Mouthwatering Vegan Timpana – the Ultimate Naughty Pasta Pie

A traditional Maltese dish – extra filling, and very non-vegan, as it’s usually made with a variety of different meats – chicken livers, pork & beef mince, eggs, cheese, you name it – probably one of the most cruel dishes to eat.  But here is a 100% Cruelty-Free version – also Cholesterol-Free & packed with flavour galore. A No.1 comfort food, full of carbs, and men love it ! Delicious, lighter than the non-vegan version, but nevertheless  ‘VEGAN MANFOOD’ !



extra virgin olive oil

1 medium sized onion, very finely chopped (you can do this in the food processor to save time)

2 to 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

2 or 3 bay leaves

1 x 14 oz (400g) tin chopped tomatoes (get good quality here)

½ tsp coriander seeds (optional)

1 tsp agave nectar, or brown sugar

1 tsp hot curry powder

3 Tbsp tomato paste/puree

1 tsp sea salt

2 cups of veggie mince /ground ‘meat’ crumble (I used Linda McCartney)

½ tsp oregano

1 Tbsp brown sauce (I used HP)

1 tsp vegetable stock granules, powder or cube

1 tsp vegan butter/margarine (optional)

1¼ cups (300 mL) water

freshly chopped flat leaf parsley, for garnishing

salt to taste

12 oz (340g) ribbed macaroni, boiled and drained

2 cups grated vegan cheese

1½ cups (360 mL) vegan milk (soya or other of your choice)

½ cup pecan nuts, crushed

2 Tbsp nutritional yeast (UK)

11 oz (320g) vegan shortcrust or puff pastry (I used Jus-Rol frozen)

Note for Homemade Shortcrust Pastry :- If you must make your own shortcrust pastry here is what you will need and how to make it in readiness for this recipe :-

4 oz of dairy free margarine

8 oz of plain unbleached flour

A pinch of salt



Place the flour in a large working bowl, then cut your margarine into pieces in the bowl, add the salt and start to rub the ingredients with your fingers blending them both together and creating big crumbles with it. Next add a little water a little at a time until a ball is formed. Wrap it up in cling film or plastic wrap and allow to sit in the fridge for a half hour.

Next roll and shape.



  1. First, heat up your oil in a large non-stick saucepan; throw in the onion and garlic, and stir, making sure that they don’t burn.
  2. When they have become translucent, add the mince, and continue to mix for a further 5 to 10 minutes, so that the flavors merge.
  3. Next, add the tomato paste and the spices, whilst continuing to mix for a few more minutes.
  4. Now add the remaining ingredients, except for the water.  Mix, and allow to cook for a few more minutes, adding a little water at a time, until all of the liquid has been added. Cover, and allow to simmer very gently on a low heat for 20 minutes or so.
  5. Taste for salt – if needs be, add more agave or salt.
  6. Grease an 11 x 7 inch (2 L) casserole, and pre-heat your oven to 375ºF (190ºC)
  7. Roll the pastry out on a clean, floured surface until large enough to cover the dish base and sides, and leaving enough to cover the top.  Shape it into the dish, and trim off any excess at the edges.
  8. Mix the Bolognese sauce in a large bowl with your pasta, add the cheese, the nutritional yeast, the milk, and the nuts, mix well, and spoon into the pastry-covered casserole.  Distribute as evenly as possible.
  9. Cover with the remaining pastry, and brush on the soya milk across the top. Place in the oven until golden – 30 to 40 minutes should do.
  10. Bring out of the oven, and allow to cool for 20 minutes before serving.  Use a very sharp knife to cut it into portions.
  11. Also tastes super great the day after.  Enjoy !


All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell 2010


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  1. Oh wow. That’s dinner sorted for this weekend! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that Kate. Do get back to me with your feedback as and when. 🙂

  3. Oh my word . . . every time I think it can’t get better, you outdo yourself once again ! This looks absolutely magnificent, and I feel it’s quite possible there will be a partie de maison au chez cummins a la weekend !! Not quite sure the linguistics are quite right geographically (looks a bit too southern Mediterranean for the Franglish touch), but nevertheless we will most certainly be having a culinary orgy to see out this month. Thanks so much Miriam – this is exactly what was required at this time !!

  4. Hi there Brett, so glad that you like the looks of this and hope the whole family enjoy it ! Let me know how it goes post-weekend if you can, I warn you it’s a pretty filling dish ! Cheers to you and your family too ! 🙂

  5. Maybe I recognise this dish ha ha. Short crust pastry we use. I try this one for a change.

  6. This is definitely going on my shopping list. Our menu needs a nice boost. Hope this fills the bill.

  7. Do let me know how it goes as and when Tina ! Enjoy ! (it’s super filling !)

  8. That’s correct Joe, the very popular and much loved TIMPANA ! Enjoy and come back with your feedback as and when. 🙂

  9. I like that reflection in the knife!!!

  10. I didn’t notice it myself Joe.

  11. What soup do you suggest with this for a guest? Anything goes for me ha ha!

  12. Hi Joe – I would recommend this soup for your guests because it’s light and fresh and what is needed if you are going to serve this as a main dish – the zucchini/courgettes in Malta (especially the locally grown round ones) are awesome, even this time of year. Enjoy ! 🙂

  13. Three cheers for the timpana and the zucchini soup. A wonderful combination liked by all. Wouldn’t everyone realize how rich, merciful and healthy vegan food is! But some are too snobbish to change that’s what I think.
    Bless ye Miriam. Your a godsend.

  14. Why thanks Joe, that’s good of you to say so. Thanks for the pic you sent too, it looks awesome. Be sure to keep your pics in one place as at some point I will be selecting a few pics in the forthcoming months and will post them up for all to see. Best your way and enjoy !

  15. I was wondering if anyone in the US has found a vegan short crust pastry? I live in Chicago where I feel we can get anything, and I’ve been to 4 stores and can’t find it at all. I did try making it once and somehow failed and ended up with really tough dough and I am hoping I don’t have to give that a second try if I can find somewhere to buy it. Thanks!

  16. Kim Hi, I have added a quick and very easy recipe for a vegan shortcrust pastry for you which I included. See recipe note again. Hope you enjoy it !

  17. If I may add a tip to Kim and others interested in making a perfect short crust the trick is in Miriam’s recipe “little” water. Water must be used the MINIMUM possible. Otherwise you get chopping board!

  18. Chopping board ?

  19. As hard as a chopping board……ha ha!

  20. Oh OK Joe, thanks for clarifying. 🙂

  21. Thanks again Miriam, I enjoyed making this including the pastry which I have never made before and found quite easy, although I obviously need more practice rolling it out! The recipe worked brilliantly and the dish is certainly filling as well as very tasty.
    Certainly a naughty but nice treat 🙂

  22. Phil Hi, I appreciate your feedback on this and you sound like you enjoyed the whole process, so glad you thought it tasty too ! I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂

  23. looks fantastic..gonna make this one to my vegan man 😉

  24. Elise Hi, hope you both enjoy it – let me know how it goes as and when ! 🙂

  25. Hi again Miriam 🙂 you never fail !! Another literally mouth watering dish that all of my family dug into and now adore… honestly you have an amazing gift for mixing flavors, that seem like they should not work but so do. I didn’t leave this in the oven for long enough and so the base pastry was not thoroughly cooked, but I had four kids and myself that couldnt wait to taste it after the house was filled with the aroma… its been awhile lets say since they came to the kitchen just to find out what smelt so good
    Keep up the great work, I really appreciate it

  26. Thanks there Sheila, so glad you all enjoyed it. It’s one of those filling treats and next time a little longer in the oven and it will be perfect. I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂 P.S. Let me know when you receive my book, and thanks for the purchase.

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