Bolognese Madness

What could taste better than a most luscious, full-flavoured, Mediterranean Bolognese ?  Now that’s my feeling – but the comfort and anticipation of the culinary pleasure one receives from this simple yet delicious sauce is truly fulfilling and magnificent – the house is filled with the aroma it emits, and the anticipation of dinner is just filled with joy.  I make many versions, and here is one for you to make and enjoy any time of the year.  Easy to make too !

Serves 2-3


extra virgin olive oil

1 medium sized onion, very finely chopped (you can do this in the food processor to save time)

2 to 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

2 or 3 bay leaves

1 x 14 oz (400g) tin chopped tomatoes (get good quality here or better still use fresh tomatoes if you wish *)

½ tsp coriander seeds (optional)

1 tsp agave nectar, or brown sugar

¼ cup (60 mL) white wine

½ tsp hot curry powder

2 Tbsp tomato paste/puree

1 tsp sea salt

2 cups of veggie mince of your choice  (ground ‘meat’ substitute, or crumble), such as Gardein brand – I used Linda McCartney’s.

½ tsp oregano

1 Tbsp brown sauce (I used HP)

1 tsp vegetable stock granules, powder or cube, such as Kallo (optional)

1 tsp vegan butter (optional)

1 cup (250 mL) water

1 Tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)

freshly chopped flat leaf parsley, for garnishing

salt to taste

*Note if you are using fresh tomatoes (around 6 of them, just scortch them in boiling water  for some minutes, then peel and chop them up.  Or place the tomatoes in a food processor and process until a pulp is formed – use instead of the canned tomatoes if you wish/prefer.


  1. First, heat up your oil in a large non-stick saucepan, throw in the onion and garlic, and stir, making sure that they don’t burn.
  2. When the mixture has become translucent, add the mince, and continue to mix for a further 5 to 10 minutes, so that the flavors merge.
  3. Next, add the tomato paste and the spices, whilst continuing to mix for a few more minutes.
  4. Now add the remaining ingredients, except for the water and wine.  Mix, and allow to cook for a few more minutes, adding a little water and wine at a time, until all of the liquid has been added. Cover, and allow to simmer very gently on a low heat for 20 minutes or so.
  5. Taste for salt – your tongue should resonate with a wonderful balance of sweet and savoury – if needs be, add more agave or salt to reach that ‘note’.
  6. Serve with the pasta of your choice, and garnish with parsley.   Enjoy !

All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell 2010

These are free recipes for your pleasure – all we ask in return is that you take a few moments to leave us a constructive comment !

suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike


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  2. Oh my, I have to cook it! Your photo “talked” me into it 🙂
    Are those yeast a necessity? They are very hard to get in Poland.
    Sorry for any mistakes, my English is not so perfect 🙂
    Greetings from Dzialdowo

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  4. this looks delicious anxious to try this one!

  5. Hi Miriam, the food looks absolutely yummy. What can I replace the white wine with? We don’t drink alcohol.

  6. thanks it sounds wonderful I thought I could smell it cooking as I read along!

  7. Hi Miriam,

    I don’t know why but my question from yesterday didn’t appear. My question was what can I replace the white wine with? I’m going to try this food today 🙂

  8. Nora Hi there and welcome here. The wine really is quite important in this dish Nora in terms of the taste. You can add half the amount I suggested using balsamic vinegar instead or grape juice (again there are so many brands out there it’s difficult to say which one would do, but bear in mind that grape juice is usually sweet, so don’t add sugar or sweetener of any kind if you are using grape juice – you could add both in equal proportions to make up the amount of wine suggested in the recipe. Let me know how it goes and Best your way !

  9. Tara Hi there and thanks for your comment – I do hope you next smell the real thing in your kitchen – if so, drop by and let me know how it turns out ! Cheers to you !

  10. Replied to you earlier – thanks and enjoy !

  11. Hi there Teresa, thanks for your comment and hope you try this simple dish out and enjoy it. Let me know how it goes as and when if so. Best to you !

  12. Thanks for Pinback

  13. Hi there Kikimora – no need for nutritional yeast. Let me know how it goes as and when. Best wishes your way !

  14. Thanks for Pinback.

  15. Looks absolutely AMAZING, Miriam! You are my hero!!

  16. Love to try this and will share..

  17. Loved iit.

  18. Miriam and Nora… isn’t it true that putting wine in adds flavor only because the alcohol cooks right out? my vegan chef hubs has liver disease… no alcohol… and he cooks wonderful dishes for us with wine all the time.

  19. Hi there Suz, thanks for that. I am not quite sure what your point is – much as I would love to support it I am not clear of what you exactly mean in support of wine using or not using – apologies but please clarify.

  20. Catherine Hi and thanks for your short and sweet feedback. Delighted you loved it and hope you enjoy it for many years to come. I look forward to your future comments here. Best wishes your way !

  21. Thanks Patricia, it’s easy to make, so do make it and come back with your feedback. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  22. Cindy Hi there and thanks for your sweet comment – that said, I would love your feedback on this, so come back and let me know how it goes as and when. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  23. I tried this recipe today. WOW it came out fantastic without white wine as well. I’ve never tried white wine in my life, but my fussy hubby also loved it. Thanks Miriam!!!

  24. Nora Hi there and thanks for letting me know how this dish worked out for you. I am delighted that you have made and enjoyed it and that your fussy-hubby enjoyed it too, that’s surely a great win-win and kudos to you for choosing to make this. When a recipe asks for wine, feel free to add grape juice instead if you wish, as it works well. Tip :- Remember once you have made and enjoyed it you may wish to choose from a variety of different pasta shapes to enjoy this sauce. The curly whirly pasta is great with this sauce too, and if you like hot food add some chilli powder to it at some point. Best wishes your way and I look forward to your future comments on my blog.

  25. I made this recipe for dinner tonight, serving two omnivores and one other vegan. I almost prepared it exactly as directed, but did not have veggie mince so I cooked up some Italian sausage flavored seitan to replace it. Everyone was in love with this recipe and second helpings were requested. I asked if anyone had any constructive criticism for you, but no one could come up with any.

    This recipe is going into the “keeper box.” Thanks again Miriam. Can’t wait to make your next recipe on my list, “Baked Stew Like My Mamma Used To Make.”

  26. Looks really good! I would love to make this but I Have a few questions please -What are tin chopped tomatoes , veggie mince and HP brown sauce? Please help!

  27. Alison Hi there and thanks for your comment. In answer to your 3 questions tinned tomatoes are canned ones, the ones you purchase in a can that you add to a red sauce – alternatively they are also sold in a jar in most supermarkets – it won’t be a ready made sauce but canned tomatoes are usually sold in 2 varieties the 1st is ‘whole tomatoes’ the 2nd is ‘chopped tomatoes’ – the outside alternative to this is to purchase 6-8 RIPE plum tomatoes, pour boiling water on them in a pyrex or glass bowl and allow them to rest for 20 minutes then carefully peel them to remove the skin – place the peeled tomatoes in another bowl and cut them up. HP sauce is BROWN SAUCE that you can purchase from most supermarkets. Veggie mince is ground veg crumble – here is a link to one that might help, the brand here is Gardein this is I believe sold in the States and Canada. In the UK and parts of Europe one can purchase the Linda McCartney brand which is good and is vegan. I hope I have helped you here, that you make my bolognese and come back with the result. Enjoy and best wishes your way in the meantime !

  28. Tried it, and loved it, way more than any meat bolognese ! Bravo !

  29. Hi Eva and thanks once again for your lovely comment – I am delighted you enjoyed my Bolognese ! I look forward to your future comments and feedback on my blog !

  30. I made this last night. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Thank you!!

  31. Lidia Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for your comment and am delighted you enjoyed it. I look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes your way in the meantime !

  32. Hi Miriam, I looked at your blog as you suggested. All looks amazing and great food. Can we find all the products in Malta to cook this type of food ? and is this food suitable for diabetics (on pills) ?
    Best Regards Charles. (from Savoy Antiques objects d/art and bric a brac).

  33. Charles Hi there and many thanks for dropping by here having browsed my site. I am delighted that you like my recipes. Let me address your 1st question first regarding finding all the products needed to make these recipes in Malta. The answer is YES, all of them. I am here to guide you with where you can find them and am happy to help you, but you will be happy to know that most of them come from Sliema and St Julians, so that’s good news for you. In answer to your 2nd question again, you will be happy to know that the food I produce (as I am also a qualified nutritionist) is indeed suitable to diabetics provided you use agave nectar which is a syrup that helps to balance your sugar levels even though it’s a sweetener (again more good news for you) this can be purchased from Good Earth Health Food Store amongst other things you can buy from there to stock up your pantry with suitable vegan products. Very often diabetics do much better on a healthy vegan diet which is devoid of refined products and low glycemic index. So, it’s all good news for you ! Also you might like to know that the recipes are devoid of cholesterol (animal fat which is the primary reason for heart disease as well as a host of other diseases). Will be making a wonderful stew in the dish I purchased from you earlier today, so keep tuned on my site to see it. Best wishes your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  34. Wow Miriam, I am impressed. Am new to the world of vegan and vegetarian being older and able to make better healthy choices (not follow the crowd). Congrats on award. Emily Kapi

  35. Emily Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for dropping by here with your generous comment. I do hope you try out my recipes and look forward to your future feedback on my blog. It’s good to be independent from the crowd and wise enough to make your own choices – kudos to you for looking the vegan/veg way, hope it brings you fulfillment and joy in the way it has done for me and others like myself. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  36. This looks AMAZING.

    good job!

  37. Found you via FB and am gonna try your Bolognese recipe. I’ve been looking for a really good one and this looks like it will fit the bill.

  38. Nicole Hi there and welcome here. I am glad you found my food blog and hope you enjoy this Bolognese of mine. Come back and let me know how it goes. Enjoy and best wishes your way in the meantime !

  39. Scott Hi there and thanks for dropping by here and really hope you make this Bolognese – my only promise is it’s easy to make. I see you are in the UK, so you will be able to get hold of Linda McCartney’s mince, which is what I used for this. As and when you make it drop by back with your feedback. Meantime best wishes your way !

  40. hi!
    your page is awesome and your food tastes like total awesome!
    but i was wondering, most of the canned tomatoes we get in europe is harvested and canned by slave laborers (google it) in southern italy and i’d like to not take part of that whole industry..
    but when i dice me own tomatoes i can’t seem to get the finished product anywhere near what the canned version is like, and i tried making puree once, but turns out my idea of how they make purée is completely wrong haha.
    good on ya 🙂

  41. not including the actual question in the post is the new fad, they say.
    anyway, have you any tips to how i could make the bolognese without going through canned slavery? :):)

  42. MMMmm interesting MFL ! The tomatoes that we buy here in Malta are picked locally and also canned locally, so I personally am not taking part in ‘canned slavery’ – now, let’s see how I can help you. Firstly if you use fresh tomatoes which are imported then who’s to say they were not picked by the slaves you have mentioned ? Then there’s the problem that they have been imported and the foot print business – life is not easy unless you grow things in your own back garden – even then how did the seeds come about ? See, it gets complicated. That sometimes means that we are treating the ‘symptom’ of a problem but cannot fathom or completely change the ’cause’ if we wish to be holistic, pure and honest – but I understand your concern. So, get your hands on some 100% locally grown tomatoes, make sure they are as ripe as possible, then pour boiling water on top of them, remove them, allow them to cool and then peel them. Next chop them, fry them in olive oil, garlic and simmer gently for 30 minutes. The only problem I foresee is that they may be a little insipid so may I suggest some sun dried tomato halves – around 8 halves finely chopped – add it to the cooked tomatoes – at this point treat the end product as canned tomatoes then carry on with the recipe as I suggest in the ‘method’ – you can prepare the tomatoes as I suggested a day before, if you like this way, start making it in bulk in readiness for meals that call for tinned tomatoes. Oh, for this recipe you are going to need around 8 tomatoes, medium sized. Hope this helps love – you can add a little red wine to intensify the taste (vegan of course). Hope my tips help and let me know how it goes as and when. Best wishes to you !

  43. No worries MFL, have answered you in detail with info etc. Let me know how it goes as and when you make it. Cheers !

  44. Hi again Miriam
    This recipe was DELICIOUS! A perfect alternative to my normal recipe. Thank you. I’m trying the cheesy pots and stew this weekend and will be trying others in the future.
    I have a slight problem in that my husband whom I love dearly (but remember I’m catering for a teenager and 2 sick Mums too!) has decided he wants to omit all oil and butter from his diet for health reasons. I think this change on top of conversion to veganism could cause me health problems! Any hints and tips on how to cook good tasting food while omitting oil?


  45. Kate Hi there and I totally see your dilemma. Many people make this choice, they usually see or hear some talk by some doctor and decide to cut it out altogether. Now, I have been a nutritionist for 20 years, I have treated people in my clinic in that time and have seen what people that omit oil altogether in their diet look like and what happens to them. Butter and margarine I agree, but a good quality olive oil no, I cannot advise that under any circumstances because a good quality olive oil is cholesterol free and poses not threat to one’s health, unlike others. The body needs some ‘good’ oil for many, many reasons – it helps avoid arthritis, it lubricates the joints, it nourishes the skin and a host of other pluses. Most people who have stopped it from my experience look tired, unhealthy, palid and their skin sunken and dried up. Yes, there are natural oils in vegetables, but in very, very small quantities. This is a big step, and I cannot happily agree to differ from the truth and my experiences as well as the knowledge I have learnt to date – a little good oil in one’s diet is necessary. Now, if your dear husband still insists, you can make and cook his food separately, what can I say, use a little spray or just simple water – but it’s not going to taste as good. Problem is most people who make this decision as I said before find a doctor and info that talks about why it’s all bad for you and they just take that at face value. Nicotine is bad for us, pollution is bad for us, meat and chemicals, dairy products are all bad for us, certain medications are bad for us – but good quality olive oil is great for us, otherwise the Italians, Greeks and Spaniards would be dead by now, olive oil would have wiped them out. The Asian countries use other oils, again they are still around and thriving in the main – why ? Because people that eat a healthy plant based diet that includes good oils thrive as nature intends. Hope this helps a little. Fat free diet is something different – that in cases of obesity or high cholesterol I understand, but even then good quality oil should not be omitted, rather fats should be drastically reduced. Cheers !

  46. I’ve made this last week…absolutely delicious!!

  47. Martina Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you have made and enjoyed my bolognese. I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  48. Made this today! Deeelish!! the only change I made was use fresh tomatoes and I added black eye beans cause i’m craving beans. We didn’t have HP sauce so I will have to put that on my grocery list for next time. Good recipe !!

  49. Hi there Kelly and many thanks for coming back with your feedback. I am delighted you made and enjoyed my bolognese – the beans would have been fine, if anything they’d have soaked up the flavours from the sauce. Brown sauce – HP is a must for next time though. I look forward to your future comments on my blog and best wishes your way in the meantime !

  50. Michael (from Facebook)

    Shared on Facebook! 🙂

    This speaks for itself – hearty, robust, and bellissimo! 🙂

  51. Marty Bellew-Smith, Ph.D.

    Now, I am going to have to make this. It looks scrumptious. You are keeping me busy cooking. I don’t know what brown sauce (HP) is. I have not found a commercially prepared faux meat that I like. I wonder if I could leave the meat out and it would still be good. Marty

  52. Marty Hi there. Have you tried Gardein crumbles ? I am told it tastes good. If all else fails make this with slightly crushed pecan nuts and mushrooms instead – but a faux meat/crumbles will be great or even a vegan burger which you then crumble up yourself to use as the minced up ‘meat’. Best wishes your way ! there is also another brand for you such as the following :- (would be good to find a good crumble, it’s so useful in a vegan kitchen Marty):- Yves Veggie, Lightlife and Smart Menu

  53. Oh Thank you so much Michael – great description of my dish ! Best to you and have a super week 🙂

  54. Made it yesterday and LOVED it! I don’t know if it was because i was very hungry or because i was craving for bolognese sauce or simply because it is a great recipe – i just shoveled a whole plate of it in a couple of minutes! Thank you Miriam! 🙂

  55. Justyna Hi there and welcome here. I hear what you say clearly and I immediately picked up on all 3 instincts – you were very hungry, for bolognese, but if it wasn’t a good enough one, you wouldn’t have enjoyed it unless you are okay with food that doesn’t taste good – I think you have good taste and had a healthy appetite.! Kudos to you for making and enjoying it and letting me know about it. Hope you enjoy my many other recipes from here and pop back with your feedback as and when 🙂

  56. Absolutely amazing Miriam. Thank you! I have to share it with my South African readers.

  57. Karen Hi there and thanks for that – feel free to share my recipes and link till your heart’s content. Best your way and look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

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  59. Many thanks once again and keep ‘tuned-in’ as 2013 is going to mark a huge breakthrough in vegan cuisine with what I am going to be offering. Also if you wish to join our new monthly upcoming newsletter, just say the word and will add you if you wish (all I would need is your name for reference, and do you have a FB page ?) ! Best wishes.

  60. We made this Bolognese for dinner last night! Wow!!!!
    We served it over homemade fettucini and it was a glorious combination.
    The play of flavors on the tongue was outstanding.

    Thanks for another great recipe. We’ll definitely make this one again.

  61. Harley Hi, you sure seem busy in your kitchen with these recipes, but it’s all paying off if it’s enjoyed at the dinner table ! How wonderful, and your desription of the taste is indeed spot on ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog and hope you enjoy many more recipes from my culinary repertoire here. Best wishes your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  62. Bolognese Madness looks and sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it. I love to visit your webpage. Thank you.

  63. What do I use for brown sauce

  64. Hi Lisa, if you are in the UK or other parts of Europe you may purchase HP original. If not, look out for (I hate to use this terminology but Iam told that is what it is called in the States & Canada) ‘Steak Sauce’ just be sure it’s a vegan one (look at the ingredients). Let me know how this goes !

  65. Rosemary Hi there and welcome here. Hope you make and enjoy this. If so, I shall look forward to your comments and feedback on my blog. Have a great day !

  66. Now I gotta admit that I just love everything which contains pasta but the dish you’ve made here makes it even more sublime.
    Made it several times already and I can’t get enough!
    Doing it without the brown sauce though cause I can’t seem to find it over here.
    Once more Miriam thank you for your wonderful recipes, you changed my life and eating habit.
    Every day I cook one of yours cause I’m no longer interested in recipes from other places.
    Your book will be like a bible to me lol

  67. Hey there Pascal, thanks for dropping by here. I am so happy that my recipes are working so well for you. Now, let’s think, in the UK we have HP sauce, it’s a ‘steak’ sauce but vegan. Now, you can either order a large sized one online (plastic squeeze bottle should do the job) or if you just want to try it out a dozen times here is a link I found from ebay for you – they sell 12 at a time in sachets (very convenient way of receiving such an item) I do hope this helps and thank you for your loyalty. Very best your way Pascal. 🙂

  68. Thank you for the link Miriam, will place an order 🙂
    Have a nice Monday evening.

  69. LOVE, love, love your recipes. Love this website. Love you too Miriam. I simply have to purchase your book. Your recipes are easy and I usually have the ingredients in my pantry. Even my non-vegan friends salivate when I share your recipes on my FaceBook page. Thanks for all the wonderful work that you do and for sharing them with us.

    PS. HP sauce is a favourite and is found in most restaurants in Canada. Do you know if the HP Fruity sauce is also vegan?

  70. Dear Debra, let me work backwards – it appears that HP fruity is indeed vegan too. Thanks for letting me know about the fact that it can be found in Canada, that’s awesome. It’s also where my book publishers are Random House Canada. Here is the link to the ingredients for the fruity HP sauce – I only glimpsed through it briefly. They don’t have a vegan sign but a vegetarian one, but there’s no dairy product in it, so that’ vegan.

    Now, second and last of all THANK YOU so much for your very kind words, what absolute lovely things to say ! You have put a huge smile 🙂 on my face, and a kudos to you for embracing veganism to the extent that you have. a HUGE bravo your way my dear ! Also thanks for your interest in my book. I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  71. You’re welcome Pascal and good evening to you too ! 🙂

  72. Hi Miriam, I just made this tonight and it is wonderful. I included everything on the list but unfortunately I didn’t have any dried oregano. Next time I will make it with it and see if I can notice the difference. I used Quorn mince (not sure if you have it where you live but it’s a very good meat and soy free supermarket range). I also used BBQ sauce as my HP was expired! 5 stars from South Australia x

  73. Hi there Judy and thanks for your positive feedback on my Bolognese – well done and don’t worry too much about the oregano – it’s not going to transform the flavour, merely enhance it in a very subtle way ! The BBQ sauce might have been a pleasant change. I look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way !

  74. Hi again Miriam, just wanted to let you know that I received the HP brown sauce that I ordered through your link.
    I’m so happy that I can finally add this to your dish 🙂

  75. Pascal Hi, now that you have received these, you will not only be able to add it to my infamous bolognese sauce, but I will be posting up a recipe you are going to like/love (well at least I think you will) – check out my homepage in 15 minutes and you will love using the HP in this. It’s a favourite recipe of mine ! Enjoy and best ! 🙂

  76. This evening its bolognese madness time with the brown sauce 😀

  77. Oh Pascal, finally you get to taste the authentic thing ! Let me have your feedback in good time ! Enjoy ! 🙂

  78. I was really curious about the brown sauce so I tasted it first like that, hmmm very delicious.
    Then I made the dish and added it, can’t imagine it without the brown sauce anymore.

  79. That’s awesome news Pascal ! Now you can join the HP addicts – it is very more-ish ! 🙂

  80. Lol, I guess I will 😉

  81. This was the best pasta sauce I’ve ever had/bought/made/been served. Absolutely amazing, thank you!!!

  82. Hi there Andrea, thanks for dropping by here with your feedback, I am delighted that you have thoroughly enjoyed this ! 🙂

  83. Gonna make it this evening again adding for the first time the white wine.
    Was fine without it though, never felt it needed it but I want to do it this time the way you intended it to be.

  84. Hope you enjoy it with the addition of wine ! Best to you.

  85. Delicious 🙂

  86. Thanks for letting me know Pascal.

  87. This time I left out the white wine cause I didn’t have any but I added a courgette (finely chopped) that I still had in the fridge.
    Tastes great as well that way and a beautiful pallete of colours.
    Smelled wonderful again in the kitchen as well.

    Oh Miriam, before I forget, did you send out your newsletter already cause in case you did I didn’t get it?
    Even checked my spam folder.

  88. Pascal Hi there and glad you made and enjoyed this again ! 🙂 My newsletter is due out later this week hopefully, I have been delayed with so much work on my blog, comments, new recipes, feedback on my FB page, you name it ! – so come the end of the week you should receive my 1st one. Best your way as always ! 🙂

  89. I understand. Looking forward to your fist newsletter 🙂
    Have a great day!

  90. Thanks Pascal, you too. 🙂

  91. Made this last week, was so good, we ate it for days!

  92. Thanks Kate that’s great to know and hope you enjoy my other recipes too !!! 🙂

  93. I love this recipe; it’s so very yummy. I make it on a regular basis. Sometimes I use homemade tvp mince.

    Thank-you for this lovely recipe. ^_^

  94. Thanks for dropping by Nuu, I am so glad you enjoy this regularly. How do you make your own TVP ? 🙂

  95. I suppose I should have worded that better.

    I take tvp, add water, Bragg’s/soy sauce, oregano, cumin, black pepper, salt, liquid smoke, and a little oil to a saucepan. I cook it down till it can be browned a bit, then proceed with your recipe. It’s fantastic every time. ^_^

    Thank-you again. ^_^

  96. Thanks for that Nuu.

  97. Oh my God this is TOO good! Thank you so much!

  98. So glad you are enjoying this Nicola, and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  99. Tried this last night and we loved it. Will definitely make again and again. Congrats Miriam, yet another winner 🙂 xo

  100. Thanks there Tina I am so glad you enjoyed this, it is a staple in our house too ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  101. I’ve been trying to cut way back on meat in my diet and cut out all dairy and eggs as I have allergies to them. I’ve made so many disappointing vegan recipes, but made this last night and it was so good! The complexity of the flavors is excellent. I used tvp in the sauce and put it on rice pasta. There’s something very earthy tasting about it and it tasted very similar to “real” bolognese. I’m excited to try more of your recipes.

  102. So glad you enjoyed it Tom ! 🙂

  103. Had to post it somewhere but your books have arrived Miriam.
    Kept one for myself and gave the other one as a present.
    It looks wonderful.
    Thank you for putting all these recipes together.

  104. Hi Pascal and hope you enjoy them. Feel free to leave a brief amazon review for me if you think them wonderful – as and when if you wish ! It is my pleasure to create inspiring dishes in order to make great vegan food accessible to as many people as possible. Best wishes as always your way Pascal and thanks for the purchases. 🙂

  105. I might just do that, just give me some time 😉
    Hope you sell a lot of books so more people can enjoy your recipes and think twice before purchasing meat again.
    Your book proves that a cuisine without meat can be just as tasteful, let alone more healthy.
    All the best to you Miriam and talk to you soon again 🙂

  106. Many thanks for that Pascal, I appreciate your positive wishes for me. 🙂

  107. Miriam, as much as I love your recipes I can’t give you a big plus on this one and I’ll tell you why. I had a dear neighbour that would spend hours in her kitchen laboring to produce the perfect spaghetti sauce or bolognese sauce. She even made me a vegan bolognese sauce one year and I forgot to ask her for the recipe. She used no canned foods and I have to agree with her. We need to get away from canned anything. We don’t need to introduce BPA into our bodies and most tin cans are lined with bpa exposing us to another level of toxins. We should all be making and canning our own spaghetti sauce, vegan bolognese sauce, tomato paste, stewed tomatoes, etc. In fact, I posted a recipe for a tomato paste that I’ve recently started making. When you make these foods from scratch you won’t go back to canned. Likewise, when you have tasted a vegan bolognese that someone spent eighteen hours making then nothing else will ever come close.

  108. Mark, much as I agree that fresh everything is better than canned, preserved or jared – some people don’t have 18 hours to spare in making a bolognese sauce. I write for everybody and people then have the choice whether to make their own pulp, paste and such like. I have pasted this note for all however on the recipe *Note if you are using fresh tomatoes (around 6 of them, just scortch them in boiling water for some minutes, then peel and chop them up. Or place the tomatoes in a food processor and process until a pulp is formed – use instead of the canned tomatoes if you wish/prefer.

    With regards to the taste of this dish, if you haven’t tried it, then you cannot judge the taste, therefore giving me the thumbs up or not is not relevant here. You could have said, eg “as much as I love your recipes and sure this tastes good too, I would prefer to make my own with fresh tomatoes for the health benefits that they yield by comparison to canned tomatoes”. Regards.

  109. Hi Miriam.This recipe looks amazing!I was just wondering if you reckon I could use lentils instead of the vegetarian mince?Thanks.

  110. Sure you can Karen. Use lentils – boil them separately first, then use them as you would mince, add a cup of crushed pecans – fry them in with your onion. For the rest follow the recipe. Let me know how it goes – I have often made a bolognese in this way !

  111. I went ahead and did it before I saw your reply. I did as you said, boiling the lentils first and then following the rest of the recipe. I didn’t add the pecans but I’ll try them next time. It was delicious! Thank you so much for this recipe

  112. Oh Karen, I am so glad you enjoyed it after all. I look forward to your future comments on my blog, and Enjoy ! 🙂

  113. Wow..! This tasted like.. Unicorns vomiting rainbows on my tongue.. Absolutely wonderful recipe Miriam! I will definitely be making this again 😀

  114. A very interesting way of putting it Anna, so glad you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy my other recipes. Drop by again with your feedback and best your way ! 🙂

  115. I loved this recipe. But is yeast really necessary? Most of the time I avoid using yeast.This is so because I find to hard to get yeast in the place I stay. Is there substitute for that? Or is it fine if I do not use yeast.

  116. Paige Hi. It’s not yeast which is active but nutritional yeast which bears no resemblance to active yeast which is used for baking as it’s non active and has a cheesy flavour. It comes in flakes and is used to make vegan cheese. By all means don’t use it, it will still work. Enjoy and let me know how it goes. Best your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  117. I was searching for something similar and ended up here. I was really inspired by reading this recipe. I love bolognese, but have never tried preparing it at home. Now that I have found the recipe, I will try it at home.

  118. Thank you for sharing this delicious bolognese recipe Miriam its got flavor, depth and perfect balance.My husband of 26 years says its the best he’s ever tried and so do I. Perfect, cruelty- free food. Thanks so much !

  119. Jenny Hi there and thanks so much for your feedback ! I am so glad that both yourself and your husband love my bolognese – I hope you continue to enjoy my recipes and feel free to let me know how they go as and when ! Best wishes your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  120. Hi Miriam! Thank you so much for this incredible bolognese recipe. I must have bought at least 25 vegan cookbooks over the years and they’ve mostly been a disappoinment…until now! I’m gradually working my way through your book and the recipes are divine. I had begun to exhaust my vegan repetoire and your amazing creativity has saved the day! Thanks again!!! Kindest regards, Louise

  121. Louise Hi, so glad you like my book ! 🙂 Just a little note for you to include in it – it’s to double the agar powder for the cheddar cheeses, but I have also added a Note/Tip for best results for you, here it is.

    Tip :- Regarding the Cheddars & Mozzarella cheese recipes in my book – Double the amount of agar powder (do not use flakes as you would need to double the flakes ie 1 tbsp agar powder = 2 tbsp of flakes. So use powder and double the quantities for both the cheeses there. Also when I say to add water in the recipe, add the water and agar into a saucepan and heat up stirring all the time until very thick (don’t panic if it over-thickens), continue mixing for 5-10 minutes (This process helps the agar to release it’s gelatinous qualities), then add this mixture to the food processor together with the remaining ingredients and process until smooth. Continue with the recipe from this point onwards when it says to process everything. Next step would be to pour the cheese mix and re-heat it, you would only need a couple of minutes of heat and stir it until it’s very thick, then it’s done, just add the mixture to a pre-greased container, allow to cool and refrigerate – for a denser result use coconut oil rather than olive oil, and increase agar powder further if you want an even denser cheese (people have different preferences when it comes to texture). For melting purposes, aid the process by adding to toast, bakes or pizza and be sure to drizzle on the olive oil to help it break down further.

    The revised recipe did not reach my publishers in time, this is the reason. But you will enjoy the cheese and the taste – feedback has been fantastic. 🙂

    If you love the book, please spare me a couple of minutes and post a Amazon customer review for me – even if you copy and paste the majority of your comment here, I would so appreciate it !


    Miriam Sorrell
    Author Mouthwatering Vegan.

  122. Hello again, Miriam.

    Just dropping by to say that after over 2 years, I’m STILL making this on a regular basis. I’ve taught my daughter to make it, and it has become a part of our family meal planning.

    Thank-you so much for such a great recipe.


  123. Hi there Nuu and thanks for dropping by here. Yes, this recipe is a favourite in our household too. Hope that at some point you browse my new book YASOU – a magical fusion of Greek & Middle Eastern cuisine, where you will find a plethora of exotic recipes to enjoy ! Very best your way in the meantime ! 🙂

  124. Hi Miriam, once again you’ve knocked it out of the park. We’ve made this a few times now and every time we can’t stop talking about how good it is. Not just the best vegan bolognese, it’s our favourite ever. We have your book at home and the one in there is delicious too but this one is the winner. Thanks so much!

  125. Hi Neil and welcome here – so glad you love this. It’s a favourite in my home too ! – hope you enjoy it for many years to come, together with the rest of my recipes from here and my books too !


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