The Best-Ever Chocoholics “Cheesecake”

A cheesecake to love and to honour – ‘Life with chocolate is divine !’.  So here I have gotten the best of all the cheesecakes I have tried and tested, and have created this with  chocoholics in mind and heart – it’s cholesterol-free and it rocks. Find out for yourself, make it and come back and let me know what you think.  Easy to make too !

Makes around 8 portions, depending on size.


  • 13 vegan Digestive biscuits (You may use any plain, sweetened wholemeal biscuit that is vegan if you are unable to find vegan Digestives if you are in the States or Canada you may use Graham Crackers)
  • ½ cup of walnuts
  • ½ cup of vegan butter, or coconut oil melted
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp coffee powder
  • 1 heaped tbsp icing sugar, or confectioner’s sugar powder
  • zest of an orange or tangerine
  • 2 tbsp Kahlua
  • a pinch of salt


If you live in the UK, the Coop stock vegan Digestive biscuits (, and also Marks & Spencer Digestive bicuits are vegan.  If you are in North America, Graham’s crackers are a good alternative to Digestives.


So, first grease an 8 inch tin, and line it with greaseproof paper.  Then break the digestive biscuits into a processor, and process until crumbs are formed.  Next add the cocoa powder, the coffee powder and icing sugar – pulse for a few seconds.

Now add the walnuts to the processor, and process for a few moments – we do NOT want them powdered.  Then add the melted vegan butter or coconut oil to the biscuit crumbs, and process for a half a minute.

Next, add the zest and kahlua and process again for a few seconds.  Your base is ready to add to your tin – spoon this mixture into your lined container, and flatten evenly with your fingers and the palms of your hands.  Now place this in the fridge for an hour or so until cooled.  Now time to make your filling.


  • 1 packet (349g) Firm Silken Tofu
  • 125g dark chocolate, melted either in the microwave or bain marie
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powdered mixed with 50 ml of hot water (mix into a paste, and allow to cool for a few minutes)
  • 2 tbsp agave syrup
  • 1 tbsp icing sugar, or confectioner’s sugar
  • shavings of dark chocolate for topping and decoration


Place the tofu into your processor, and add the remaining ingredients. Process gently for a minute or so, until the ingredients are well blended and smooth.

Spoon filling onto the biscuit base with a plastic spatula, and even out as best you can.  Now add shavings of your dark chocolate on top to decorate.

Next, cover with foil and place in the refrigerator overnight.

I served mine from the tin with the greaseproof paper, which remains intact.  The advantage of this is that the tin doesn’t get scratched, and no paper gets stuck on the biscuit base.

Bon Appetit !

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  1. oh my this look superb and so easy to make. A definite for Christmas I think. Thank you

  2. Thank you, looks fantastic!!

  3. Looks fabulous. Can you tell me – what are digestive biscuits? Thanks!

  4. I hear the sound of feet scurrying, rushing and diving into the kitchen, pots and pans, spatulas and wooden spoons flying through the air all over the world to make this dreamy cheesecake.

    Miriam your culinary skills and creativity never cease to amaze me. Besides the Chocolate Cake now I have this to make !

    How lucky we are to have you and Mouthwatering Vegan.

    Thank you : )

  5. Miriam! There goes my diet again! Made your luscious red velvet moist chocolate cake last week. OMG! I had to give away pieces quickly for fear I would eat the lot! BTW, gave it to non-vegans, who loved it & couldn’t notice any difference. Thank you so much for your recipes, I only discovered your website recently, and everything looks delicious 🙂

  6. Wow, this looks awesome! I have got to make this for Christmas. Thank you so much for the recipe 🙂

  7. Adele Hi and thanks for your comment – do come by and let me know what you think when you’ve made and tasted it. Cheers !

  8. Hi there Marie and thanks so much for your wonderful comment and welcome to my site. It is a pleasure creating recipes when they are enjoyed, shared and ultimately praised – it is all these things that inspire me further. Cheers to you and come by again soon, when you make your next recipe from here ! Best.

  9. Hi there Phil and thanks for your wonderful comment with lashes of compliments – it’s people like you that make it all so worthwhile. Please come by again and sprinkle some more feedback once you have tried this Chocoholics Cheesecake – I value and appreciate your feedback greatly. Cheers to you and a huge THANKS !!!

  10. Hi Christine, here is some info for you re digestives – hope this helps. Cheers.

  11. Rolanda Hi there and thanks for passing by – I will look forward to your feedback as and when you have tried it. Cheers to you !

  12. Barbara Hi there and thanks for your comment, I shall look forward to your feedback on this after Xmas. Cheers to you !

  13. Hi Miriam,
    The choc cheesecake looks nice and I’m sure it tastes nice too!
    I no longer use Tofu the reason is soyabeans are genetically modified and that affects our health…is there something else to take the place of Tofu? If you know of something else please let me know I would like to try and make this recipe. Thank you for sharing your lovely colourful recipes. Cheers

  14. Dina Hi there and welcome to my site. I am a Nutritionist as well as a Gourmet Vegan Chef – I say this because I like to err on the cautious side where I can. It’s so difficult for every aspect of our lives to have 100% certification of certainty with everything, but that does not mean we ought not to search and be careful with our choices and minimize risk factors. That said tofu does not worry me, why ? because there are non-genetically modified brands on sale. I used the Mori-nu brand which is NOT genetically modified please see the link here And now, here are some other useful links for you to help put your mind at rest with information and brand names that are Safe. Hope this helps you.
    Organic and non-GMO:
    Many commercially available brands of tofu are made from organic and non-genetically modified soybeans, and, as an added bonus, most organic and non-gmo tofu brands are the same price as conventionally produced tofu. Look for Nasoya brand, Mori-nu organic and other Organic tofu brands. The organic tofu usually is not genetically modified.

    Cheers to you !

  15. Looks amazing. I bet this can be made raw with a couple substitutions. fyi There’s a typo on the word “Ingedients for Base”. I noticed it when I’ve been reposting recipe to all my friends. Maybe someone will get the hint and make this for me 🙂

  16. If you don’t have digestive biscuits,use graham crackers. They work just as well. 🙂

  17. Thanks Rebecca, I do hope you enjoy it whether it be made for you or whether you make it yourself – it is very easy to make honestly. Cheers.

  18. Hi there Matti and welcome to my site and thanks for your comment – yes, it appears that Graham crackers would do the job in the absence of digestives, as digestives are a little sweeter, and this cheesecake’s ingredients have taken that into account ( – digestives are also sold in the US and other countries. Kindly note that you may use any plain, sweetened wholemeal biscuit that is vegan if you are unable to find vegan Digestives. Cheers to you !

  19. I just went and bought the ingredients today! I’m making this for my (non-vegan) family for xmas, I will let you know how it goes down 😀

  20. what is Kahlua? is it okay to avoid it? i dont think i will get it anywhere.

  21. This was absolutely delicious, my diet was blown big time!!! this will be on our table for xmas desert. thanks for the wonderful recipes :)This was an easy recipe to make and thank you so much for your wonderful recipes please keep them coming!!!!

  22. Hi there Susan and welcome to my blog – thanks so much for dropping by with your wonderful comment – glad you loved it and hope you enjoy it once again this Xmas !!! Cheers to you !

  23. Sejal Hi there and welcome to my blog – Kahlua is a coffiee liquor – you can indeed make this without it if you wish – you may add Cognac/Brandy instead, or nothing at all. It will still taste great. Let me know how it goes as and when you make it. Cheers to you.

  24. Luan Hi there and welcome here on my blog. Am delighted to hear that you will be making this for your family for Xmas, and I am pretty sure they will enjoy it – that said, it’s your shout and therefore I will await your comment post Xmas on this one. Meantime all the best to you !

  25. I’m back to let everyone know I made this dreamy cheesecake.
    It was a great success, easy to follow recipe and turned out exactly like Miriam’s picture.
    The texture is what you would expect from a cheesecake and the taste? Wow!
    For me I loved the hint of fresh orange zest coming through with the Kahula amongst the chocolate.
    I must echo what Miriam’s suggests, don’t over process the biscuit base, like I did. Have all your ingredients to hand so you can work methodically.

    Great Cheesecake Miriam and for Chritmas will be a real indulgent treat.

  26. Phil ! what a phenomenal compliment ! Thank you so much for stopping by to deliver this so eloquently. I am thrilled that it was enjoyed so much, and that you have chosen this Cheesecake for your Xmas dessert to be served ! Thanks so much for all this truly. Best and Cheers to you Miriam.

  27. Wow this looks gorgeous – something to convince my carnivorous relatives at Christmas that going vegan doesn’t mean missing out!

  28. Wow!!!! This was so easy to make. I made it to take to friends who are not vegan but had no idea what they could make that I would eat for dessert. They all loved it!!!! This recipes is one of my all time favs now and will be used time and time again by me. I added strawberries to the top intead of the grated chocolate which really worked well. Thanks so much Miriam for your wonderful work. xx

  29. Veronica Hi there and welcome here. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, I am delighted that you enjoyed this Cheesecake and that your non-vegan friends did too. A win-win situation when everybody round the table is happy, that’s super news. Drop by again when you make another recipe, it’s great to get feedback from you. Cheers to you.

  30. Hi there Aimee and welcome to my blog – I think your friends might be in for a very pleasant surprise with this one – a great one to introduce to non-vegans and have them convinced that vegan need not be bland, on the contrary. Let me know how it goes as and when. Cheers to you.

  31. Mine is already in the fridge!
    It looks great and it’s really easy to make.
    I made some modifications, namely, I used:
    for the base:
    – dark muscovado sugar instead of icing sugar
    – a combination os hazelnuts and walnuts
    – lemon and tangerine zest
    – no kahlua nor replacer

    for the filling:
    -only 300g tofu
    -4 tablespoons brown rice syrup insted of two of agave
    – dark muscovado sugar instead of icing sugar
    – grated coconut or lightly baked crushed almonds (I’m still deciding)

    Thank you for the tips on Facebook 😉

    Ana Soares
    (Porto, Portugal)

  32. Hi
    Just made this.. its in the fridge now.. tasted it ofcourse and wow,,its so good, not too sweet, full of chocolate. love the great and so very guilt free,,I cant wait until its chilled …. thank you

  33. Hi there Sally and thanks for dropping by with your comment – you’re welcome and all sounds promising, now all you have to do is ‘tuck in’ and enjoy. Cheers to you !

  34. Hi Ana, thanks for your version of my recipe, sounds interesting. Best to you too !

  35. Hi Miriam,
    fantastic receipe!
    I’m not fond of coconut oil which is also difficult to find in Italy. Do you think I could use sunflower oil instead?


  36. all the recipes look mouthwateringly tasty, such a brilliant name youve chosen for the name of your blog. i must confess, i still havent made anything yet. wont give you any excuses, i know i must. all the goodies available in the shop just pale into insignificance in the light of these. keep up the great work

  37. Mirella Hi there and thanks for your comment – most non-dairy butters would do a good job ! Otherwise use a tasteless oil if you must. Cheers to you and let me know how it goes as and when. Thanks !

  38. Elaine Hi there and welcome to my site – thanks so much for dropping by and leaving such a wonderful comment, I appreciate your words. I very much look forward to your comments on my blog in the near future (I suggest starting with this recipe if you love chocolate) – Thanks & Cheers to you !

  39. Oh wow, this is going to make an appearance in my kitchen very soon :)) looks so good with the walnuts, nice touch Miriam , Tam :))

  40. Tam Hi there and welcome to my site – thanks for dropping by with your comment and I look forward to your feedback on this as and when you make it soon. Cheers to you !

  41. I really loved it…

  42. Hi there Sally, thanks for your comment and glad to hear it. Hope you enjoy my other recipes too ! Cheers to you.

  43. This cheesecake looks amazing. I’m so glad I found this blog. I’ve just spent the last half hour at work looking through all the pictures and it’s made me so hungry! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes 🙂

  44. Hi there Mikey, welcome to my site – thanks for dropping by to my site and leaving such a wonderful comment. I look forward to your future comments on my blog. (The Cheesecake is super easy to make !) Cheers to you.

  45. Miriam, all I can say is wow, what fantastic recipes. Do you mind very much if I share them.. There is also a group on FB called Vegan Warriors can I put your link through to them as recipes such as yours are much sought after. Well done, very nice, can’t wait to try some

  46. Hi there, is agave nectar the same as agave syrup?

    thank you 🙂

  47. Hi Yvonne, thanks for dropping by – the answer to that to my knowledge is yes, it is – here is a link with more about it for you. Cheers & Best to you.

  48. Annelies Hi there welcome to my site, and thanks for your wonderful comment. By all means pass on my link, I am happy to hear for people worldwide to have access to my recipes – the more the merrier, so am delighted. I would also very much look forward to hearing back from you once you have tried out my other recipes (go to the category section on my home page, the one on the right, pick and choose) By the way, if you love chocolate, do start with this recipe ! Cheers and Happy Holidays to you !

  49. It seems to be the same- thank you for the link, I had no idea it came from a cactus! I’m making your amazing looking cheesecake for Christmas – can’t wait to try it. Happy Christmas to you 🙂

  50. Miriam, this is just wicked!!!!! LOL I am a cheese-cake junkie and this one is just outrageously gorgeous. LOVE IT!!!! The only problem is my husband and I ate the whole cake within 3 days and I always wonder how the Vegan FB page always says you get slim even skinny with vegan food….. But ok happy indulgence is more important than being skinny :-DD

    Thank you so much for this recipe!!! Happy holidays!

  51. Hi there Christine and welcome to my site – thanks so much for your delightful comment and compliment of this “Cheesecake” – I like your sense of humour too !! You beat us by one day (my husband and I) we ate it all up by the 3th day (may be our portions were a little smaller and I drizzled some vegan cream on the top). Do drop by again with more feedback on my other recipes too ! (my choc cake is also rather moorish). Happy Holidays to you !

  52. Hi Mark and welcome here, I am very grateful for your input here for all those who wish to make their own digestive biscuit from the easy vegan recipe that you have found for them – how awesome of you, thanks ! Cheers and drop by again with your feedback and comments.

  53. Ruth Brunotte-Tsavousis

    Tastes delicious, agree it was easy to follow, will make it again. thanks

  54. Ruth Hi there and thank you for taking the time to drop by here – am so happy you enjoyed this, and that you will make it again. Cheers to you, Happy Holidays and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2012 !

  55. I’ve already made 2 of these this week, Miriam! Delicious and easy-peasy!!! Seasons greetings and Happy New Year to you and your family and thanks for sharing your goodies xxx

  56. Vivienne Hi there and great to have you visit my blog. Am delighted to hear that you have made 2 of these Cheescakes and that you enjoyed them – it’s true they are easy peasy to make, which makes them always a temptation when the word Chock, chock knocks on our culinary door. Happy New Year 2012 to you too and all your loved ones. Come again and visit my site when you next make another recipe. Cheers ! x

  57. Hi Miriam
    I made this for a Christmas day desert and it was delicious. My vegan boyfriend and non-vegan family all agreed and were shocked it was vegan! Thanks for your great recipes, my mouth really does water so much when looking at this blog! Happy new year to you and your family, x

  58. I made this for dessert for Christmas dinner this year, along with your “Perfect Christmas Roast” and it was amazing!! I will definitely make this again whenever I want something creamy and chocolatey! Thanks.

  59. Ashely Hi there again and thank you so much for dropping in with your delightful comments – well, you sure got yourself into a ‘win-win’ situation there, you chose so well for the Festive Season – So glad you all enjoyed the food so much (as did we and many others too thankfully). All the best to you and look forward to your future comments on my site. Cheers !

  60. I made this last week and was absolutely delicious and very easy to make! Thank you for the great recipe!

  61. Hi there Silvi and welcome to my blog – thanks for dropping by here with your lovely comment, I am delighted that you enjoyed it. Look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers to you !

  62. I made this for my Christmas 2011 pud, its amazingly easy to follow the recipe,.. the results a very moist chocolate cheese cake, and the base…OMG..delish! thank you for sharing the recipe xx

  63. Joanne Hi there and welcome here – thanks so much for dropping by with your ever so wonderful comment, so glad you loved it ! Yes, the base is rather moorish. I look forward to your future comments too. Cheers to you !

  64. I made this for Christmas, I can HIGHLY recommend it! 😀 I added some raspberries on top and it was AMAZING! It’s a recipe I will *definitely* use again!

  65. Oh my goodness. I’m getting the ingredients tomorrow and making this!

  66. Hi there Doc and welcome here – let me know how it goes ! Cheers to you !

  67. Kate Hi there again and thanks for dropping off your wonderful comment and feedback here. It’s rather a moorish dessert and hope it gives you many more years of culinary pleasure. The rasberries must have decorated it rather beautifully too ! Cheers and drop by again soon !

  68. Can someone please tell me the calories on a slice of this and the size of the slice they are qouting.

    Thank you

  69. Hi Miriam, thank you for these amazing recipes you have here! I have a question – what other options could you think for the base (that don’t use the digestive cookies)? do you think oatmeal could replace them? or what else could? if so, how could it be done? thank you so much!
    Also, my husband doesn’t drink so I will not use Kahlua, and I read that it does not need to be replaced by anything, correct? I CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE IT!

  70. Thank you for this divine recipe! I made it for some non-vegan friends (including my picky husband) and they loved it as much as I did. But I used Couintreau instead since I didn’t have any Kahlua. Mouthwatering is truly the best description of the result!
    Eva (from Sweden)

  71. Eva Hi there and welcome to my blog. Thanks for dropping by with your delightful comment – I am glad that everybody enjoyed this recipe. The Couintreau I am sure worked just as well too. I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Cheers to you !

  72. Hi again Antonella – purchase biscuits which you know to be vegan and that you like, so long as they are plain with some fibre it should work, oatmeal biscuits should work well. No worries about the Kahlua, it’s only a chocolate liquor, I don’t drink alcohol myself really, but you can leave it out. Good luck and let me know how it goes ! Cheers to you !

  73. Hi there Jana and welcome to my site. I am sorry to announce that we do not calorie count on this site – the emphasis is on the recipes themselves. I don’t have the extra time or inclination to calorie count – however here is a link, I am not sure how far it can help you. more often than not, I concentrate in the main with healthy ingredients, exercise and embracing the good things this planet has to offer. Cheers to you, and if you make the cheesecake let me know how it goes.

  74. Jaw drops…I am speechless…seriously.

    I am a chocoholic and love my vegan desserts so thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this recipe!

  75. Hi there again L/Vegans and hope you try this out since you love chocolate so much, it would be good to get your feedback if so. Cheers & best to you !

  76. hi miriam, I made this one yesterday (without the kahlúa, as we don’t have any in the house). It’s my husband’s birthday today, but we had a bite already yesterday evening :-). The ‘crust’ is really, really awesome (we both thought so), but I find the filling on the soft side (it does taste good, though). I’ll either add more chocolate next time, or leave out the cocoa-water mixture, so that it resembles somewhat more a silken tofu chocolate mousse.

  77. By the way, it resembled the one in your pictures, so I guess it turned out the way it was supposed to :-).

  78. Hi Mirjam, welcome here and thanks for your comment. The filling of the cheesecake ought to be I would say medium soft as per the pic, solid but soft-ish in the mouth. Now a day or so later it hardens a little more. Am not sure if as you suggested that you may have needed a tiny bit more chocolate solid in yours – sometimes just a tiny bit makes a difference. Glad you enjoyed it though. Cheers to you !

  79. Great to know, that’s good.

  80. Made this for valentines day dessert-with strawberries on top-was yummy! Looking forward to trying more of your recipes! 🙂

  81. Hi there Jen and welcome here – thanks for popping by with your comment and glad that you enjoyed it. Look forward to your future comment on my blog. Best to you.

  82. hi, do you have a version that would be similar to the “baked new york cheesecake” please ? it would be AWESOME 😀

  83. Pamela Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I have not yet made a New York Baked Cheesecake – given that this one works so well and does not require any baking as it’s egg free means that ‘baking’ and this recipe are not needed. I shall make a New York Baked Cheesecake at some point and hope you can enjoy that at some point. Hope you enjoy my other recipes in the meantime. Cheers to you.

  84. Rebecca the Hedgewitch

    am making this this afternoon – toyed with lemon and poppy seed but realistically this is the one the kids and my Dad will want a slice of……it looks fantastic, will let you know the result (I am SO happy to have found this website!) 🙂

  85. I made this ‘cheescake’ for Valentine’s Day… mmm…. it was absolutely divine!! It was so delicious, I thought I had to make one for my parents and brothers as well, as it would have been a pity if they didn’t try it too. Everybody loved it! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes!! Looking forward to trying another one of your ‘cheesecakes’ on the next special occasion :))

  86. Hi there Melanie and thanks so much for dropping by with your comment. I am delighted at the success that you have had with this cheesecake and look forward to your future comments on my blog. Very best to you and your family.

  87. Hi there dear Rebecca and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to your feedback on this. Be sure to refrigerate overnight for best results. Enjoy !

  88. Just made it and popped it in the fridge…..can’t wait to try it tonight!!

  89. Ginger Hi there and welcome here. I do hope you have enjoyed a slice of this ‘cheesecake’. Cheers to you !

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  91. Hi there (am not sure what your name is) – just wanted to say thanks and note that the greaseproof paper is cut to the size of the base of the non-stick pan/dish you are using, so the sides do not have any greaseproof paper. The purpose for the paper is only one – so that when it is cut from the dish, the base does not scratch off the non-stick coating with it. Sounds like it was enjoyed. Let me know what Canadian terms need to be changed from my recipe besides the graham crackers and confectioners sugar. Best to you in the meantime.

  92. Hi Miriam. Made this cheesecake yesterday and it was delicious. Got the tick of approval from Non Vegan family. But mine was quite flat, only about 1 inch high.I wonder if you know what I did wrong? We did transport it in the car to the venue which was a 2 hour drive but it was safe in a car fridge inside the ring tin. And the texture was a little grainy. I used silken firm Tofu. And used a little Bailey’s instead of the Kahlua. Otherwise it was excellent. Thank you.

  93. Maraika Hi there and welcome here. Great to have your comment. Sounds like you all enjoyed the cheesecake which is great. Regarding the texture, perhaps adding a little more chocolate would help firm things up a little more, and also maybe a slightly smaller round tin will help with the height of it. If you travelled with it the only thing I can suggest for next time, is pop it in the freezer for a half hour before cutting the portions. Hope this helps.

  94. Hello Miriam

    This looks amazing. I plan to make it tonight but wondered what I could use I.stead of walnuts in the base? My friend is not fond of walnuts or Brazil nuts.

    Thanks, Stacy

  95. Stacy Hi there and welcome here. Stacy you may use pecan nuts or almonds, make sure you do not over process them, so that they remain a small size where you can still detect them visually – that’s what makes the base look so good. Hope you and your friend enjoy this – best to you !

  96. Another hit i think Miriam

  97. Hi there Leicester Wholefoods – I sure hope so – this Cheesecake has been a hit with many it seems, what’s more it’s easy to make which makes it a very tempting option. Cheers to you !

  98. Mirian de Meneses Costa

    Your recipes are wonderful – thank you so much for sharing them. I love sweets and in Brazil everything has to be made at home, there are no vegan sweets, iceacreams, cheese, etc.
    Thanks again!

  99. Mirian Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. It’s my pleasure sharing them with you, and I understand that you have to make sweets yourself in Brazil that is vegan. In my forthcoming book there will be recipes for all these things that are not easily accessible, such as cheese, milk, ice-creams, sausages etc, all Vegan !!! I look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes to you !

  100. all your recipes look super delicious. I only wish there were printable versions.
    thanks for sharing these

  101. Hi there Pam – welcome here and sorry about any inconvenience with printing. My book will be published next year with many exciting recipes ! Best to you !

  102. I made this cake three times so far- and I´m hooked… =D Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe!!! ♥

    Best regards from Austria,
    – puck –

  103. Hi there puck and welcome here. I am glad that you have enjoyed this on more than one occasion, I think your picture of it is quite tempting too, thanks for the link. I look forward to your future comments here. Best wishes to you !

  104. Hi again Miriam, Well what can I say except that this is divine. Made it yesterday and have just finished a piece for morning tea :-). I had almost all the ingredients and shopped locally for the rest. I couldn’t get vegan digestive or other wheat type biscuits. Love living in a country town but occasionally there are some drawbacks. Anyway I made my base with gingernut biscuits (the only vegan option I could find) and vegan butter.

    Also my pack of tofu wasn’t quite big enough so I added a little tuffuti cream cheese. I didn’t want to go without the walnuts so I added them to the filling. Anyway it was perfectly sublime (am sure it will be an Archie favorite!) Next time I will make sure I have digestive biscuits in my pantry.

    I am so excited about this cake because I am having some non-vegan friends over for dinner in a few weeks and would like to impress and surprise them with wonderful all vegan courses. So I am trying various dessert options out of my husband and mother in preparation for the dinner party. This is DEFINITELY the dinner party dessert. The soup will be the broccoli coconut of course. All the best Miriam and thanks again so much for your wonderful website 🙂

  105. Hi there Barbara and thanks for your comment – I am glad that given you didn’t have all the ingredients to hand that you still managed to make this and thought it divine – that’s pretty good going considering everything. I think that your choice for your non-vegan visitors of the Broccoli soup for starters, and this for dessert is an excellent choice and nobody will be disappointed – on the contrary probably and hopefully impressed with your efforts. Do let me know how it all goes won’t you ! Cheers and very best to you !

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  107. Hi there and thanks for sharing my link – Enjoy !

  108. Hi! I made this without khalua just a bit of strong cold coffee. Mine I made into cupcakes in their own dark chocolate edible cups. They were amazing! Thank you so much for this recipe, chocolate cheesecake is my all time favourite and this beats any ones I’ve ever had x

  109. Steph Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by with your feedback. I am delighted to know that these worked so well in the little edible cups you bought, how wonderful ! Thanks for your very kind compliment too ! Do drop by again any time with your feedback, I shall love to have it. Very Best to you !

  110. Hi Miriam. I made the cups myself by pouring melted dark chocolate into cupcake cases and spread it evenly, only took 20 mind to set in the fridge. It was a great addition to the chocoholic chocolate cheesecake theme and I will be making them again soon x

  111. Hi Miriam,

    This looks incredible and I cannot wait to try it! Quick question about the melted chocolate. Do you add it to the tofu mixture directly from the stove or let it cool slightly?

    Confession time: I’ve never successfully incorporated melted chocolate into a dessert…ever. It melts wonderfully, but always ends up seized in the final product. So I announce — “It’s er…chocolate chip mousse!” Lol. So before I botch this lovely looking recipe — how exactly should I handle the chocolate?

    Thank you so much in advance for any help!

  112. Colleen Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by with your comment. Allow the chocolate to slightly cool for a few minutes just so that it is not piping hot, but otherwise all should go well if you follow the rest of the recipe. Let me know how it goes. Remember that the chocolate will solidify and having mixed it with the tofu in the processor together they should bind ! Enjoy & Best to you !

  113. what is agave syrup can it be replaced with anything else and is it ok if do not use kahlua

  114. Bina Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by with your comment. You can use maple syrup instead if you wish. Kahlua you can omit (just add a tiny bit of coffee powder mixed in with water instead – again this is optional. I do hope you enjoy it !

  115. This recipe looks divine on so many levels. Is there a degree of difficulty? I have some health challenges with my wrists after an accident. I need to start making some stuff on my own. This looks totally amazing. Thanks so much. Well timed!

  116. I have been a vegetarian for 21 years and have often thought of becoming a vegan but don’t know alot about it. I must say some of your recipes look beautiful and I am definitely going to attempt to make some of them.

  117. I agree with comment number four from Phil. Add me to the scurrying feet!

    Rose G.

  118. Rose Hi there and welcome here. Thanks so much for your comment and hope you enjoy this ! Best to you in the meantime.

  119. Linda Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment. I do hope you try my recipes out and that you enjoy them too ! Any questions just let me know. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog. Meantime all the very best to you !

  120. Susan Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment. I do hope you try my recipes out and that you enjoy them too ! Any questions just let me know – most of my recipes are quite easy to make, this one certainly is too. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog Susan. Meantime all the very best to you !

  121. Oh…this looks divine! I am going to make this 🙂 Thank you so much!

  122. JoAnna Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here and I do hope you enjoy this cheesecake (let me know how it goes as and when) !!! Best to you in the meantime !

  123. I just made this and I am so excited to taste it! It is in the fridge now, I think I will have a piece for breakfast, yummy!!! Thank you so much<3 Amy

  124. Hi there Amy and welcome here. I do hope you enjoy this Choc Cheesecake once you cut a piece and taste it ! Enjoy and let me know how it goes – meantime Bon Appetite !

  125. Made this for my 2year vegan birthday! The whole family loved it and we can’t wait to make it again! Was wondering if you’ve developed any various we could try? Thank you for a great treat! Xx

  126. Rachel Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your comment and feedback. I am most delighted that the whole family loved this cheesecake and I do hope to have a few variations on this theme in the near future. Cheesecake is a favourite amongst so many people and it’s texture is so moorish too. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog. Meantime cheers and peace to you !

  127. Miriam I love your site and recipes, but being from the UK I am not familiar with your cup measurements. How can I convert them?x

  128. Jen Hi there and welcome here. Thanks so much for dropping by here with your comments. In the main I use a normal tea cup for measurements, however, if you wish to be more precise here is a link that will help solve the mystery :- Hope this helps and I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best to you in the meantime.

  129. I am pondering making this for the weekend, in very sunny England. I made it for my best friends family as a Christmas gift and we were all sat around eating it from the tray with spoons!! I passed it off as Missisipi Mud Pie because it turned out a bit sloppy (but delicious!!)

    Any way I can make it less “melty” as it will probably be out side for a while!! (at another very dear friends, incredibly carnivorous bbq :()

  130. Hi there Francesca and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your comment and feedback. I think it’s a great idea to make this for a non-vegan event – don’t over beat the filling and chill well. If you have access to a freezer you may wish to place it in there 20 minutes before serving, so that it cuts into portions easier for you just in case you wish to have a more solid filling. Cheers and let me know how it all turned out. Very Best to you in the meantime !

  131. Hi!What is zest of orange and tangerine and also what is agave syrup

  132. Hi there Bina, below is the information that you requested (see both the links). Please google or ask your health-food store if they stock agave nectar (also known as agave syrup) – you can possible order it online if not – but it is sold in most English speaking countries. Best.

  133. Camilla Johansson

    Made this for the swedish midsummer celebrations yesterday. It´s a delicious!

  134. Camilla Hi there and thanks for returning back with your positive comment – I am delighted that it was enjoyed ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog and Cheers to you in the meantime !

  135. anyone who is just thinking about making this all I have to say is MAKE IT MAKE IT MAKE IT! I have made this heaps of times – it is so easy and absolutely sensational. It has a very rich chocolatey taste but is not heavy like a traditional cheesecake. If you do make it, I don’t think any of you will regret it.

  136. Barbara Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks indeed for such a complimentary comment which I embrace. It is indeed a favourite in my home. It simply does not disappoint, the reverse is true. I think that your words have described it to the T – so without further ado I wish you all the best and very much look forward to your future comments on my site !

  137. christine roberts

    made the cheesecake we all loved it will be making it for my husband this christmas

  138. Christine Hi there and welcome here. Am delighted that you all loved my cheesecake, that’s awesome. Hope you enjoy it again before christmas sometime. Best to you !

  139. In a word DIVINE! As are all your recipes, eagerly awaiting your cookbook!

  140. Tate Hi there and welcome here. Wonderful words, and will have your name in my cookbook list and will alert you closer to the time for a copy if you wish (should be out next year, some months from now). Please visit my blog again and hope you enjoy my recipes – I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  141. Miriam this was beautiful – thank you so much. Please let us know when your recipe book comes out. I make sure my local bookstore keeps copies of my favourite vegan recipe books for others to enjoy and will buy yours and get our bookstore to stock extra copies once available.

  142. Rachel Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment and interest in my forthcoming book. My book is due out in April 2013 (9 months from now). I am glad to hear that you would love to have it and stock it too. I shall make a note of your email address and alert you closer to the time, which part of the world are you in ? Best wishes your way Rachel and I look forward to your future comments on my blog.

  143. Hi Miriam
    What’s kahlua and is there a sub for agave syrup?

  144. Hi Joe, Kahlua is a coffee liquor you will certainly find in Malta. Agave syrup can be found in all the health stores in Malta too. However, by all means substitute with maple syrup. Best.

  145. Rachel (AKA Missy Moomoo)

    Hi Miriam, I wrote on your Facebook page earlier about this cheesecake being in my fridge ready for our dessert. It was the main topic of conversation whilst eating our main meal, with the children promising to eat all their dinner so they could have a piece of choccy cheesecake and bless them they did eat all up. The waiting and promises were all well worth it! The topping was like silk chocolate heaven and compliments the orange biscuit base perfectly, whilst eating it I couldn’t believe that I actually made such an amazing dessert, thinking to myself that this is like something you would get in a top notch restaurant. It went down really well in our house, so much so that all had second helpings and there is only one portion left! This is a dessert that i will make every week from now on, it’s easy to make and the result is spectacular. Thanks for your amazing recipes Miriam! xxx

  146. Rachel Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for taking the time to drop by here with your comment and wonderful feedback which has put a huge smile on my face. It’s a favourite of ours too !!! Glad it was such a huge success !!! I look forward to your future comments and feedback on my blog. Best wishes to you and your family your way !

  147. Dear Miriam,

    I posed a a question earlier about how to properly melt chocolate. Just wanted to let you know that I made this cheesecake recently and — WOW. The texture of the filling was incredibly rich and creamy — even more so than any dairy-based custard. I didn’t run into any problems with the chocolate. ;D

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe!


  148. Colleen Hi there and thanks for coming back with feedback on my cheesecake. I am ever so delighted that you have enjoyed it so – you are right it is indeed an incredible rich and smooth texture (so easy to eat because of that alone) and then the contrast of the base. I am also glad that it was easy to make and therefore no problems in making it – a win-win situation if you ask me, and I am sure you will make and enjoy it time and time again. Best Wishes your way in the meantime Colleen.

  149. Hi Miriam, I love your recipes, have you produced a cookbook yet or is it still in the makings. I love fooling my non vegan friends with your wonderful food, this cheesecake was a major hit.

  150. Helen Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks indeed for dropping by here with your comment. I am delighted that you love my recipes and also fooling your non vegan friends with it – it’s always a wonderful yardstick when non-vegans enjoy vegan cuisine, and kudos to you for getting busy in your kitchen. This cheesecake I have to say is a great one for non-vegans and if I may say so myself always a ‘fool-proof’ recipe with superb results. I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Thanks for your interest in my book, I shall contact you closer to the time when my book will be due up on the shelves ! Best to you in the meantime !

  151. will be making this tomorrow .. and i cant wait! 🙂

  152. Mandi Hi there and welcome here. Let me know how it goes and hope you enjoy it !

  153. hi Miriam, im in the process of making it the base is in the fridge .. so excited will let you know the out come 😀

  154. Mandi Hi there, I do hope you have enjoyed this. Best to you !

  155. Miriam………. omg.. that is gorgeous, smooth creamy and with the base i put some lindt dark orange chocolate in it .. and its just too yummy .. thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us all 😀

  156. Mine is in the fridge too! Had to stop my partner sneaking a bit before we went to bed…will report back with my tasting results tomorrow.

  157. We just had our first piece today….really really good. Excellent chocolate fix delivery! I think next time I make this I will process walnuts on their own to the desired size and then stir into the base at the end, to ensure walnut crunch part is better represented. Big thumbs up from my partner too. So I plan to make this again next week for a friends party…let’s see what the non-vegans think! Miriam big thank you for sharing this…looking forward to doing something else from your blog soon.

  158. Hi there James and welcome here. I am delighted with your cheesecake outcome. Well done. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog and would love to know how your non-vegan friends react to this, do let me know how it goes on that occasion. Cheers to you in the meantime !

  159. James Hi there and thanks for your comment and feedback – am glad to hear all has worked so well (as per your 2nd comment/feedback) ! Well done indeed ! Best wishes your way.

  160. Mandi Hi there and thanks for getting back to me with the fabulous results – kudos goes to you for trying it out and glad you really enjoyed it too ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  161. Forget the cheesecake recipes doing the rounds using vegan cream cheese – this is the one! So gorgeous and I even left out the kalhua, squeezing in half the juice of my zested orange for a bit of jaffa. The filling is amazing – the best one out there!

  162. Hi there Julie welcome here and thanks for your comment. I am delighted you enjoyed this cheesecake !!! Look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  163. Incredible! As perfect and easy as it sounds. My 11-year-old son and I made it, and we’re about to make a second one to give as a hostess gift… if we can keep it from my husband.

    Thank you for sharing this, Miriam.

  164. Hi there Sara dear and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your wonderful comment and feedback. I am delighted that you have made and enjoyed this cheesecake and hope your hostess also enjoys this gift. I am sure you will make it again at home for your husband and son. It’s one of those great cheesecakes to share with family and friends. Do drop by again with your comments. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  165. What is Kahlua and where can I get it? Tks

  166. Joe, have answered this in your second comment.

  167. Made this today and it came out very good. I shared with the other vols and they all asked me for the link.

  168. Glad it was enjoyed by all Joe. Best.

  169. I’m going to make this for my lactose intolerant mother’s birthday, though with a couple non-vegan substitutions. This will be a real treat for our milk lacking family.

  170. Hi there Miche and welcome here. I hope you and your family enjoy this cheesecake. Best wishes your
    way !

  171. Hi again Miriam – just made this tart again, and thank you once again – yum from everyone. To answer your question, I’m in Brisbane, Australia.

  172. Rachel Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment – I am delighted that this cheesecake is bringing joy – it is great tasting and may you continue to enjoy it for many years to come ! Best wishes your way !

  173. From my personal experience, I suggest you not to process walnuts, because they might get bitter!! Simply crush them (maybe thinking about someone you don’t like, you’ll be even happier…) ;P

  174. Hi Irene, right you are, and that is why I say on the recipe “Now add the walnuts to the processor, and process for a few MOMENTS (not minutes) – we do NOT want them powdered”. The pieces that are in the cheesecake as you will also see in the picture are fairly large. This cheesecake is not bitter at all, but thanks for dropping by here and best to you !

  175. What can you use instead of kahlua…non alcoholic please

  176. Jen Hi there. You may use coffee – just make some strong black coffee with a little sweetener and use that, measure the same amount of liquid as the Kahlua. Problem solved. I hope you enjoy it. Best.

  177. thanks i was looking for that recipe since very long ……i m going to try it and sure it will be as yummy as it is looking

  178. Shcikha Hi there and welcome here. I am glad that you finally found my chocoholic’s cheesecake recipe. Let me know how it goes. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  179. That was dead easy, and absolutely amazing. I love recipes that actually work. Made a few adjustments to suit my ingredients, forgot to keep chocolate for grating, so grated an oreo (vegan biscuit) – Thanks Miriam, am loving your recipes !

  180. Alannah Hi there and welcome here again, I am delighted that you have made and enjoyed this recipe. It’s easy to forget the chocolate shavings for the top, so the Oreo was a good touch. I am happy that you are loving my recipes too and very much look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  181. Made this the other day and my non vegan family and friends LOVED it!!! Were so surprised after i told them it was tofu!! I also passed this on to my sister living in Germany who is also vegan. So easy to make and delicious. I did use graham crackers instead of digestive biscuts however and didnt have any coffee powder. Thanks Miriam for helping me show non vegans how its done!! 🙂

  182. Hi Miriam…..I made this yesterday for my Mum’s 70th birthday dinner tonight. I’m a little worried as first of all I put baking paper right around the tin, instead of just on the bottom (my mistake), and secondly, I wanted to serve it on a platter to look nice (with hopefully chocolate shards around the outside). I’m really nervous about how it will hold if I take the springform tin away from it….. will it hold without the tin, should I/could I freeze it for today so that it’s “frozen” upon serving, so it’s solid without the tin?? (Hope that makes sense) 🙂

  183. Shellee Hi there, and thanks for your comment. Let’s see what we can do here. You know what to do next time visa-vie the paper, just to put it on the base of the tin. But I think that now you could do good with semi-freezing it. You don’t want to serve this frozen because it will not taste the same and the base biscuit will be too hard to chew. So let’s go somewhere in the middle. Freeze it for 45 minutes until it’s a little hard to the touch, if not put it in for an extra half hour – then take the spring case out so that the cake does not ruin. Then try and edge the paper out with your fingers or a clean tweezer and with a sharp scissors cut around it till you reach as much of the bottom as possible – with a hard spatula (or the equivalent) smooth the circumference a little, don’t over do it, just so that there aren’t too many indentations or bits sticking out because of the paper you placed there, it might have slightly scarred the sides (sounds like a surgical procedure !). Next place the cake (with the tin base, the bottom and all) on a decorative plate of your choice. Have some extra chocolate shavings ready to put on the sides in order to disguise and decorate it further. Believe me, the taste is going to matter a great deal more than the appearance. What we are trying to do here is damage limitation – but you know what ? With this method, you might salvage it and the taste will be awesome too !!! Good luck and let me know the outcome as and when. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  184. Shelby Hi there and welcome here. I bet your friends and family were surprised when you told them it was tofu ! I am delighted that they loved it ! I agree it’s easy to make and it’s one that every non-vegan who has tasted it loved it !!! One of those fool-proof recipes ! I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog and send best wishes your way !

  185. I just made this 🙂 It is chilling in the fridge right now. Well, it has been for a few hours. I made one change though, I used a gluten free cookie instead of the digestive biscuits. I couldn’t find digestive biscuits, let alone gluten free ones. Lol! I would, however, like to thank you for this amazing website. I look forward to making many of your recipes. Thank you. 🙂

  186. Hi there Phoenix and welcome here. By all means any biscuits that take your fancy will do the job – I have heard that in the States or Canada graham biscuits are more or less the equivalent – but gluten free would be a great and healthy choice too ! I look forward to your feedback on this and hope yu enjoy my other recipes too. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  187. Hello Miriam!!! I have made this one yesterday, and I thank you soooo much! I think I have managed to prove my omnivore boyfriend (and myself:) how delicious vegan cake can taste! :)))
    Just a small question- my version of the cream is not as firm/thick as it looks in your picture, do you have an idea why it could be?
    Thanks again!

  188. Hi there Shani and thanks for dropping by here with your comment and feedback. I am delighted that you and your boyfriend enjoyed this cheesecake. I am not exactly sure why your filling was not as firm as mine in the pic, sufficing to say that brands of ingredients do sometimes vary, and over processing could add to that too. Do make this again at some point and freeze it for half an hour before serving for a better cut. Best wishes your way in the meantime and hope you enjoy my other recipes too !

  189. I might over processed, you are right. Next time I will try to “work” with it less…
    I am definitely going to try other recipes. Your blog is a real inspiration, and I thank you for that.
    Have a great day!

  190. Shani Hi there and thanks for your reply. I think next time’s idea is going to work fine – do not hesitate to give it a cold blast in the freezer prior to cutting the portions out, it really will be fine. Best !

  191. Hello Miriam, I found you by searching ‘vegan recipes’ on Facebook and I’m so happy to have been lead here! I’m not a vegan but I prefer to make vegan food usually. Vegan dishes are great for sharing (at work for example) as vegans, vegetarians and people who have egg or dairy allergies can all enjoy.
    I made a version of the bean recipe you posted on Facebook a few days ago, and I can’t wait to try this next! I can’t eat dairy so a tufu cheesecake will be a real treat.
    Also, I am so impressed that you reply to comments – it must be very time consuming!
    Looking forward to reading and sharing your recipes, Jamila

  192. Hi there Jamila and welcome here to my blog. Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to drop by here with your constructive comment. I very much look forward to your feedback on this recipe. More and more non-vegan people join my site and feel as you do – I think that an increased number of people are being drawn to cut down on their dairy and meat consumption for health reasons, and also as a change from heavier meals. That said the main point that springs to mind besides ‘compassionate and conscientious eating’ is that I give high priority to taste, texture, aroma and visual results – in that way all the senses can dance – the taste buds can rejoice and thus culinary harmony is achieved. I take time to answer my comments, and answer all of them (except for the very rare rude one). Let me know how this goes as and when, a tiny tip :- feel free to pop it in the freezer 20 minutes before cutting as it slices a little better if you are presenting it to guests. Best wishes your way !

  193. We made this and it was delicious. It was very rich and only needed a small piece to satisfy so lasted ages. Really yummy.

  194. Hi there Kandy and welcome here. Thanks for your feedback. I have to agree with you on that – it is rich, filling and indeed satisfying, a little indeed goes a long way. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way !

  195. I’ve just made this and popped it in the fridge for supper. Bowls and spoons licked clean! It’s amazing I’d have never have known how to make these incredible foods; so many vegan recipes are American so refer to ingredients and methods I’m not familiar with. You’re recipes are making such a positive change in the world; one mind and one meal at a time. Thank you x

  196. Kim my dear what wonderful words you have imparted here. I am delighted that all is sounding great in your kitchen, spoons licked clean and a huge kudos goes to you for making this recipe for all to enjoy. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog, and thanks for putting a huge smile on my face. Best wishes your way !

  197. I had a huge slice of this last night with Swedish Glace ice “cream”. I have such a sweet tooth I didn’t find it too rich 🙂 Now I’ve been sneaking mouthfuls from the fridge all day! I’ll have to save it for special occasions as I swear I could eat the whole thing in 24 hours!

    Oh and my husband who’s trying to give up meat at this stage also loved it! It’s great to still be able to make him delicious foods and continue feeling like a good wife without compromising my beliefs.

  198. Oh my, wat a wonderful fabulous and delicious cake this turned out to be! I’ve been planning to make this for a while and finally did last weekend, for a small dinner party. The cake was a huge hit and it deserves to be; so incredibly rich in flavour and textures, it’s like a little chocolate party in your mouth with every bite. The cake is at the same time so super delicate and light, which means I can keep enjoying it! Thanks Miriam, this will become another family favourite!

  199. Caroline Hi there again and welcome here. Thanks for taking the time to give me your feedback on this. I like what you have to say about every bite ‘it’s like a little chocolate party in your mouth with every bite’ very well put. It is also as you say delicate and I am glad you have enjoyed it as I am sure you will continue to do so. Very best wishes your way and I look forward to your future comments here !

  200. Hi there Kim and welcome here. Thanks very much for dropping by here with your super comment. So you have a sweet tooth eh ! Well, you have come to the right place with this dessert. If you love lemon you can try out the lemon poppy seed cheesecake at some point too ! I love your pictures from my blog-spot that you took of it, the one with your ice cream addition. Am glad that your husband loved it too and hope that you browse my other recipes too. I have many women here whose husbands are not yet vegan, but always manage to satisfy their culinary needs through these recipes (try my roast at some point, it’s easy to make too and non-vegans love it !). It’s always a good sign when non-vegan husbands are on the right track, and I am sure that with your endeavours and moral beliefs as well as my recipes he will steer in that direction one step at a time ! Best wishes your way Kim & I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  201. That sounds so YUM, will definitely make this. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Love knowing I’m eating healthy food as well as washing my body in Vegan certified, gluten free botanical products and using vegan certified lipstick, so that when I lick my. lips I’m only putting animal-free products into my body!

  202. I made this, however I had a large cheesecake pan so I would recommend doubling the recipi! It was delicious, … Highly recommend it for vegans and canavours alike! This will appeal to everyone! Thank you very much for sharing your creations

  203. Connie Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed this and I have to agree, it’s great for everybody regardless as to whether they are vegan or not vegan. In it’s own right this chocolate creation has been enjoyed on many a table and many an occasion, always with the same result – a success. I agree that one could double the quantities Connie in a larger pan. Keep tuned as I will be posting up more choc goodies soon ! Best your way in the meantime !

  204. Many thanks for your feedback dear Ruth and I agree about your vegan thinking and share your views too ! Best to you !

  205. Hi Miriam!!

    I follow your site for a while now and I’m amazed by the great recipes you come up with!! I really admire the way you cook!! I have a queston about this recipe though, I really want to make this cake for my son’s birthday. But he is allergic to soja, you use tofu in this recipe, is is possible to replace the tofu with something else? Or must I use a creamcheese varity with this? I hope you have time to answer my question… Yhanks again for your insiration!

    Greetings, Mariska from the Netherlands

  206. Mariska Hi there and welcome here. I am glad you love my recipes. This recipe I have only made with tofu as the result is sublime both in taste and texture. I cannot advise how you would make it with other ingredients as it would not be the same at all, and as I have not tried it with alternatives as yet, I am not in a position to help. That said, you can always make my Moist Chocolate Cake which is always a winner and very easy to make ! Here is the link for you Kids go crazy for this and it has the most rewarding reviews (ignore what it says about red velvet as it’s not so, and don’t use the colouring). Hope this helps as an alternative chocolate treat for your son’s birthday. Best wishes your way !

  207. Hi Miriam! Thanks a lot for your answer, eventually I’ve made my grandmothers applecake, it came out gorgious and delicious… Today I’ve made this recipe, for the bottom though I’ve put in the chocolate meant for the filling!!! Hope it’ll turn out nice… For the filling again the chocolate, so there is very much chocolate in the cake. Love making your recipes, I shall let you know how it turned out with the extra chocolate 😉 Have a nice sunday! Greetings, Mariska

  208. Mariska Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I am glad you have made this recipe, although I am not clear about the changes you have made. That said do let me know how it turns out and best wishes your way in the meantime !

  209. Hi Miriam, I put the 125 grams of melted chocolate in the base also, saw too late it was supposed to be for the filling. We’ve tasted it and because of the extra added chocolate the cake has a very strong chocolate taste! My husband and I liked the strong taste of dark chocolate but my son and his friend didn’t like it… Next time I won’t make the same mistake 😉 All the best for you!!

  210. Mariska Hi there and thanks for your feedback – as you added extra chocolate to this recipe it would have turned out a little too strong for a kid’s palette. There’s always a next time to try it out as is. Enjoy and look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  211. Pingback: Bánh gatô sôcôla thuần chay / Gateau au chocolat vegan « A Vegan World

  212. Thanks for the pingback.

  213. Hi Miriam……………when you say ‘coffee powder’ are you speaking of those instant crystals or super fine ground coffee beans? Thanks.

  214. Kari Hi there. I refer to ground coffee which is instant coffee, usually sold in jars (unsweetened) ready to be made with hot water. So anything that is super fine will do the job. Hope this helps and let me know how it goes after tasting ! Enjoy !

  215. Hi Miriam,
    I made this over the weekend BUT my filling was very soft. I am in the US and my silken package was more than what your recipe says so I also added more chocolate, but perhaps not enough?? The filling is DELICIOUS but more the consistency of chocolate mousse than cheese cake. I was also wondering if cacao nibs could be substituted for the dark chocolate or do you think that would be too bitter?? I was planning on making this to bring for Thanksgiving but I am going to have to work on perfecting the consistency of the filling ~ it looks like it will be a Christmas dessert instead!

  216. Also Miriam, do you have a Pecan Pie recipe anywhere on your blog or perhaps in your cookbook??

  217. I confess as yet I do not Anne – but I will give it some thought.

  218. Anne Hi there – this filling works almost all the time – secret is do not over beat it as it breaks it down too much, also add more chocolate. The chocolate that we purchase in different parts of the world make a difference. I think if you want a more solid texture add 1 tablespoon of agar agar powder and dissolve it in 1/2 a cup of boiling water, then add to the mix and process with the filling – this will help it gel up more, but that will give it a different texture and may be not as pleasant as you wish. Also place the cheesecake in the freezer for 20 minutes will help it cut up in neater portions. Try adding more solid chocolate to it first. Hope these hints help. Best wishes.

  219. Thanks Miriam! I will experiment with the filling and let you know how it works out. I just made the pumpkin pie from the December issue of VegNews ~ it uses agar agar powder and I see what you mean about the “gel up” factor, you do have to be careful with that! And I sure do hope you come up with a pecan pie! I’m looking forward to your cookbook coming out in the spring!!

  220. Anne Hi there and thanks for your comment. I will let you know as and when the book is out for sale and I look forward to your future comments on my blog in the meantime !

  221. This has become a standard dessert for me for special occassions. It has won over many non-vegans. I tweaked it a bit. I add about a 1/2-3/4 cup of almond milk and the remainder of the nip of kahlua after the the 2 tblspns were added to the base to the filling and it makes it a bit lighter. I than cover the top with fresh raspberries and mint over the chocolate shavings. I glue it on with agave nectar. So good!

  222. Absolutely right! The best ever. I’ve already made it twice… What a hit. We like it best without the orange zest…. Soley chocoholics in my family. Thank you

  223. Hi there Linda, that’s fabulous news – I really am delighted that you have made this twice with much success and that it’s a hit every time. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  224. Rachel Hi there and welcome here. I am very happy to hear that this is a staple for special occasions – even happier to know that it has won over non-vegans – I like to remind them that in spite of it being very rich, it’s a cholesterol free dessert, and that has got to be a bonus ! Raspberries and mint additions sound great. I look forward to your future comments on my blog Rachel. Also let me know if you wish to be added to our new monthly recipe Newsletter 1st one out next month ! Best wishes your way in the meantime and look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  225. Looks great, will try for sure. Cheers from Poland 🙂

  226. Hi there Niemara and thanks for your comment, I do hope you make and enjoy this cheesecake – come back with your comment and feedback as and when. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  227. Hi Miriam, i finally made this for friends who called for dinner last week. It was fantastic and so easy to make, Biggest difficulty is getting hold of vegan digestives! Hope to make it for works buffet this week also with your baba ganoush dish which i adore, Thanks again for all that you do x

  228. Catherine Hi there and thanks for your feedback. I am delighted this went down well. It’s actually a great one to serve to non-vegans too ! Vegan digestives are sold in Marks & Spencer if you are in the UK, otherwise graham biscuits in the States and Canada. Please look at my new recipes by going to my homepage – they are all new and for the festive season – you will love them (I hope). Also we are starting up a new newsletter which will be monthly, let me know if you are interested in receiving it so that I can add you to my list. We will be putting up some interesting recipes and info, so it will be useful for you ! Best wishes your way !

  229. Thanks Miriam, I have looked at your festive recipes and will be attempting a few of them for my Christmas dinner. I am a new vegan and have changed my diet due to stage 4 breast cancer. I have no idea if it will make a difference but I am absolutely mad about my new diet. It is something I have thought about for a long time due to my love of animals but it never seemed to happen. Better late than never. I don’t make many of your deserts as I try to avoid much sweet food, but when I make them wow. A non vegan friend tried some of this and sent me the following comment: Hi Kate, had some of your chocolate cake last night. Really fantastic! 🙂

  230. Catherine Hi there and welcome here. Thanks so much for dropping by with your comment and another thanks for your lovely compliment ! If I may Catherine I have made 3 suggestions – I am a nutritionist myself and would like to point you to our other page, just click on the link to ‘Vegan Rejuvenation’ ‘like’ the page and all the info there is free and a great wellness resource. I have also enclosed a link for the importance of lemon which is great against breast cancer as are other citrus fruits – but more than any other fruits the lemon comes ‘tops’. The last link is a link to Kris Carr’s amazing book ‘Crazy, Sexy Diet’ a compelling account of her own experience and how she put it all to good use, and in so doing saved her life. A huge kudos goes to you also in the meantime for choosing a vegan lifestyle, and may you flourish and heal. Meantime, best wishes your way and if I can be of any help, just write to me. 🙂

    P.S. Anti-cancer tip:- I think it wise to keep your body as alkalized as possible – fresh vegetable such as broccoli, fruits such as citrus and apples (to sweeten) all juiced would make a good breakfast for you Catherine. Perhaps you could invest in a juice extractor some time soon, there are some inexpensive ones on the market.

  231. YUM YUM YUM!!! thankyou Miriam!!! you are super talented!!

  232. Your recipes are fabulous! I would love to receive your newsletter.

  233. You have been added dear Kierstin. 🙂

  234. Thanks Carla, we have added you to our new monthly newsletter list. 🙂

  235. Thank you for this. I made it using milk choc as I thought dark would be too rich and cacao powder. Its yummy. thanks

  236. Petra Hi there. This is a vegan recipe and because the tofu would act as a milk substitute rendering it as a ‘milk’ chocolate cheesecake so no need for milk chocolate in the 1st place – just mentioning this for next time. Glad you enjoyed it. Best Wishes your way !

  237. Amazing! I’ve made it a few times now for family, friends and most recently for our Xmas day dessert…. Never fails to impress! Please add me to your mailings list. Best wishes for 2013 🙂

  238. Ps Co-op own brand digestives are vegan and clearly marked on the wrapper as vegan too!

  239. Very useful to know – thanks there Leah !

  240. Leah Hi there again – I have just added you to our newsletter – but bear with me as it will be a few weeks from now before it’s out as the response to it has been rather overwhelming 🙂 – Best wishes your way in the meantime and glad you enjoyed this Chocolate Cheesecake – it really is an impressive one to serve to guests ! Cheers.

  241. Hi everyone – I made this for Christmas 2012 and it was oh so amazing! It turned out perfectly, a beautifu, firm, cuttable consistency, and the taste was just delicious! The non-vegans all devoured it, and I left some with the hostess when we left. The following week I checked if she had eaten it – and she had not only devoured the lot, but had ‘hidden’ it from her hubby so she could have it all to herself LOL. This is seriously the best vegan dessert I have made 🙂 THANK YOU Miriam!! Also keen to receive your newsletter once you’re back into the swing of things.

  242. Sherylie Hi there and many thanks indeed for giving me/us all feedback about my Chocoholic’s Cheesecake – sounds like a winner and a huge Kudos goes to you for making, and sharing my recipe. For the chocoholic lovers it’s a dream that can be re-visited again and again, perhaps that’s the best part of it 🙂 I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Cheers !

  243. OK! I made this easy as to make delight for xmas and it was a hit with my avid meateating step father! Everyone loved the base especially – I found in a day the underlying tofu taste disappeared completely (maybe it was the brand of tofu I used?) but it was lovely and have a base in the freezer for another quick dessert soon! Thanks again Miriam!

  244. Miriam great website and mouth watering recipes.
    I would like to know why you promote the usage of microwaves…:(..?You do know that what is put in a microwave not the same thing that is taken out….
    I am dumbfounded as a vegan that you use or tell people to use a microwave?!

  245. What is the ingredient kahlua? It sure looks delicious, only I would make it with Carob.

  246. Hi Miriam, what is agave syrup and where do you get it in the UK? Cheers x

  247. Michael Hi, thanks for that. I am not a medical professor, I am not the only vegan who owns a microwave and I don’t tell people to use microwaves as a matter of course. People make their own choices of whether to use one or not, and also if they do use one, it must be that they purchased one at some point prior to encountering my blog. I shouldn’t tell people to use sugar, in fact I don’t, but some recipes call for it – some people may be diabetic and conscientious about their health in which case they would use a safer means of sweetening their desserts. So, please give me a break and don’t feel dumbfounded as a vegan that I use a microwave – which by the way I use may be once a week and that is my personal choice. YOu cannot pick 1 percent of what a person does and blow it out of proportion. As for people who own microwaves they will use it anyway, and those that don’t, use a conventional oven – why worry yourself with this Michael ? I am a ‘bigger picture type of person’ – I look at the bigger picture the 90 something percent of goodness that I eat, that I create, drink, think etc and people are responsible enough they too will do the same. I am not posing here as health professor, just a very creative chef giving freely of my time to make the world a better place. I wish you’d asked me why i am Vegan, but i shall answer that question anyway – I am vegan 1st for the Animals, then my health. I only recall 1 recipe from the many that I have here that uses a microwave – and if you read correctly you will see that I said microwave margarine or bain marie, I mention the 2 ways that margarine can be melted, because people who have a microwave will use it anyway, others will use their cookers. We all know of the dangers of microwaves if used often, the dangers of pollution if we breathe it into our lungs, the dangers of nicotine if one smokes too much, alcohol, stress – the list is never ending and the key I think is moderation. Peace.

  248. Carla Hi there and many thanks for dropping by here with your comment and feedback – I am delighted that you have made and enjoyed this cheesecake ! Yes, what you said about the tofu is true, as all the brands I have used for it always turn up fine – if you wish you could always add a tad more chocolate to it next time, but really there is no need ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes to you !

  249. Hi Helen and welcome here. Agave is a sweetened kind of syrup in the way that maple syrup is also (you can use either actually for sweetening) that you can purchase from most health food stores – so your best bet would be Holland & Barrett. Hope this helps. Cheers !

  250. Decadent, rich & so good! Took it to work & served it to non-vegans- were they impressed! Thank you for sharing. Transitioning to vegan so I’m loving all the new treats that I’m getting to make.

  251. Melanie Hi there and a huge Kudos goes to you for preparing and sharing this with your non-vegan friends from work. I hope my recipes help your transition ! Feel free to join my monthly upcoming newsletter for tips and info. If so just let me know and I will add you. Best wishes your way and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  252. This is in the refrigerator chilling for tomorrow. It’s very soft right now. I am hoping and praying the filling firms up nicely such that it can be cut and looks pretty on the plate. I am planning to sprinkle a few raspberries on each plate——-just two or three raspberries for color.

  253. Sounds great Marty. As you will see from the many, many comments the recipe has been tried, tested and enjoyed on countless occasions. It’s not a hard dessert, but a smooth one. For a firmer ‘cut’ place in the freezer for a half hour before serving. I hope you enjoy it ! Let me have your feedback as and when.

  254. My husband has gone absolutely nuts over this dessert. I will eat chocolate if there is nothing else, but he loves chocolate. It turned out beautifully. He was just so excited when he saw it last night, I had trouble getting it away from him and into the refrigerator.

  255. That’s super great news Marty ! Chocolate success at your fingertips, as it sounds like this dessert will not be a last for him. Best to you !

  256. No, this will be made repeatedly in this house! I shared this on my FB page because I have a bunch of friends who are going to want this. I just shared the link to your FB with the picture of the cheesecake.

  257. That’s truly awesome Marty, and thanks for sharing.

  258. I made this yesterday and it is definitely the best choc cheese cake I have ever eaten! Amazing! Thank you!

  259. Eliza Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. So glad you made and enjoyed this ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  260. OMG this was awesome, and it was difficult to stop at one slice. My sister in law pointed me the direction of your website and we look forward to trying many more of your fabulous recipes.

  261. Hi there Sarah, that’s awesome news ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Cheers.

  262. Hi Miriam, this looks so good, I want to make it but what is kahlua and where can I buy it? I live in Sutton, Surrey Thank you

  263. Hi Nieves – it’s a coffee liquor and should be available in the UK. Call up a few supermarkets or off license places, they will tell you if they stock it, or better still who does. Cheers and let me know how this goes !

  264. So rich, decadant and delicious looking. It’s my BFF’s birthday today and I shared this recipe with her. I will make it for her “birthday” dessert when she comes to visit. I’m thinking, “Mouthwatering Vegan” will adopt another fan.

  265. Hi there Debra and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. Let me know how it goes when you’ve served it up and thanks for your support of my blog !

  266. Hi Miriam. Oh My! This recipe sounds too amazing. It looks like it is going to taste over the top. I try not to have too much tofu. I had tofu a couple of times already this week as well enough treats for the week. I will keep this recipe for the near future. As always, thank you for sharing with us. Do you ever make raw food recipes?
    Hugs, Susan

  267. Hi there Susan and thanks for dropping by here with your comment. I agree about the tofu, I heard Dr Michael Greger discuss the whole soya and tofu affair and he thinks (from his research) that tofu is fine, and to have it in moderation, just as you are doing. Furthermore I would go as far as to say if it were that dangerous then the Japanese community would have been wiped off this earth many years ago. Moderation is the key ! Best your way and let me know how this goes. P.S. We must always remember that in a recipe of this ilk, where it yields 8-10 portions and has 1 packet of tofu in it – you can imagine how little one would be consuming per portion – ie very little. Cheers !

  268. This is pure heaven 🙂 I’m already thinking of different flavour combinations.

  269. Hi Miriam, This is the third recipe of yours I’ve made today. The kitchen looks like a bomb-site but I have enough things now to take for a work do. The cheesecake was simple to make and looks just like your photos. I’ve eaten scrapings and they taste delicious but I have to wait until it’s been presented before I eat a slice. I used Galliano instead of Kalua because that’s what I had – and I didn’t have oranges (used them all for salad dressing last night!) so fingers crossed. Thank you for all the work you’ve done putting these pages up 🙂

  270. Hi there Linda and thanks for dropping by here after your day in the kitchen preparing my recipes – bravo and kudos to you for preparing them for work – that’s awesome. This cheesecake will be devoured and I will await your response and feedback on it all. Best your way in the meantime. 🙂

  271. Hi there Wendy and glad you made and enjoyed this, it really is a treat isn’t it ! Yes, there are other combinations you can make – let me know how they go in time ! Best your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  272. Hi Miriam – lots of chat about this cake! I am looking forward to making it this Easter. Thank you for the recipe. My question: I would normally make a regular cheesecake in a spring-form pan and remove the sides for serving. Can this be done with this cake?

  273. Hi there Michelle and thanks for dropping by here with your comment – in answer to your question, yes, you can use your spring form pan – I would advise you to grease it well, and also use some parchment (grease proof paper) at the base and sides if you wish for better results. Also another tip is to freeze it for a half hour prior to serving if you want a denser consistency. Enjoy !

  274. Oh my god. I just dribbled onto my keyboard.

  275. This was excellent! I used a spring form pan. Turned out perfect. Also….as an added enhancement when serving I placed each piece in a raspberry puree. It looked and tasted wonderful!

  276. Bridget Hi there – many thanks for dropping by here with your feedback. I think how you served this cheesecake was quite eye-catching and a wonderful contrast to the chocolate – well done for giving it that gourmet touch ! Best wishes your way and I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  277. Niki Hi there and welcome here. I truly hope you treat yourself to this delight at some point as you won’t regret it ! Let me know how it goes if you make it and I look forward to your future comments on my blog as and when ! 🙂

  278. OH MY GOSH!!! My mum made this for a family get together…and it was amazing! She subbed the biscuits in the base to a gf option for me and it turned out perfect! She had extra base left over so made it into biscuits for me to take home (which I ate in two nights I couldn’t help myself!) Now I’m going to have a go at making it and a few more of your recipes! Love your work!!!

  279. Hi Carla, thanks for your comment and so glad you enjoyed this. If you love lemon, have just posted up a lemon dessert that has a sot biscuit type of base – easy to make and delicious too ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  280. what is digestive biscuts.. maybe its in another country? i’m in united states is there another word for it here or maybe I’m just not sure what it is? thanks

  281. k I saw pic of them but do u know if there is another thing kind of like them in u.s. maybe gram crakers.. not sure?

  282. Have just made a note on the recipe itself Laurie, graham crackers should do the job ! 🙂

  283. Graham crackers will do the job Laurie. 🙂

  284. Danielle Fletcher

    I finally got around to making this and it was amazing. I have never used tofu in a dessert but it works so well. Really simple to make even for a novice. I omitted the alcohol and didn’t replace it with anything and it still tasted amazing. Have just fed it to my fussy non vegan friends and they loved it. I will definitely be making this again. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  285. That’s great to know Danielle, it is an easy-ish one to make and well worth it too, more so when you serve it up to non-vegans, all of them who love chocolate seem to love this. Cheers !

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  287. Looks good – thanks for the link back.

  288. Have just finished making this Choc Cheese cake first ever vegan dessert ..can it be froozen

  289. Hi there Denise, I have never tried freezing it myself Denise, my recollections are always that I make this, serve it for guests and family and usually there is very little left, not enough to justify freezing it, and the remainder is eaten within a day or two. Let me know if you have enjoyed it. 🙂

  290. thanks so much Miriam for letting me make and sample this on our Vegan stand at the Green Living show here in Auckland NZ – it was without a doubt a complete success – I didnt end up doing the cooking demo but sampled out the cheesecake to people coming up to our stand – and it was a real crowd drawer!! thankyou so very much – and ALSO!! I received your book today and its so very impressive – thankyou so much – look forward to reading tonight xx

  291. Sounds awesome Carla, glad you had much success with my cheesecake – was there any mention as to it’s origins ? 🙂 In any event, I am very happy you have my book in hand and hope that you enjoy it. If so a brief review on amazon would be greatly appreciated. Very best wishes your way in the meantime ! 🙂

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  293. I made this on Saturday but we couldn’t wait until Sunday so had some Saturday night and though the topping was a bit runny it still tasted awesome! On Sunday it was even better and today (Monday) it was the best but unfortunately it’s now all gone! I really liked the walnuts in the base but the best bit was how the taste of the orange zest came through. Didn’t really notice the kahlua, though it was a good excuse to buy a bottle! Will definitely be making this regularly!

  294. Jane Hi and thanks for your interesting and great feedback. One of the most awesome things about this recipe I think is also when you share it with non-vegans, they cannot seem to get their heads round the fact that it tastes so good and is therefore dairy free ! So very glad you enjoyed it and remember, you are at liberty to up the dose of the kahlua for next time if you feel naughty enough to do so. Enjoy !

  295. Made this last weekend and it was divine. It turned out perfect. My friends loved it. Cheryl

  296. That’s awesome news there Cheryl, and kudos to you for making and sharing it with them ! 🙂

  297. This cheescake looks amazing! I am definitely going to try this one. I have been vegetarian for just over a year and want to try to become vegan (my husband is vegan) as I can no longer carry on eating products that have involved animal suffering. The one thing I will miss is dairy chocolate, so anything that replaces that and tastes great will help 🙂

    Just one question, what company do you use for sugar products? I am trying to find one that sells mostly vegan suitable products. During my recent research I was shocked to find out that in some cases sugar is refined using burnt animal bones – otherwise known as bone char. It can also be listed as tricalcium phosphate. This is a listed ingredient on the side of a packet of icing sugar in our cupboard. I nearly threw it out but have emailed the company for verification first.

    Any advice would be great!

  298. Lorraine Hi. Firstly thanks for dropping by here with your note. A HUGE KUDOS to you for choosing vegan ! Do try this cheesecake, it will not disappoint you. Have no fear, I have many chocolate lovers that make and enjoy my recipes – here you have chosen well and you will be amazed at how very chocolatey this dessert is, and I have others here too !

    Regarding the sugar – Most refined white sugar is processed over bone char and that rules it out as a vegan product. However, there are sugars that are not.  These are the brands of sugar we know to be vegan:
    Wholesome Foods
    Florida Crystals
    Hain Organic Powdered Sugar
    Jack Frost
    Southern Bell
    365 (the Whole Foods house brand).
    You can use these tidbits to help you navigate through the sugar aisle:  Beet sugar is vegan. Raw sugars or turbinado are also vegan. Other acceptable vegan sweetners include:
    date sugar
    rice syrup
    corn syrup
    barley malt
    maple syrup
    agave nectar
    and xylitol

    If you want any further info or recipes etc we will be launching a new vegan magazine with exquisite recipes, as well as a great deal of vegan info, in VEGAN FOR LIFE Magazine (digital online). So look out for it next week if you’re interested. Meantime, enjoy my recipes and I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  299. My Christmas day dessert 🙂

  300. Totally fool-proof and excellent choice Sharron, enjoy and best wishes your way ! 🙂

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  302. Nice pic ! 🙂

  303. Oh Miriam.. I made this for Christmas and it is certainly the best vegan cheesecake I have made yet…in fact it was the best cheesecake I have made full stop. All my non-vegan family tried it too and loved it too. Also got your book for Christmas so will be working my way through the recipes I have yet to try. Wishing you a very Happy 2014.

  304. Sharron Hi, that’s really awesome news. Just a little tiny note for your book – regarding the mozzarella, and the 2 cheddars – double the quantity of agar powder in them – the reason is that the revised recipes did not reach my publishers in time. I am so glad your non-vegan family enjoyed my choc cheesecake – in fact it’s a great one to serve to non-vegans as they really can’t believe it’s actually dairy free and still as good ! I very much look forward to your future comments and feedback on my blog and best wishes your way in the meantime. P.S. Would love an amazon customer review at some point if you like it ! Cheers ! 🙂

  305. I did wonder about the agar powder amount in your mozzarella recipe in particular, as the one I make at the moment has double the amount. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  306. Sharron Hi, and hope all turned out well. Happy New Year 2014 ! 🙂

  307. Is it possible to use coffee instead of Kahlua? If so, what quantity would you recommend and would it be in dry or liquid form? Thanks

  308. Hi Silver, if you are going to omit the kahlua, then just add a little extra coffee, half a teaspoon extra dried with a couple of tablespoons of hot water.

  309. Wow! Looks so very luscious! Making it today for my husbands birthday tomorrow. Hope it survives through today 🙂 Curious for the taste.

  310. Hi Diana – I’m sure your husband will be thrilled. Do put it in the freezer for a half hour before serving so that it cuts beautifully since it’s for such a special occasion. As you will see from the reviews it’s a winner, so good choice from your part. Do let me know what you think as and when ! Enjoy ! 🙂

  311. Hi Miriam, I am about to make this recipe but need to know, when you say 13 graham crackers, do you mean 13 sheets (4 squares each) or 13 squares?


  312. Stacy Hi. We don’t have graham crackers in Europe, we have digestive biscuits, and I have been told they are very similar, so I trust that the quantities are more or less equivalent – the feedback from all US and Canada’s folks that have tried this has been excellent, so feel free to try it with the same quantities of the crackers/biscuits. Let me know how it goes and enjoy !

  313. Hi Miriam, thanks for responding I took a leap and used 13 sheets of graham crackers.

    Miriam…THIS RECIPE IS RIDICULOUSLY WICKED!!! I am sooooo in love! I had two people try it that are not vegan and they LOVED it!

    This is truly a keeper…thank you so VERY MUCH!!!

  314. What a success story Stacy ! Well done and kudos to you for making, sharing and letting me know. I hope you enjoy the rest of my recipes, I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  315. It looks scrumptious! I run vegan bake sales as fund raisers for a farm animal sanctuary (Edgar’s Mission) and will definitely make this for the next event!

  316. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you! I’ll try this out for sure and thanks for the info on obtaining the vegan biscuits since I don’t actually eat them, x

  317. Sunita Hi there and hope you enjoy this – do come back with your feedback ! Enjoy !

  318. Zerin Hi there and thanks for dropping by here. Kudos to you for what you are doing to raise funds for a good cause. Let me know how it goes and best your way ! 🙂

  319. I can’t think of a single comment which could be non-constructive about this little piece of heaven. I believe I may even be able to do it too with my complete lack of culinary skills!

  320. So glad you think so Clare – let me know how it goes. 🙂

  321. Hello,
    i’m french and this cake looks very delicious. But how can i find the vegan biscuits ? They must be in chocolate or simple ?
    Thanks to exists !

  322. Melanie Hi, plain biscuits are fine, make sure they are dairy free – may be you can find them in a supermarket. Otherwise you can make vegan plain biscuits – just google for a vegan plain biscuits recipe. Hope this helps and let me know how it goes. 🙂

  323. I have made this “cheesecake” twice now and I absolutely love it it really is to die for! Even my strictly meat eating husband/vegan food sceptic loves it so much I caught him in the kitchen stealing more!
    I do change the recipe to suit my taste though. I leave out the kaluha the zest and the coffee powder. And it still tastes heavenly so even those of us who are tee total and coffee haters can enjoy this beautiful dessert.

  324. That really is awesome news Rowenna ! 🙂

  325. Christina Elliott

    Just to mention that we buy McVities Light Digestives as they are vegan and palm oil free. Going to try this recipe for a friend’s wedding buffet 🙂

  326. What a great idea Christina, and let me know how it goes as and when ! 🙂

  327. Really wish that you would stop with the “Cheese” cake name!

  328. Ann Hi. Cheesecake is a well known term amongst so many people. In fact it is a positive thing because when people generally google for a cheese cake (chocolate being very popular) many non-vegans stumble across mine and make it – even write to me to say how great it is, and that means they made a cruelty free choice as a result. The other thing Ann is if you google vegan cheesecake (and I urge you to) the search results will yield thousands upon thousands of vegan cheesecakes. It’s all about identifying food, same with milk – nut milk, soya milk, rice milk – all the same MILK has to be mentioned as a means of identification, no more than that. Same as burger – veggie burger, nut burger, quinoa burger – again burger is the means of identifying the type of food. Vegan cheese, is the same ‘cheese’ ‘milk’ ‘burger’ etc, tags for people to identify with – which in turn helps to direct a person towards alternatives to animal based foods.

  329. Best Ever! So rich and delicious!!!! My sister made this and it was a hit! So beautiful too!!!!

  330. Thanks there Christy, so glad you enjoyed it ! 🙂

  331. I made this amazing cake recently for an omnivorous family gathering. Well, it almost created a fight over who would take the left over cheesecake! A hit with vegan and non-vegan alike. Thank you for this incredible recipe.

  332. Holly Hi there. You picked the perfect dessert from my blog for non-vegans, and I am glad they loved it. Well done and hope you enjoy many more from my blog ! Cheers. 🙂

  333. Hi Miriam
    This recipe was a great hit with everyone at a recent family lunch, especially my chocoholic DIL who is dairy intolerant. She loves chocolate cheesecake but sadly can no longer have it, until now, she went home happily with the remainder. Even my cheesecake hating husband enjoyed it. I have your book which I love and have made many of the recipes which we have eaten with enjoyment. You have also introduced us to some new ingredients too.

  334. Glynis hi there and thanks so much for your wonderful feedback – sounds like you pleased many a guest here with this dessert. If you haven’t already I will ask you for some positive feedback on amazon for my book. Also, some weeks from now my new sensational book will be up for pre-ordering entitled YASOU a combination of Greek & Middle Eastern recipes, with a twist and fusion as well as a few family secret recipes. If you are interested let me know and I will add you to our list and notify you as and when. This dessert is indeed a winner amongst many today worldwide. Cheers and all the best your way ! 🙂

  335. I love this cheesecake – it’s the first one I’ve ever made and it’s lush! I added a touch of rosewater to the filling and a tad of orange flower blossom to the base which I thought worked really well… The second time I made it, as well as the silken tofu I added a few scoops of Tesco’s Original Diary Free cream ‘cheese’ which really enhanced the cheesecake flavour. It’s so moreish I’ve had to freeze some portions to save myself from eating it. Friends who have tried it can’t believe it’s vegan or that I made it! (they’re neither vegan or even veggie btw). Next week I’m using it to impress a bloke, so cheers!

  336. Wow Miranda, that really IS something. Great to watch the reactions and responses from non-vegans, and glad you had a wonderful response. Hope the bloke you wish to impress enjoys it too. I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  337. First of all I was so happy to turn vegan but was really sad to say goodbye to cheesecake. One of my weaknesses, then I found this recipe and made it yesterday. Wow!!! Happiness returned. Secondly I thought vegans were kind thoughtful people until the recipe states to leave it overnight. Are you kidding??? That was very hard to do. Alas I did as the recipe says and cannot thank you enough. My life is complete. It truly is delicious. The only thing I found was in your photos the mix seemed all silky and smooth while mine was a little rough looking. Still tasted amazing. Maybe the mixer I used was not powerful enough??? How do you get it looking so silky and smooth? Love your work. Happy vegan Aussie family. Thanks again.

  338. Hi there Ruth and welcome here. Thanks for choosing vegan ! So happy you have tried this out and enjoyed it. Not sure if it is the processor that was a contributor factor in your base not being smooth enough – it could be that, or it could be you needed more lubrication – try adding some more coconut oil to the base to smoothen it out more next time. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog Ruth and great to have you (and your family’s) feedback here ! Best your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  339. I am a non vegan but my nephew has just become vegan so I wanted a vegan pudding for Xmas day – I tried out this chocolate cheesecake last weekend on some non vegan friends and we all loved it! I have started looking at some of your other recipes and they look yummy so may well go vegan a few times a week! Thank you Miriam

  340. Hi there Cathy and thanks for dropping by here with your feedback. I am delighted that you have made and served this sweet delight with your non-vegan friends (you chose wisely !). I hope you enjoy many more recipes from my blog. In the future you may wish to look at my book (full of pictures too !) entitled ‘Mouthwatering Vegan’ (found on amazon) and my upcoming book entitled YASOU – a feast in Middle Eastern & Greek cuisine which is out for pre-ordering very soon. Meantime, please drop by again with your thoughts and further feedback from yourself, your family & friends. Best wishes to you & your loved ones too ! 🙂

  341. Hi Miriam, I commented early in 2015 that I was going to make your cheesecake for a friend’s wedding buffet and you asked me to let you know how it went. It went down very well, not a single slice left. Guests were not informed that it was a vegan buffet so it was fun to hear the reactions. Had lots of requests for recipes and sources for the vegan cheeses etc we used. It was hard work (never having done anything like that before) but fun and very satisfying to have introduced people to the possibilities of vegan food. Thank you so much for your hard work producing these recipes xx

  342. Christina Hi – thanks for your feedback, am delighted it went down as well as it did. You chose wisely, and it has paid off, well done. My upcoming book may be of interest to you at some point, here is the link: Cheers and thanks for spreading veganism ! 🙂

  343. This is one of the best desserts I have ever tasted and oh so easy to make. Thank you so much!

  344. Thanks for dropping by here Kerry and hope you enjoy many more recipes from my blog ! Cheers ! 🙂

  345. This Chocoholics ‘Cheesecake’ came out as close to perfect as a thing could. Looks like its gonna take first prize in this beauty contest. Taste? Oh, tastes even more glorious than she looks. This just jumped over my raw punkin pie that was my favorite and left it in the dust. Toppers could also be dusting of powdered sugar.. so lightly w/ a few raspberries. Thank you for the deliciousness in my kitchen today.

  346. Hi Emma, so very, very glad you made and enjoyed one of the best and most successful chocolate recipes on my blog ! Would have been good to have a picture of it, may be next time, as I’m sure there will be a next time. 🙂

  347. Hi I love this cheesecake but please note – I discovered the other day Co-op digestives now have milk in them!!! I’ve rung them and had a moan about it 🙂

  348. Hi, Looks delicious! Have you ever tried to freeze it? I can’t see why not except I am wondering if the tofu might go a bit funny when defrosted.

  349. Hi there Rachael, I don’t see why it wouldn’t freeze well. If so make it a day or two in advance, so as to keep it as intact as possible prior to consuming it. If so, take it out an hour before serving – score it with a sharp knife in readiness of cutting the portion sizes in advance. Let me know how it goes and all the best for the festive season.


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