The Perfect Vegan ‘Beef’ Wellington Roast

This recipe is from my book entitled ‘Mouthwatering Vegan’ – and it is indeed ‘The Perfect Vegan Wellington/Roast’ – proud to say the 1st of it’s kind – a vegan Beefless Vegan Wellington Roast, having conceptualised it last year (2010).  We loved this – If you are having non-vegan guests for Christmas or any other special occasion, and are keen to impress them, whilst ensuring they have that wonderful satisfied, full feeling after their dinner, then this is the perfect roast to present – also ideal for a Sunday roast special.  When I created this roast I wanted to make something akin to a ‘traditional thinking’ type of roast – a little like a minced beef wellington, except this is a mouthwatering vegan wellington,  100% vegan and  without compromising the taste – so I wore my wizard hat in the kitchen and got working. The result was outstanding – it worked, boy oh boy, this worked – on every level. Taste, texture, colour, aroma, presentation, you name it, and IT hit the mark.  Serve it up with crunchy potatoes (the potatoes are made express, scroll down for the recipe), all the trimmings – roast carrots, parsnips and whichever greens take your fancy, and my Creamy Cognac Sauce to pour over, if you wish.  An added bonus – it’s reasonably easy to make, and does not take as long as you may think.  Oh, and I forgot to say, it cuts beautifully (no mess).

Tip:- I used 6 dates and 3-4 tsp of agave syrup – as I wanted to marry a slight sweet taste with the savoury flavour, but, since many people’s preference differs, feel free to use a little less – the secret is to taste the mixture before adding the agave. Remember it is designed to be a little sweet.  Prepare the filling a day in advance to save time, plus the taste will settle even more overnight.  Also, if you have purchased your puff pastry frozen, let it thaw out in the refrigerator on a plate the night before too.

Serves 4


  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 1 cup chopped onions
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 2 large portobello mushroom, chopped
  • 1 cup crushed walnuts
  • 1½ cups vegan burger processed in blender, or soya mince tvp (I use Linda McCartney Veggiemince myself)
  • 2 tsp carob powder
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon powder
  • less than ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
  • ½ tsp marmite (yeast extract)
  • 1 tsp fine garlic granules
  • 1 tsp fine sea salt
  • 3-4 tsp agave syrup, or dark brown sugar
  • ½ cup hot water
  • 6 dates, chopped
  • 1 cup of grated vegan ‘cheese’ of your choice that melts (optional – just as great without it)
  • some fresh parsley, finely chopped
  • around 250g vegan puff pastry – buy a ready made brand


First chop all your vegetables.   Then, pour the oil in a non-stick saucepan, and heat for a few seconds. Add the onions, and stir for a minute or so, followed by the mushrooms – allow to cook for a few minutes until they soften.

Now add the garlic and the walnuts, stir for a minute or so, and then add the vegan mince (soya, or other of your choice, so long as it’s vegan).  Mix until everything blends together, and cover for a few minutes. If the mixture is too dry, add a little olive oil, or a tiny amount of water, and then add the dates.

Next, in a cup add the carob powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, marmite (or other yeast extract), sea salt, agave/sugar, pour in the hot water, and mix well with a teaspoon.  Pour this mixture into the mince, and ensure the flavours are properly absorbed.  I would lower the heat at this point, and allow the mixture to cook for a further 10 minutes or so.   Then taste it for salt, etc.  Take off the heat,  and leave to cool (around 30 minutes).

Once your mixture has cooled down, it’s time to roll out the pastry. Roll onto a clean surface that has been dusted with flour, into a large circle, approximately 10” in diameter.  Then spoon the mince mixture in the centre of the pastry, and place your vegan mozzarella slices and the parsley on top of it.  Start rolling the pastry closest to you away from you, and then continue to roll the entire ‘loaf’ away from you until it seals itself, leaving about an inch clear without filling on either side, so that you can close it up.  You may need to adjust it a little, so that it resembles a loaf shape, before finally closing the ends.

Grease an oven dish, and carefully lift the loaf into it (I used 2 large metal spatulas).  Then, using a sharp knife, score diagonal ‘wedges’ into it, as per picture.

Finally, brush on some dairy-free milk (I used my nut milk), sprinkle on some rosemary, and place in a hot oven 200C for half an hour, or until it’s golden.

Take out, and allow to cool for 10 minutes before serving onto warm plates.  Serve with my Cognac Sauce (see below), that can be made a day ahead (just heat up, and place in a gravy jug), roast veggies and the trimmings, and voila – you have a masterpiece ready for your ultimate pleasure.

Bon Appetit !


Depending on quantity, I used 2 large and 1 medium potato – place in microwave until softened.  A few minutes later, when slightly cooled, peel them with a sharp knife.

Next, cut them up into large pieces, and fry them in olive oil until golden.  Remove onto a plate lined with thick kitchen roll, and place in an oven dish.  Sprinkle on some garlic salt and rosemary – and place in the oven whilst roast is cooking.  Before serving on the table, remove the potatoes with tongs (as they will be hot), and place round the sides of the roast – they will look magnificent !


  • 1 cup soya cream, or other vegan equivalent
  • 1 tsp vegan margarine
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 tsp mild English mustard
  • 1 tsp veg granules/powder
  • 1 tsp crushed black pepper
  • 1 tsp cognac
  • flat leaf parsley, finely chopped (for garnishing)


Place the margarine and garlic in a non-stick pan, and stir on a medium heat for a minute or so. Then slowly start adding the cream, and as it starts to bubble away, add the remaining ingredients.  Lower the heat and allow to simmer for 2 minutes before serving.

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  1. This looks lovely Miriam, and I think it just may feature on my Christmas table this year.
    Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  2. Am often a bit frightened of cooking with pastry, for some reason my filling mostly simply refuses to stay put, always finding a way to squeeze out – very annoying.

    This looks fantastic though – so will give this a try. I love cooking with TVP and always add grated mushroom and crushed walnuts to the mix. Made a moussaka using this method and my non-vegan friends had no idea that they were eating a vegan meal.

  3. Hi Barbara and thanks for your comment, I understand your concern with pastry. I think you will be fine with this recipe – you have the option of making and baking it a day ahead, refrigerate it and then cut it up cold and heat on the serving plates in the microwave. I was fine with this one, it cut well, but it’s best to leave it for a few minutes on a board once taken out of the oven – make sure your knife is sharp before cutting, and that you have a good metal spatula to assist the ‘pick-up’ – the filling is reasonably thick and contained within the pastry, so you should be fine. The taste is sublime and I look forward to your comments once you have tried it. Cheers to you.

  4. Sonya Hi there and thanks for your wonderful comment – I would be delighted, as would your guests at the table if you served this Special Xmas Roast – it really won’t let you down, quite the reverse – if so, let me have your feedback as and when, the crunchy potatoes help to add to the texture and compliment this dish wonderfully. Best to you.

  5. I love this page — living with a Vegan has been hard a lot of stuff I can’t get my self to eat but EVERYTHING I have tried on this page is awesome Thanks for a job well done, My hubby is very happy

  6. Daryl Hi there and thanks so much for your wonderful comment and of course welcome to my blog too ! I am delighted that you love my blog/page and that your hubby is also happy. Do let me know how it goes, and if you have any questions I am here to help you. In the event that you decide to make this roast (and it’s not a difficult one to make, when I created it I was bearing in mind how busy people are around this time, that I must be practical, whilst at the same time create something that will make the Xmas lunch a memorable one) – kindly let me know how it goes if you make it this Xmas, would be great to hear back from you as and when Daryl. Cheers to you !

  7. I would LOVE to try this for my Christmas Day dinner BUT my husband is allergic to walnuts. What would be a complementary nut substitute?

  8. This looks amazing – but what is an appropriate yeast extract substitute for marmite?

    Thank you!

  9. Hi there Heidi, thanks for your comment. Well, here are a few other nuts that could be substituted for walnuts :- pecans, roasted hazelnuts, roasted almonds and brazils – or a mixture of 2 of them would be great. Let me know how it goes as and when. Enjoy !

  10. Hi Barbara – Marmite, Vegemite, Aussiemite and a few others are all yeast extracts /Users/miriamsorrell/Desktop/thumbnail.aspx.jpeg – so google what they sell in your part of the world in terms of Yeast Extract (or call your nearest health food store and enquire with them) – here is a link with a little info Yeast extract is sold in most parts of the world – UK, Australia, US etc. Hope you find it, let me know if you have not – it’s very useful in a Vegan Kitchen Barbara, so it’s well worth the look. Cheers to you and hope you make this wonderful delicious Roast for Xmas !

  11. Good Morning Miriam,

    As always, I LOVE the sound of this recipe. I do have a quick question if you don’t mind. I have children with “seven pages of allergies”, and all of your recipes are so well adapted for us here. One of their biggest allergies is to soy … I am not sure what the soy substitute is and all the vegan burgers I can find, have soy in them. Is there a safe dairy free, soy free, egg free alternative you can think of so I can make this recipe? I would be grateful for the help.

    Always in friendship,
    Crystal aka VeggieMomma

  12. HI there Crystal and thank for your comment. There are a few burgers which are soya free – Redwood is one brand name, Sunshine Burgers is another, here is the link for them, I believe they are sold in Canada – store locations –
    I do hope this helps – if not you may have to use the amount that I have suggested of cooked short grain rice mixed with nuts, in this instance a mixture of chopped roasted pecans and hazelnuts. Cheers to you, and let me know how it goes !

  13. WOW!! Really?? Just when I think I couldn’t be more impressed with your culinary talents, you bring me this ♥ ♥ ♥ FANTASTIC!! I want some right now, for breakfast!! Thanks so much Miriam xox

  14. Miriam,

    What would I EVER do without you! I have taken the time to try and find the items that you mentioned here and I have been not having any luck. I think I may do a trial run with some rice and see how that goes.

    I will keep you posted, for sure. So wonderful to have you in my little corner of the world.

    Biggest of hugs and always in friendship,

    Crystal (reg. holistic nutritionalist)
    aka VeggieMomma

  15. Cyrstal Hi there and thanks millions for your wonderful comment. Let me know what you did not find and I will make a couple of suggestions – I so want you to enjoy this dish. It is also great for me to have people like you on my blog – it’s one of the few aspects of technology that I embrace, it’s quite something being able to reach out to people that matter who are on the other side of the world – communication via the internet, or FB, just is so comforting to know. Huge hug to you too !!! Miriam.

  16. This recipe looks so, so yummy. I would love to make it for Christmas dinner but what can I substitude for puff pastry since I am gluten sensitive?

  17. This is delicious! My friend and I made it for a potluck. Most people skipped the Turkey ♥

  18. This looks wonderful. A few questions..can I use nutritional yeast? I have crohns, can’t eat nuts but ground..would there still be a problem with that? Also can I substitute anything for the cognac? We don’t use anything like that.

  19. Hi MacKenzie, that’s super news – thanks for that and it’s always a big compliment when people who eat meat and veg opt for the vegetarian choice, in this case my vegan roast creation. Thanks for your comment and best to you !

  20. Victoria Hi there and thanks for your comment – now I have not made a gluten free puff pastry before, but here is a link that has a recipe for you, it’s not vegan, so to veganize the recipe by using vegan margarine or vegan butter (Earth Balance or another make), the rest of the ingredients there are non-dairy, so you should be fine. Hope this helps and I very much look forward to your comment as and when (after Xmas I guess !) Tip, prepare your pastry a day or so in advance, don’t leave all the work for Xmas morning. Best to you !

  21. Linda Hi there and welcome to my blog. Thanks for that. Sure you can use nutritional yeast. As for the nuts, by all means have them ground that’s fine too. As for the Cognac, omit it, just add some finely chopped parsley instead and the cream and garlic will do the rest. I think you’re in the ‘green’ zone here, so all should work well Linda. Let me know after Xmas how it all went. Cheers to you !

  22. Food/L/International – you’re welcome – that’s a wonderful comment – thank you so much !

  23. I think a lot of our vegan and veggie customers will be trying this for Christmas Miriam

  24. Hi there Leicester Wholefoods – thanks for your comment – I do think you are probably right and hope to have their feedback after Xmas too. All the best to you !

  25. do you have a book out? if you don’t you really need one. Your recipes and pictures are always great. Easy to understand and execute. Thank you so much for inspiring me…..

  26. Hi there Maritza and welcome to my site – thank you so much for your very kind comment. I will be havinga book out and will let you know when and more early next year. Do come back and comment when you wish – Cheers to you in the meantime ! (Hope you enjoy this recipe).

  27. That looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for your wonderful recipes Miriam!

  28. Brigitte Hi there and welcome – thanks for your comment and look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers to you and hope you enjoy the recipe (let me know how it goes as and when).

  29. I am so making this for Christmas Miriam! All your recipes are so amazing. What’s so great about this site too is the gorgeous photos! I don’t know about anyone else but for me what makes me want to cook a recipe is seeing a photo of the finished product. I won’t even purchase a cookbook w/ no pics. Your photos are amazing…your presentation SUPERB! I will be sharing this far & wide….especially to my friends who are vegan-curious. Keep up the great work Miriam! xoxo

  30. Tania Hi there and thanks very much indeed for this superb comment – I will be awaiting your feedback on it too (post Xmas). I agree with you regarding the photos, they just have to be there, and I take my own pics (I love photography, in particular of food). I do hope that more meat-eating people realize just what a choice and variety of non-meat delicious recipes can be created to suit everybody’s appetite. There are many meat eaters I have met that cook my food too, and this is on the increase. The other thing is also that more and more people are realizing just how hazardous it is for their health, and so are becoming increasingly more open to the alternatives. The key and secret to every successful meal is passion and full-on taste – I give these priority. Thank you so much, you’ve made my day !

  31. Hi Miriam,

    This recipe was posted on my Facebook group, and I am very excited about it! I am going to give it a try in the next few days with a few substitutions. As I have a nut allergy I will be using crushed raw pumpkin seeds, and instead of the veggie burger I will be using frozen and crumbled tofu.

    I will keep you posted as to how it turns out.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to looking around your page.

    Wee Selkie

  32. Hi there Wee, welcome to my site – thanks for your comment – I mention a ‘burger’ as everytime I say vegan mince people don’t always know what I mean – soya mince – TVP will do the job spot on. Yes, do let me know how it goes. Cheers to you and look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best.

  33. Oh my, oh my, oh my..I need to get to the grocery store stat, what fabulous looking recipes, I cannot wait to try them on my non-vegan friends! I sense a mass conversion this Christmas! ( the best gift of all)

  34. Hi Miriam! This recipe looks great. I was wondering if the dates used in the recipe are medjool dates? I think I may try this one out for a dinner. 🙂

  35. Monica Hi there and welcome to my blog – thanks for your comment, yes, the dates you mention are perfect. Let me know how it goes as and when. Cheers to you !

  36. Mary-Anne Hi there and welcome to my blog – many thanks indeed for your wonderful comment – I cannot wait for your feedback too – yes, a conversion is indeed the best gift of all I have to agree there. Enjoy the process and the taste and come by again and let me know how it all goes. Very Best to you !

  37. Hi again, Miriam! So I did indeed make this roast last night. Here’s my feedback:
    First, it was -so simple and easy- to make! The ingredients list isn’t necessarily intimidating but the idea of making a Christmas roast was new to me and I’d never done it before. Despite this, it was fun and quick to put together!
    Secondly, the filling tastes SO good! Really, really good…first I was just tasting for salt, but then I was tasting for…tasting…over and over. Thankfully I stopped myself before I ended up eating too much of it.

    My only feedback would be that the filling may have been a bit sweet, though maybe this had to do with me using maple syrup instead of agave nectar? I enjoyed the sweetness but someone at dinner did say it was a bit sweet and so he found it hard to eat too much of it, so maybe next time I’ll reduce the amount of sweetener and/or dates.
    Also, it was probably my soya mince (it’s a variety of ‘ground beef’ by Sojasun) but the texture wasn’t very ground ‘meat-y’ so next time I make it (and there will be a next time!) I will try using re-hydrated TVP granules for added texture.

    The only other sub I made was using cocoa powder instead of carob. I also forgot to add the parsley, the rosemary, or the non-dairy milk brushed on top of the pastry (and I also left out the vegan mozzarella), and it was awesome anyway.

    And that’s all! Thanks for a fabulous recipe.

  38. Monica Hi and welcome to my blog – many thanks to you for dropping by and leaving your feedback/comment here. Sweetness is something so personal truly as is salt – that’s why one must taste before sealing any recipe, you can put it in, but you cannot take it out if you know what I mean. I think you did fabulous given your ingredients. I prefer mine without the V/mozzarella personally – the herbs are important and bear in mind that chocolate instead of carob would have also added to the idea of sweetness. Over all I am glad you liked it and will make it again ! See how it goes next time too and pop by and let me know – from what you have said I think it might be perfect next time, as you are only a step away now with what you know. Cheers to you !

  39. Dear Miriam,

    This recipe is absolutely wonderfull – I made it tonight and it is devine!! I am also making this for christmas next week and I just know my relatives will be blown away, as was I! The recipe is so easy to make and I am so happy it turned out so well. I love, love, love the flavour of the portobellos with the sweetness of the agave syrup. I couldn’t find carob in the store so I also used cocoa powder, about half the measurement you listed and it worked really well. Thank you for this recipe!

  40. Hi Caroline and welcome to my site – thanks for dropping by with this wonderful comment and I am delighted to hear not only that you enjoyed the flavours of this dish so much, but that you will be making this again for Christmas next week – a total success story. I look forward to hearing back from you once you have tried out some other recipes too. The Chocoholic’s Cheesecake is another winner for Xmas dessert, many are making both these recipes that will be served on this special occasion. Best to you, Miriam.

  41. I’m not vegetaarian but love all foood that tastes and looks great! This is a keeper. It would also make great pinwheels for canapes, lucnhes etc. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Hi there Janet and welcome to my blog. Thanks for your comment. I do hope you get to try this and come back and comment too. Cheers to you !

  43. This is the recipe I was looking for! Thanks so much! It looks fabulous…I need something that I can make ahead of time. Looks like the mixture can be done ahead, then just roll it up Christmas day, yes? Can you tell me what “yeast extract” is?

    Thanks Miriam!


  44. Cindy Hi there, good to see you here again. Yes, this is perfect for what you require ‘making it ahead of time’ as that is what I recommend too if you see my new ‘Tip’ on the page, and as you so aptly put roll it up Christmas day. Now, yeast extract, I purchase marmite, there is a vegemite, and others – I don’t know what is sold in the States here are a couple of links that may help hope this helps. Health Food stores is your best bet Cindy. Let me know how it goes after the event (any further questions let me know), and I wish you a Happy Christmas Day !

  45. Hi again Miriam
    I’m going to make this! I’m just wondering- is the TVP the same volume when its dry as when its reconstituted? If not should it be 1& 1/2 cups of TVP when its dry?

  46. Marie, Hi again and am glad to hear you will be making this dish – I say use 11/2 cup of dried mince and add a little hot water to hydrate it, then follow the recipe. Let me know how it goes as and when and Happy Holidays to you.

  47. hi miriam,
    we are in the throws this christmas eve in our veggie/vegan household of making this delish dish, it smells truly wonderful. thanks for sharing this joy with the world. cannot wait to try it tomorrow x
    vegan hugs fitzy x

  48. I am making this recipe right now, Will let you know it goes !

  49. Wow, unbelievable good. Rich. I didn’t put anything on it. What flavor! I used half walnuts and half pecans. Yummm! I think next time I am going to do what someone suggested, line the pan with the pastry and then put a pastry “roof” on it. Delish!

  50. Made this today for Christmas dinner. In a word – awesome! I added diced celery with the onion, some sage and also some vegan gravy mix to further bind it. It tasted like Christmas and everyone loved it! Thanks for such a great recipe – it will become a staple in my holiday cooking. xx

  51. Hi Miriam
    I made this for today, making the mince part last night, and assembling and cooking the roast this morning. I got late notice that the other vegan person for lunch didn’t like TVP. I thought they probably wouldn’t even know thats what it was in this recipe, but in case “didn’t like” meant “doesn’t like the idea of”, I took it out. Replaced it with equal parts brown lentils, whole red lentils and chickpeas, which I minced up in the food processor. Did the rest the same (except needed to add more salt as it was a little sweet)& got some good comments- “it tastes like Christmas” being one of them! I enjoyed it as well. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes 🙂

  52. Amazing… I made it ahead of time will cook for final stage tomorrow on christmas day but I have to say I was weirded out by the combonation of ingredients before placing in the pastry I tasted the filling even made my non vegan mom taste it first LOL…its was so YUMMY i had to stop us both from finishing it off. I can not wait to finish cooking it and gobbling it up. I was actually scared to make it beacuse of the pastry but it was quick and easy I am in love with this one! Excellent job Miriam. P.S… none of my local stores carries soya cream or any vegan cream so I plan on using vegan sour cream..hope it works out! <3 Merry Christmas and Thank you !!

  53. Lorali Hi there and welcome to my site. Wow, what a great comment – sounds as though is all going according to plan and am delighted you love the taste, including your non-vegan mom, also sounds quite funny how you were both interacting with the food in the kitchen – and that’s exactly what it’s all about. You have done well and let me know how it all goes as and when ! Happy Holidays to you and your family 2012. P.S. I think the sour vegan cream should be fine.

  54. Hi there Marie and thanks for dropping by with your comment – you have taken it all in the best of ‘spirits’ with regards to the very late notice about your non-TVP guests, but I have to say, I am impressed at your attitude and enterprise here. Thanks for taking the time to mention the comments that you received and well done to you too !!! Happy Holidays and come back for more exciting recipes soon (will be posting them up in the New Year 2012) !

  55. Andy Hi there and thanks for popping by with your awesome compliment. I like your addition of ingredients and glad that everybody loved it, and glad it will become a staple in your holiday cooking – what could be better ?!! Happy Holidays Andy to you and your loved ones too !

  56. Carla Hi there and welcome to my site. Thanks so much for dropping by with your feedback. Sounds like it really went down well, what joy ! The advantage of it being rolled is that it cuts so nicely – with a top and bottom am not sure about the presentation of that, but it’s worth a try. Happy Xmas to you and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2012 too !

  57. Jennifer Hi there and welcome to my site – thank you for dropping by and I look forward to your feedback as and when. Cheers and enjoy !

  58. Hi there Fitzy, welcome here and thank you so much for dropping by with your ever-so-delightful comment ! It’s my pleasure sharing my recipes and when people like you drop by with such wonderful feedback, it makes it all so worthwhile. So drop by again and let me know how it goes as and when – meantime Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you and yours !

  59. Miriam Miriam Miriam!! I had the pleasure of enjoying this magnificent roast last night for xmas eve dinner and….What can i say….WOW!! Absolutely mouthwatering delicious!! I just wish we hadn’t finished it all cuz i really would have liked to have some as leftovers today. You are amazing Miriam…keep the yummy goodness coming!! :o)

  60. We had this today for our Christmas dinner. Awesome! We’ve already decided it will be our traditional Christmas Dinner from now on. We’ve even given it a name – Crimbo Welly. Crimbo is what Christmas is sometimes called in my home town of Liverpool, and Welly is short for Wellington as this recipe is something like a vegan alternative to beef wellington. 🙂

    Thanks for the recipe.

  61. Follow up… the sour cream for the sauce worked just fine and my daughter and o devored all most the whole thing… so yummy i think this roast will be a new tradition for us. Thanks again Miriam

  62. Lorali Hi there and great to hear back from you so soon – I am delighted that the sauce worked, vegan sour cream really is great for the sauce and am thrilled to hear that this roast will be your new tradition for you all, how wonderful ! All the best to you and come back again with your comments soon.

  63. Hi there Brian and welcome to my site – many thanks for popping by with your comments on your Christmas dinner – it sounds as though you all thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am most thrilled that you will be making this your traditional Christmas Dinner from now on – as for the name of it, well, I love it !!! My partner is English and says the name is excellent !!! Thumbs up all round. Do pop by again, and if you love chocolate, can I suggest you try my Chocoholic’s Cheesecake, I would love your feedback on that, that is if you love chocolate – if not no worries, I look forward to your future comments on my site. All the best to you and your loved ones for 2012.

  64. Hi there Tania, great to see you here – welcome – I am so very thrilled that you enjoyed this magnificent roast last night for your Xmas Eve Dinner – sounds like you had a great time and yes, I will keep them coming your way Tania. All the very best to you for 2012 and your loved ones too !

  65. Hi Miriam! I made this roast two days in a row for my guests along with the potatoes and they were both a hit! Super delicious. I did the gravy as well, but I did no0t have any cognac so I used Madeira instead and it worked. Thank you so much for these incredible recipes and thank you for being such an amazing inspiration. I love you, Miriam and all that you do. Keep up your amazing work. I will always support you!

  66. Hi Melissa, and many thanks for dropping by with your wonderful comment. I am delighted that you made this dish together with the potatoes and the sauce – good to know that the sauce worked so well with Madeira too. Thank you also for posting up your the pictures of the dish on my page which you surrounded with the wonderful trimmings that you prepared. An all round success it seems. Very, very best to you also for the New Year 2012 – Love & best wishes, Miriam.

  67. Hi Miriam,

    So, I made your fabulous roast for christmas like I planned. It was an instant hit with my family (all meat eaters except one niece). It was amazing, they went for seconds and thirds! I made two roasts so there was plenty for everyone to enjoy. I didn’t get to take any leftovers home because everybody else wanted a piece to go! I am so happy that I got to show my family how amazing vegan food is – thank you for this gift, it made my christmas! I’ll be coming back to your page often to try out some more of your recipies, next on my list is your Chocoholic’s Cheesecake! Again, thank you!

  68. Caroline Hi there and how wonderful to have your feedback and comments – an all round SUCCESS, I am delighted that your MEAT-EATING family loved this and had 2nds and 3rds. I also had this with a non-vegan who couldn’t stop saying how delicious it was. Sorry you had no left overs, but that is also music to my ears. Am glad your family realized that vegan food can be made to taste extra delicious, and that is what Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes is all about – thank you so much and look forward to your future comments on my site (go search for them in the Category section on my homepage – and I will be posting more in the next day or two).

    Finally, the Chocoholic’s Cheesecake is as awesome as the Roast in terms of taste ratings, but I shall let you be the judge of that, great choice you have made Caroline – and come back with your views on it.

    Meantime, Happy New Year 2012 to you and your loved ones !

  69. I made the holiday roast for christmas dinner and it was soooooo good!!! Every recipe on this website really is mouthwatering. I am looking forward to making as many of these different dishes as I can. Thank you so much, Miriam, for sharing your delicious, animal friendly recipes. XO

  70. Sarah Hi there and welcome here – wow, am so happy that you dropped by with your comment, but even happier that you enjoyed this roast. It cuts well and even better the day after. Thanks for your wonderful words to me, and it is people like you who make it all worthwhile. Come back with your other comments too, there are plenty of recipes to choose from. Cheers to you and Happy New Year 2012 to you and your loved ones !

  71. Thank you for such an amazing recipe. I have made a few dishes from your blog but this one really spurred me into commenting. I made this for our Christmas dinner and it was gorgeous. I used Redwood burgers as the mince and it worked very well. The dates added a subtle sweetness which made it all the more Christmasy (is that a word?). I somehow ended up with some spare filling so put it into ramekins with a pastry top to make little pies. I will definately be making this one again! 🙂

  72. I made this for christmas dinner and it was amazeing! Along with the potatoes I roasted carrots also. Best meal ever! Thank you Miriam!!

  73. Hi there Rachael and welcome to my site. So great to have your wonderful and detailed comment, I appreciate it. Yes, indeed Christmasy is the only word that can describe what the dates do for this roast – so glad that you enjoyed it and even greater that you made more in the ramekins, what a good idea. It certainly fits any festive meal and delighted to know you will make this again ! Do drop by again with your comments and all the best to you and your loved ones for 2012 !

  74. Shannon Hi there and thanks fro dropping by with your comment, how wonderful of you ! I am delighted truly that you have really enjoyed this roast ! Thanks for your super compliment too – Best meal ever ! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Shannon 2012 ! Cheers !

  75. I convinced my Mom to go along with an all Vegan Christmas this year by showing her this recipe. It turned out so well and all the non vegans ate it up!! I’m not sure what kind of Christmas dinner we would have had if I didn’t see your recipe – thank you! We used a large round dish and baked it up almost in a pie form. Amazing!

  76. Ashley Hi there and thanks so much for your wonderful comment – what a huge success for the non-vegans and mom too !!! Smiles all round in that case, well done to you too Ashley and come back with your future comments too (lots of recipes to choose from the category section) Cheers to you and Happy New Year 2012 to you and your loved ones !

  77. Stella dell'mattino

    Many thanks for this recipe! I tried it and it was very delicious! Sure I’ll make it again and again 🙂 Thanks!

  78. Hi there Stella and welcome to my site. Thanks so much for dropping by with your ever-so-wonderful comment and hope to see you on my blog again with your future comments. Happy New Year 2012 to you !

  79. I also made this for Christmas, it was delicious! I actually made it for two different Christmas events and it was popular at both! I found it a bit too sweet so didn’t add the agave or brown sugar, but aside from that – delish!! 😀 (it was a mouthwatering Christmas at our place, we followed with the chocoholics cheesecake!)

  80. Hi there Kate, that sounds great ! As with most of the savoury dishes I make, I always ask to taste before baking/serving, the reason being that the veggies used and or the grains make the dish itself a little on the sweet side, so best to add salt to suit your buds – the agave gives a good taste to it with the salt too, however, it sounds like a resounding success from what you have said and the choice of dessert must have rounded things off rather nicely. Thanks for dropping by with your comments and all the best to you and look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  81. Loved this recipe. Tasted really really good. Didnt miss a meat roast at all, its so good we are making it again today for another family member so they can see how yummy vegan cooking can be. Only sidenote for me, we used brown sugar, so go really easy on it if you use sugar instead of agave as it is really sweet. The sauce on top was just great ! Thanks for this recipe.

  82. Jennifer Hi there and welcome. Thank you for stopping by with your wonderful comment, great to hear your feedback and delighted to know that you not only enjoyed it so much, but that you are making this again for another (non-vegan) family member to sample this vegan dish – hopefully they may like it too (do let me know). Good point about the sugar Jennifer and glad you also enjoyed the sauce. Do drop by again and let me know how it all goes, Choc Cheesecake and all – Best !

  83. As a near-vegan with a mushroom allergy, and a fiance who hates ‘shrooms, is there something we can substitute for the portabellas here?

  84. Hi there Rebecca and welcome here – good question, since the mushrooms form an integral part of this dish, due to the juice it yields and the texture it gives, it’s very hard to emulate. That said, what you can do to make it interesting nonetheless is to add some pieces of softened potatoes and some baby peas, petite pois – the reason being that this dish would then become a ‘complete meal’ without the need for these as accompaniments. Or else go for something reasonably neutral but different such as pre-cooked spinach and then serve with potatoes and other vegetables of your choice. The last option would be eggplant/aubergine cut into small squares, this would work the best if you like this vegetable in the 1st place – like mushrooms it has a slight similar texture and yields it’s own juices too, whilst a the same time tastes great (if you like it). All that said a combination of 2-3 of these ingredients will also work. Sorry to give you so much choice. Come back and let me know how it goes. Best to you.

  85. Can’t wait to buy your book!

  86. Ruffina Hi there and welcome to my blog – thanks for popping by here with your comment – I shall make a note of your name and will let you know when my book will be out for sale – all that I ask is that you hang in there as it will be some months before it’s out there. Best to you and I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers !

  87. WONDERFUL website, Miriam, and so needed!! I deeply appreciate all the work you put into this..especially the education on being able to still enjoy delicious foods and be a vegan! The general public needs to know this! Here’s to teaching the world that one can enjoy the pleasures of food without contributing to horrific suffering of sentient beings both domestically raised and in the wild! God bless you!!

  88. Karen Hi there and welcome. Many thanks for dropping by here with your comment and views, much appreciated words and hoping that my recipes bring joy to the general public and also promote better health for individuals and the planet, whilst in the long term helping to decrease animal suffering. I think that veganism is gathering momentum and I believe that there is a growing demand for better health and a permanent demand for delicious food and that is what Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes is all about. All the very best to you too in all that you do Karen. Cheers !

  89. This is my husbands all time favorites! It is a little on the sweet side but we make it every chance we get! Yummy!

  90. Alyssa Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comments. Glad your husband and you have this as your all time favorite. Yes, one must adjust the sweetness according to one’s taste buds since we all differ in this area. Delighted to hear that you enjoy this every chance you get ! Cheers to you !

  91. I took this one as an inspiration for my Easter lunch. I filled it with mushroom and cashew cream and ate it with roasted potatoes and asparaguses seasoned with rosemary and thyme. Thanks.

  92. Hi there Vero, sounds great and glad you enjoyed it. Best wishes to you !

  93. Made this today. Your site is a godsend. I have only just turned veggie vegan so was worried how to keep husband happy too. He loved this recipe!! I did no agave/sugar. Added few drops of Lee n Perrins. Oh so lovely xxx Bless you xxxx

  94. Dear Clare, welcome here and many thanks for dropping by with your wonderful comment/feedback. I am delighted that your husband enjoyed this recipe too. I have many recipes (browse my categories) that fit the mark in terms of carbohydrate content (that most men just love and feel they need) and taste to keep everybody happy. As it happens you have picked one of the best vegan recipes to keep anybody happy, satisfying to both the stomach and the eye, as well as the wonderful aroma emanating from this roast. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog. Very Best to you !

  95. Hi Miriam, I have to write it.. This meal is so delicious!!
    Recipe seems to be a bit longer but if you are in process, it’s that easy and quick!!On the end mine dinner looked exactly like your and it was so tasty, that i couldn’t stop to eat it 😀 I can’t wait to cook this for lunch for all my family. I am sure, that non vegans will love it as well..It can be proper sunday lunch or meal for special occasions.. thank you

  96. Hi there Kamila and welcome here – many thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment. I am delighted that you have enjoyed this roast and yes, the non-vegans who have tried this recipe have all loved it (as you will see from other comments here, especially the ones that served it to their family over Christmas) – it’s great for any special occasion Kamila you are right ! I do hope you enjoy my other recipes and look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Best to you !

  97. I’m always after recipes like this for special occasions – this would be a great Christmas dinner! I just found your blog today and I’ll definitely be back next time I fancy making something vegan! (I’m only a vegetarian myself). I’m your newest follower 🙂

  98. Becca Hi there and welcome here – I hope you enjoy my recipes and look forward to your feedback as and when – Very best wishes to you in the meantime.

  99. This looks amazing. I really do not like walnuts or pecans. Is there another nut that I can substitute or does the texture of the walnuts matter?

  100. Anne Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for your comment. Regarding the nuts, 2 things. Firstly the nuts are barely detectable in terms of their taste, and it’s more for the texture that they are used. Secondly, you may omit them – if you do, then add the equivalent in more ground veg mince to make up the quantity. Do enjoy and let me know how it all goes. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  101. made this roast last night for my obnivore guests. It was amazing!!!! I left out the nutmeg and the agave syrup, also forgot totally about the sauce.
    Totally delicious – I will make this again this weekend for my Thanksgiving dinner!!!
    Thanks Miriam for all the incredible recipes!!! Keep up the good work!!

  102. Cassidy Hi there and welcome here. It sounds like you have had a resounding success there, kudos to you for making it. Try it with the sauce next time for extra moisture. Thanks for letting me have your feedback and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  103. Dear Miriam,

    This recipe has become a favorite to make for special occasions – I made it again for a dinner party last weekend and it was a big hit, which didn’t surprise me at all! I also made your ‘Best-Ever Chocoholics “Cheesecake”’ and ‘Lemon Zesty Cauliflower’ – Oh my, I just loved how those turned out as well, your website continues to be a wealth of inspiration for me. Thank you again for the wonderful recipes!

  104. Caroline Hi there once again and a super kudos goes to you today for preparing a choice of super mouthwatering dishes from my blog, preparing them, and making the time to return here with your feedback, all of which has been super ! I am sure you will become increasingly popular with your guests, friends and family for presenting them with these dishes and most of all I am grateful to hear that my site is of great inspiration to you. To that end I look forward to your future comments on my blog and best of wishes are sent your way !

  105. Hi Miriam

    Inwas wondering if you could explain what veg granules are? Is is necessary for the sauce in this recipe?


  106. Cassidy Hi there. Vegetable stock cubes – you would need one for this recipe and here is an example of one that I believe is vegan – the equivalent in another brand will also be available. Hope this helps. Best wishes to you !

  107. I made this tonight and really liked it, and so did my picky 7 yr old. My husband said it was too sweet for him. I so agree slightly on that. Is there a way to cut down on the sweetness in the recipe?

    BTW AWESOME comfort food! 🙂

  108. Stacey Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I am delighted that you liked it. Next time either don’t include the agave or just add 1 teaspoon to it – it’s all a matter of adjusting things to your taste buds, in the way we all do with salt. Best wishes your way in the meantime and look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  109. oh my word Miriam, I cannot wait to try your recipes after discovering your amazing website! It all looks so incredibly delicious which I know it will be. Where will we be able to get your book in the UK? I really wish you had a restaurant here!

    Thank you for being so generous by sharing all of this; I will definitely let you know how my first attempt turns out 🙂

  110. Alex Hi there, thanks for dropping by here with your comment and wonderful words. Alex, my book is due to be on the shelves in English speaking territories late next spring – a few months from now, but I will add you to my list and let you know closer to the time. Thanks so much for your interest and I very much look forward to your feedback of my recipes here and hope you enjoy the cooking, sharing and eating process that comes with it. Very kind wishes your way in the meantime Alex !

  111. Hi Miriam
    My husband and I have 2 sick mothers and a teenager to cater for and he has just decided now is the time to commit to veganism – I am struggling a little so am so very pleased to come across your site via the Vegan Society. Christmas Day is now sorted. Just going to check out one more item suitable for a family get together on the Sunda before. I’ll let you know how we get on! Meanwhile thank you!

  112. Kate Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you have found my site and am certain you will find enough enticing recipes to keep the family happy. Allow me to suggest my soups, the stew ‘like my mamma used to make’ and for the sweet toothed my chocoholic’s cheesecake. There are many more recipes to choose from if you go to the category section on the right hand side margin of the blog and let me know if I can be of further help to you and your family. Kudos to you for choosing you Xmas lunch in advance (as you will see from the comments it won’t disappoint). I will be posting up more recipes also suitable for festive times soon, so keep tuned here and I look forward to your future comments on my blog Kate. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  113. Great recipe for Christmas Dinner! Thanks Miriam, you never disappoint!

  114. Thanks there Evelyn, I hope you make and enjoy it at that time or at some point. It’s actually reasonably easy to prepare. Best to you in the meantime !

  115. I, too, am in the US and don’t have yeast extract but found you can substitute: miso OR peanut butter for it.

  116. Hi there Linda, you can order yeast extract online and it’s worth it. Miso is the closest you can use to substitute. But peanut butter is a clear and frank no-no, the taste of it has nothing to do with yeast extract- it’s like saying a recipe calls for bananas and you read somewhere saying you can use lemons as a substitute, it’s that different in taste, texture, smell etc. Just wanted to let you know – also Peanut butter would taste disgusting as an ingredient in this roast. Sorry to have been so blatant about these facts, but really, there is no other way to convey the truth. Hope you make this and enjoy it. Let me know how it goes as and when. Best wishes your way in the meantime 🙂

  117. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was amazing! I just left the yeast extract out. It can give me migraines. The rest of the family was too wimpy to try this dish, but I do not care because it is more for me. I put half in the freezer to save for a later date.

  118. Jennifer Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted you made this for Thanksgiving ! No worries about only you partaking from the vegan table, bottom line is you enjoyed it and there’s more for next time ! Best wishes your way Jennifer !

  119. Hey I linked to this article on my blog, because your “Perfect Roast” is calling my name! 🙂 Hope that’s alright! The post itself is a review of Trader Joe’s Turkey-less Roast. Here’s the link if you want to check it out! 🙂 It’s near the end of the post!

  120. Hi there Sara and thanks for the mention – sounds fine to me ! Hope you make and enjoy it at some point ! Cheers !

  121. Miriam!
    This is an amazing recipe, We had the roast with the potatoes for Christmas lunch yesterday and my Husband had seconds. We also have enough left for today which is brilliant! I love your recipe collection and will be first in the queue for your book, Happy Christmas

  122. Sally dear, what a wonderful comment. I am delighted that your husband had seconds and that is was enjoyed at your Christmas table ! A great bonus to have enough for the next day and not have to face the kitchen. It’s a rich roast so I’m not surprised. Enjoy and I have added you to my book list – let me know if you wish to be added to our new monthly newsletter Sally ! Best your way. 🙂

  123. Dear Miriam, thank you so much for this wonderful recipe, I made this roast on Christmas day and we thoroughly enjoyed it! I made some more today as had some pastry left but didn’t have walnuts so used hazelnuts instead and it was still delicious! Will be making this again next Christmas 🙂

  124. Silvia Hi there and what delightful news. I am so glad you enjoyed it and it’s a great dish to make when you’re in the mood for a good filling and delicious Sunday Roast, or to serve to non-vegans ! I hope you enjoy many more of my recipes here and come back with your comments. Feel free to join our new upcoming monthly newsletter – let me know if you are interested and I will add you !

  125. Yes please do add me 🙂 Thank you and best wishes to you!

  126. Have just added you Silvia ! 🙂

  127. As someone who is allergic to all nuts except almonds and coconuts, what could be used in place of the walnuts?

  128. Hi there Tehmina and welcome here. I would use crushed roasted almonds, that should do the job. Enjoy and let me know how it goes as and when !

  129. Hi Miriam, My mouth is watering just reading this recipe! Here in Australia I’m not sure what you mean by veg granules/powder is it vegan stock? Like Massell? And do you think Quorn would work? Not sure if that is vegan. I’m new! Also, I plan to soak the walnuts overnight before using so that the enzyme inhibitors are eliminated, therefore making it even healthier. X

  130. Sally Hi and welcome here. Yes the powder/granules is the equivalent to the veg stock as you state in your comment. Prior to being vegan I ate Quorm, but now I eat the Linda McCartney mince which tastes just as great – I think it is sold in parts of Australia, browse this link for more – good tip about the walnuts. Enjoy, it is the perfect Roast to enjoy as a treat ! Best wishes your way and let me know how it goes. 🙂

  131. Hey I’m not a big fan of sweetness on food thats not a dessert (like cake,or muffins) will it still taste good even without the sweeteners?

  132. Arlene Hi, many savoury dishes around the world contain fruit and or/sweeteners, Chinese, Indian, Swedish, Malaysian and a host of others too. It’s down to what we are brought up with and personal choice. If you don’t like sweeteners personally, simple, just omit them ! If you don’t add sweetener to this you should love it, but I cannot answer 100% for your personal palette. Hope you enjoy it ! 🙂

  133. I brought this to a Christmas party yesterday; it was delicious. I, too, was a little hesitant about the dates, etc (my friend says the dish seems Moroccan-themed) – to me, sweet is not a taste for dinner time. But I LOVED this dish. It was also really easy to make and it looks beautiful once baked. I will definitely make it again!

  134. Shannon Hi, so glad you made and enjoyed this dish at the party. Do look at my recent recipe for another Christmas main course, my savoury Christmas log and my other roulade too. Enjoy and best wishes your way in the meantime !

  135. Hi Miriam

    If I have overlooked the question please forgive me. What I can I substitute mushrooms with? I detest them. Thanks

  136. Hi Stacy – use chopped eggplant instead ! 🙂

  137. They also sell veggemite and marmite on amazon. Just saying. 🙂

  138. Michaela Hi and thanks for mentioning this.

  139. Made this for dinner tonight (as a practice run for Christmas) and it turned out MAGNIFICENT!!! I did however forget to put the cheese and parsley in but still loved it. Thanks for the recipe.

  140. Great to know Dan and good for you for trying it out in advance. 🙂

  141. Hi Miriam, Thanks for this amazing recipe! Today, I also did a practice run too, and it was wonderful. Next time I will halve the number of dates and maple syrup, but otherwise it will be served up on Xmas day and am sure it will go down very well with all.

  142. So glad to hear Alice ! 🙂


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