Miriam’s Vegan Cornish Pasty / Pasties

These Cornish Pasties are vegan and made MY WAY, so they are loosely based on the traditional recipe, but with my own twist.  As they have been veganised, I wanted the filling to be tender, succulent, and very warming.  The result, an astounding success – a mouthwatering vegan winter treat.

 These are a brilliant snack or meal in themselves – great with a hot bowl of chowder (see my recipe for that) on a cold winter’s night.  Yum.

You will notice that I pre-cook the veggies, that is because I don’t fancy the pies spending hours in the oven before I am assured that the vegetables are tender and succulent. 

Makes 4 Pasties

2 cups vegan mince/crumble
1½ Tbsp miso or 1 vegetable stock cube
1 Tbsp soya sauce
1 Tbsp vegan butter
2 Tbsp water
1 tsp ground black pepper
sea salt to taste
2 medium sized potatoes, pre-boiled and cut into small squares
1 cup of chopped swede or pumpkin – optional (also pre-boiled until soft)
A handful of diced carrots (optional). You can pre-boil these with the potatoes
1 medium sized yellow onion, chopped
A dash of agave nectar (sweetener)

Ready Shortcrust Pastry
500 grams ready made – if frozen allow to thaw, but remain cold to the touch. I used Jus-Rol shortcrust.
Cut into 4 and roll into 4 circles using a saucer to get a round cut

Egg Wash for brushing
½ Tbsp custard powder dissolved into a little bit of water or melted refined coconut oil


Melt your butter and then add your onions. Sauté for 3-4 minutes and then add a drizzle (a teaspoon or more) of agave nectar.

Continue to stir until the onions begin to caramelize but NOT burn or become too brown, just golden brown at the edges.

Meanwhile, add the miso paste (or stock cube – melted in a couple of spoons of hot water), soya sauce and the onion powder in a small bowl, and with a few tablespoons of hot water stir into a paste.

Now add the vegan mince/crumble into your pan and stir for a 5 minutes, until it breaks down nicely, and then add the miso, and  mix for a minute or so.

Add the remaining ingredients and simmer for 15 minutes.  Allow to cool down.

In the meantime make up your egg wash mixture, and clear and clean your worktop in readiness for making the pasties up.

Have a dish ready with some grease- proof paper and preheat your oven 190 degrees Celsius (375 degrees Farenheit).

Dust some plain flour, and cut your dough into 4 pieces – roll each one into a ball and then flatten with a rolling pin.

You will then need a plate approximately 8 inches in diameter (I used a common side-plate for this purpose), and using a pastry brush, gently seal in the egg wash on the edges so that it can act as an adhesive.

Now with a spoon fill half the rolled dough with the filling and then carefully fold the other half of the dough towards you and envelope the edges tightly.

You may wish to crinkle the edges or shape them as you desire.

Once you make up all four pasties, brush the egg wash on them, and then with a sharp knife, gently pierce a hole on the top so that the filling can breathe and with a small teaspoon add a little UNSWEETENED plant based milk.

Place in your hot oven until golden all over.  Allow a 10 minutes cooling period before you dig in.

Enjoy !



  1. Good morning — what is vegan mince/crumble, and is there a recipe available? Would tempeh do as a substitute?

  2. Hi Ann – crumble or mince is the same thing – it is what is used in non vegan burgers – meat that has been minced. There is of course the vegan version one can buy frozen – brands like Gardein sell it if you’re in the US or Linda McCartney, or Tesco’s own if you’re in the UK. You could also use soya mince if you prefer – it’s cheaper and dehydrated, if so, follow the instructions. The frozen ones I mention above can be used directly from the packed (no need to thaw), hope this helps. (A google image search will also help to familiarise yourself with the brands I mentioned if you’ve not seen them before).