and yes, drizzle the olive oil on the top of the dish prior to it going in the oven – it will help keep it moist but at the same time create a nice crunchy crust for the sides and top – whilst the centre of the dish retains some moisture and softness in texture. Let me know how it goes and enjoy !
    Cheers !

  61. it was delicious! I am not a big cook so I needed every step told to me I guess. lol
    I used soy creamer instead of vegan cream. I couldn’t find the cream, but it turned out very well, I thought. i thoroughly enjoyed it. THX

  62. Deborah Hi, that’s wonderful awesome news – so glad you enjoyed it – the soy creamer would have been perfect, so a win-sin situation. Cheers to you and thanks for your comment too !.

  63. Hi,

    This is in the oven now I bet it will be good! I noticed in your instructions you said to save half the tomatoes and basil but then you said in the next section to top with the basil, and left out tomato. Also it would be helpful to have cauliflower piece size for those of us (me!) who like to know every little detail 🙂 Thanks for the great recipe! Olivia

  64. Olivia Hi there and welcome. I do hope in the event that you enjoyed my recipe that you prepared – it’s always the case with all cooking, ie bottom line was it enjoyed ? I re-read my instructions and cannot say that I would change them – you use half the amount and set aside for a moment until the next step, and then you add those ingredients on the top. Now, with regards to the size of the cauliflower, I mentioned that too, and I also say to use the florets, which are usually the same size in most cauliflowers. Cheers to you !.

  65. Hi Miriam….Just wanted to let you know I made this on the weekend and everyone enjoyed it. Couldn’t get a commercial vegan cream so I made my own cashew nut cream and it worked perfectly. Thanks for a great website!

  66. Hi Lesley and thanks for your wonderful comment, and you’re welcome. You did well to make your own cashew nut cream, and indeed it works enormously well – remember that such a cream can be used for other dishes (such as my tortellini recipe with mushrooms too, just a thought). Cheerst to you and look forward to your future comments on my blog !.

  67. I’ve had this up on my screen for days now because I dont want to loose it before I can get the ingredients lol. I start drooling every time I see it. THANK YOU!

  68. Hi there Sydney, welcome to my site – thanks for dropping by. I hope you make this soon and enjoy this recipe – do drop by again with your feedback. Enjoy and Cheers to you !

  69. Awesome recipe! I can’t wait to make it. Both my daughters are milk-protein sensitive so I have had to eliminate dairy completely, but this recipe has everything they love and can safely eat. Thank you!

  70. Chris Hi there and welcome to my site. Thanks for popping by with your comment. I do hope your girls enjoy this recipe and I hope to post down a couple of very good non-dairy milk recipes of mine on this blog soon – they are awesome and can be used on top of cereal, made into white sauces and can be also made into ‘milk’ shakes, smoothies you name it ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers to you !

  71. Miriam,
    I just came across your site today and boy-oh-boy am I glad I did!!
    I switched to a vegan diet 2 months ago, from 44 yrs omni(cold-turkey…no pun). My fiancé joined the ranks a month after and we are loving it!
    My 16 yr old son however is starting to balk… Can you suggest any kid-friendly dishes to help show him the light? Lol
    Ps I’m making this for dinner tonight, and I’m going to try the chocolate cheesecake this weekend!

  72. Hi there Beth and welcome to my site. Well, well you really are doing fantastic from what you said – you must be proud ! Glad all is going well for you and hubby. Now, your 16 year old son, Mmm, what type of non-vegan food does he like in terms of pasta ? rice ? etc ? If I have a clue I will be better placed to make suggestions. Or at least let me know what he won’t and does not like the taste of – then I may be slightly better equipped to make a few suggestions. We’ll get there, no worries – I have helped many cross the bridge with patience. Cheers to you !

  73. I made the recipe! Its was delicious! unfortunately I forgot the basil, so I will try it again. I took some photos for u, I added Quinoa for protein, and I had to use silk (plain) coffee creamer as in the USA we dont have good vegan cream like other countries do! Thanks so much! My tip, is that it is EVEN BETTER the next day!!!

  74. I am not a vegetarian or a vegan but I am always looking for great meatless recipes. This looks delicious! I have a question though…do you bake this in a 9×13 dish or a smaller casserole dish? I’ll have to pick off the tomatoes for my 10 year old son (he doesn’t like them) but it looks like a recipe that the whole family will enjoy. My 2 year old enjoys most all foods. I hope to try it out this weekend! I just found this through pinterest but I will definetly be trying some of your other recipes. Thanks!

  75. The cauliflower cheese pasta bake is always a hit. I didn’t even like cauliflower until I tried this. The kids, who are not vegan, love it too. Sooo creamy and lucious and crunch at the same time. Definitely a favorite of mIne.

  76. I bought all of the ingredients for this today. I am trying this! Looks fantastic! Thank you!

  77. damn, your pictures are I-N-S-A-N-E!!! all of them! you’re really skilled, honey! :-))) ♥♥♥

  78. Hi there Anna and welcome here – many thanks for popping by with your wonderful compliment, I shall promise to walk on air today, and look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Cheers !

  79. Hi Scott, hope you enjoy this recipe – let me know how it goes !!! Cheers to you !!!

  80. Sharon Hi there and thanks for popping by here with your comment. I am delighted to hear that this is a family favourite and that the kids love it too (I know my 5 year old daughter loves it too) – I look forward to your future comments on my blog and Cheers to you !!!

  81. Dear Cynthia Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for popping by here with your comment. Yes a 9 X 13 dish will do. I do hope that the whole family will enjoy this – also there are other pasta dishes, soups etc here that families have thoroughly enjoyed, so take your pick (the curries are a winner too and quite easy to make). Cheers to you and let me know how it all goes, good luck !!!

  82. Hi made this for Christmas and was told by a non vegan family member that this was the only dish that he went back for seconds! Be careful not to over cook the angel air pasta since it will be baking in the oven.

  83. Alyssa Hi there again and thanks for your comment here. Good to see that a non-vegan went back for seconds, it’s always gratifying knowing this ! Thanks again and best wishes !

  84. Hi Miriam,
    Can you recommend a vegan cheese for this recipe? I have not yet found one I like.

  85. What temperature do you heat the oven to?

  86. Hi there Jessica. The oven temperature needs to be high so it crusts – remember all the ingredients are already cooked, so the ‘cheese’ needs to melt, and the surface needs to crust. So I would say 200% until it turns to a deep gold colour, unless you prefer it otherwise. Best wishes and let me know how it goes. Cheers !

  87. Erica Hi there and I understand your frustration with the vegan cheeses out there. If you are in Europe UK I suggest Sheese. If you are in the States or Canada Daiya cheese – these are the two best from what I have heard. I have tried Sheese and it’s far more acceptable than the others around in Europe. That said, I make my own cheeses, and my best ones will be found in my upcoming book next April (published by Random House) – they are very easy to make and very tasty and they melt too !!! Best wishes your way.

  88. Loved by all at dinner this evening. Thanks again!

  89. That’s great news Tina and I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way !

  90. Miriam, will this recipe be in your upcoming cookbook? I’m beginning to think it will be a very good purchase! I love all your recipes and although some of them have more fat than I normally use, I have been able to adapt most of them very well. LOVE your gourmet take on vegan and your luxurious approach to making food yummy! Thank you so much! I will report back soon as I am making this dish tonight… I just happened to have a cauliflower that needed a recipe plus huge pots of basil on my patio that needed to be trimmed!

  91. Hi there Mary – many thanks for your kind comment. In answer to your question about this recipe being featured in my upcoming book – the answer is yes it will. There will be many new recipes that are outstandingly delicious and I look forward to your comment on this recipe (the nicer the vegan cheese the better, and the crunch on the top of this dish is also what makes it yummy. Talking about cheese, my vegan cheeses will also be featured in my book). Let me know how this goes and I look forward to your future comments on my blog – best wishes your way in the meantime !

  92. Miriam! You are a genius! Wow, was this great!! I made a few adjustments based on our preferences but that is the great thing about your recipes… they are amenable to a bit of tinkering. I eliminated the oil and vegan margarine, used (vegan) Daiya Cheddar Shreds but used a little bit less. I didn’t have cherry tomatoes so cut several plum tomatoes into chunks and used those. I made a cream sauce with 1.5 cups soy milk and 1 Tbls flour seasoned with salt and pepper to use in place of the vegan cream. I mixed everything together at the beginning and sprinkled ground flax seed all over the top. The top became nice and crispy and under that the cauliflower, pasta, basil and gooey cheese was amazing! My mouth is watering again just thinking about it! I have been avoiding cauliflower because I didn’t know what to do with it. Now, I can’t wait to make this again. Thank you so much!!

  93. Oh… meant to add that I baked it in a 13×9 rectangular Pyrex baking dish at 385 degrees for 40 minutes and then dove in!

  94. Sounds great Mary !

  95. Mary Hi there and thanks for your wonderful and detailed feedback. I wish there were more people like you in this world – flexible, diverse and unique in your outlook – sounds like what you concocted further to this dish really worked well, kudos to you for that. BTW you can make this with spinach and also with broccoli ! I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes your way !

  96. Ooooh! Great idea about using the other vegetables! I also have a big bunch of broccoli sitting in my fridge that I bought on sale this week… This will be my next project. Thank you so much!

  97. Mary Hi – you must try my broccoli and coconut soup – everybody loves it – one cannot barely taste the coconut but together they make a great soup ! Cheers !

  98. I will definitely try the soup! Thank you for all the great tips!

  99. Let me know how it goes Mary !

  100. This looks absolutely delicious and a nice change from plain old cauliflower cheeze! I’ll be looking out for a cauliflower when I go shopping tomorrow! Thanks!

  101. Penny Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for your comment and i look forward to your feedback on this recipe and many others. Meantime best wishes your way !

  102. Hello 🙂 Just made this casserole using all ingredients. Loved that the cheeze melted so yummy. Even using fresh basil I didn’t find it as flavorful as it sounded. I’ll make it again for sure,but will put more something,something in. Thankyou for all your great recipes,they are all easy to put together. You r awesome 🙂

  103. Kay Hi there. Thanks for your comment. Regarding the strength of flavour, you could use either a stronger flavoured cheese, or simply add more to the dish, increase your garlic, salt and basil and add a touch of chilli – that should do the trick. Everybody is different in terms of personal preference so adjusting a few ingredients to meet those needs is fine. Hope this helps and cheers to you !

  104. Michael (from Facebook)

    Shared on Facebook! 🙂

    Thanks Miriam for this delightful casserole! 🙂

  105. I made this for dinner last nite and it was DELISH! Filling and easy enough to prepare. Thank you so much, I just LOVE this site and can’t wait to try more recipes.

  106. Hi there Laurie. You really picked a great dish to make, both for taste and simplicity in terms of it being easy to prepare as you said ! I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog and feel free to join our new upcoming monthly newsletter (if you haven’t already) it will have recipe updates, vegan tips, info and much more – our 1st one is due out in a couple of weeks time. Enjoy !

  107. You say to use Vegan Cream, but I am not a total Vegan (I still use eggs and dairy products but no meat) and don’t have the money to go get any special ingredients. Is there a product I can use to imitate this cream that I would have at home?

  108. Christine Hi. If you blend half a cup of (pre-soaked and drained) cashew nuts with 3/4 of a cup of cold water you have your cream there – be sure to process it until smooth and you have yourself affordable cream without the cholesterol and pleasant for cooking.

  109. Hi Miriam,

    Thank you for your amazing free recipes. I love your website 🙂 I made this pasta bake for my family this evening for the first time and they LOVED it. So yummy and easy. I used wholewheat penne and added the cauliflower leaves too (I always use them anyway whenever I cook cauliflower, so my family are used to eating them). I just needed to put them in the steamer about 4 mins before the florets, as they are a bit tougher, so take bit longer to cook. Then added them to the recipe. Delicious!!

  110. Thanks there claire and so happy you all enjoyed it. Best wishes your way ! 🙂

  111. Nola Fehrenbach

    Do you have a recipe for a non coconut vegan cream please?

  112. Nola Hi there, I have not yet posted up a vegan cream cheese as yet, but it’s in my mind to do so in the near future. Meantime, if you come across anything you can always substitute it with any other oil you prefer. Best your way ! 🙂

  113. Miriam! Just finished this beauty for dinner … it was so good! You never fail to make fabulous recipes (and I love that there are leftovers for quite a long time!). Cheers!

  114. I have never heard of cauliflower in a pasta. So when I saw this recipe, I was very curious. I tried it last weekend and I must say me and my family really loved the taste. I am really thankful to you for posting such a mouth watering recipe.

  115. Thank you so very much Amelia for dropping by here and I am delighted that you made and enjoyed this dish. I hope you continue to enjoy my recipes and I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  116. My children crave for pasta with lots of cheese all the time and I get tired convincing them to eat vegetables too which are good for their health.But my stubborn kids always turn a deaf ear to me.My excitement knew no bounds when I came across this recipe as I can conveniently mix cauliflower and few more veggies in the pasta keeping my kids in oblivion.I will make sure to chop veggies well to avoid it being recognised by my kids.It is a win-win situation for both a mother and her kids to have a perfect healthy food in the form of pasta with vegetables.

  117. Katelyn Hi there. I get you all the way ! Check out my most recent post with caulflower cheese pizza, my 7 year old fussy daughter loved it. Many of my recipes are kid friendly. Let me know how it all goes as and when ! 🙂

  118. I do not like cauliflower. In fact I hate it. But my husband is just the opposite. He loves cauliflower and always pesters me to cook it at home. I was just browsing for recipes using cauliflower and found this. I will try this out this weekend. I hope it turns out well.

  119. Hi there Lee, it’s a funny thing with cauliflower, love it or leave it for most people. Tip : – Be sure to add some good vegan cheese and salt to this recipe and hope your husband enjoys it as many others have on this post ! 🙂

  120. So glad you enjoyed them Sydney. The pics did not come through. Also apologies for the delay in answering this comment but this message went into my ‘others folder’ hope you have made and enjoyed this recipe. 🙂 And look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂


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