Beaming Sunshine Energy Salad

A powerhouse of nutrients, beaming with colour – this appetizing salad is what I treated myself to today.  I needed a ‘pick-me-up’, and wanted art in my plate, so this is was what I composed.  Garnish with raw sesame seeds or hemp seeds.  Buy organic whenever possible.

Makes 1 large portion or 2 side plate portions



2 slices sweet cantaloupe melon, chopped into squares
1 spring onion (scallion/green onion), chopped (mine was rather fat)
3 inches cucumber, semi-peeled & chopped
½ medium sized red bell pepper, cut up into small/medium squares
3 or 4 leaves iceberg lettuce, cut into slices
1 plum tomato, cut into pieces (I mixed mine with the red pepper, same colour)
½ banana, chopped
½ avocado
a handful of green grapes
3 figs, cut into wedges (heaven)
3 slices of my white mature homemade cheese (due to be available online soon)
a handful of roasted peanuts (yes a little naughty, but suit yourself)
a handful of walnuts
1 Tbsp hemp seeds


Arrange on a plate as per picture, and drizzle on the dressing – garnish with hempseeds and enjoy !  I suggest you drink cold water with it, so as not to dilute the wonderful taste of the ingredients (also helps cleanse the system).

The BALSAMIC DRESSING is made in a jar :


¼ tsp Himalayan salt (available in the US from here, and in the UK from here)
1 tsp either molasses or agave nectar
¼ tsp English Mustard (this is hot)
½ tsp any other mustard of your choice
¼ cup (60 mL)  oil of your choice (we used sunflower omega)
2 Tbsp (30 mL) balsamic vinegar – add more or less to suit your needs


Add all the ingredients into your jar, shake until thick, and pour onto your salad.



All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell 2010




  1. Hi Miriam,
    I’ve really loved using the recipes from your cookery book and up until now have always bought the cheese stated in the recipes. I’ve now decided to make my own but I have a feeling that I read in the comments or in one of your posts that the amount of agar is wrong in the book and needs to be doubled. Is that right and if so does that apply to every recipe?
    Many thanks.

  2. Forgot to say how much I love the recipes on your blog too.

  3. Thanks Gloria ! 🙂

  4. Gloria Hi and thanks for that. Now, if the recipe for the Mature Cheddar says 1 tablespoon + 3/4 teaspoon (ie 20ml in total) then the recipes for the Mozzarella and Cheddars need the agar powder to be doubled, if however your ingredients in your book are more, then you have a revised copy of the book – so pencil this in if you don’t have a revised version, otherwise you’re fine. Please take into account that if you fancy a very firm cheese that you might still have to slightly adjust the amount of agar. All that said your first attempt at making the cheese will convey what you need to do and if it is not as firm as you wish it won’t go to waste as it can be spread on bread, toast, pizza and used in bakes all the same – just drizzle a little olive oil on the surface and enjoy ! Best your way and thanks for dropping by ! 🙂 P.S. Please leave an amazon customer review if you like the book, I would so appreciate it Gloria.

  5. Hi Miriam
    Many thanks for that – I’ve got the original version so have changed the amounts. I did a review on Amazon already last summer – you’ve got some great reviews on there. Are there any plans for a second book? Take care. Gloria

  6. Hi Gloria, thanks for that – I am very happy with my reviews and put my heart and soul into the recipes in the book. Second book will happen – dates, I cannot say at the moment as looking at the various options, but will let all know as and when things are firmed up. I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! 🙂


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